Jos Buttler, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Indian Premier League, Cricket, Twenty20, Mumbai Indians ? Who's a safer bet for captaincy?

This is going to be the first game this season to be played at this venue and we’re going to help. You pick your fantasy teams you’re watching coin dcx score presents espn quick info fantasy, pick joining me on this segment, ian bishop and our in house fantasy expert in core of sundar rahman. But before i go to them here’s. What our espn quick info, safe, bet, 11 looks like we’ve got johnny bestow. Remember he scored 118 runs of 67 balls in power play over this season. The most for any player in the league and also his power play strike rate of 176 is the best in the league. So far, we’ve got a cut off there of minimum 20 balls. Now david warner, 52 plus he also part of our team facto plessy. In fact, we’ve gone in with as our captain he scored 214 runs in five games at a strike rate of 138 so far also scored 167 runs in 117 balls against the fast bowlers that’s, the most by any player. This season, ruth raj gaikwad. Another man in form and then kane williamson who’s, also a vice captain – remember he scored a 51 ball 66 in the previous game against delhi and has also scored 301 runs in eight games at a strike rate of almost 140 against chennai. The team that they’d be playing next suresh reyna is also in the team. You scored 389 runs in 12 games at the average of 43 and a strike rate of 144 in the league at this particular stadium, that’s in delhi, so that’s, an interesting stat that you must consider ravindra, abhishek, rashid khan, are the spinners in the side and the Remaining bolas are deepak, chair and jagadish suchit we’ve got remember.

He scored an unbeaten six ball 14 in the last game and also was the most economical bowler. His economy was a 5.25 in the last game against delhi. Okay, let me get started with you. I understand that in our safe bet, 11 faff and kane are good choices as captain and vice captain. But if you ask me, i mean i’d say: make ravinder jadeja the captain, no he’s going to get you points with the ball with, while he’s fielding, with his batting isn’t it yeah from a points point of view uh. It will work really well, given the form that jadeja has been in uh his feeling. You see, i i call him the everywhere man in one of the games, because every time the ball was sitting in the air, he seemed to be the guy under it and then, of course, his bullying. So you have good choice. Only for the fact that you get a lot of points all right, uh, sam curran, i believe uh, you were surprised to see him name not being there in the safe bet. 11. yeah. I would put some current in my battery level because he’d get he runs. He gets you key wickets, although he can be expensive at times i’m shaking. I think when you’ve got rashid khan and you’ve got raving georgia. Major um i’ve got enough spin options there, so i will have sam curran in my level. Looks like gaurav heard you because i can see his high race swaps and he’s got sam curran in in his team but i’m going to ask you uh about facto plessy you’ve removed him from your team gaurav.

I know that he’s done well against pacers that’s, the stat that we alluded to earlier in the program but i’m guessing your believing that’s one between abhishek sharma will get him out early because he hasn’t really performed well against spinners in that power play not really in The sense that i didn’t i don’t, expect srh to start with these bowlers anyway. The reason i had him out is because he’s been performing for three consecutive matches now and usually there is a failure and the other reason biggest reason to be very honest. Is that they’re moving venues, so we have no idea how uh delhi is going to play. Uh, we need to wait and watch in fact, even for uh hyderabad, for example, uh boneshaw, kumar, sandeep sharma. All these guys might come back into into the picture because uh in chennai there was hardly any swing and if there is some swing early on in delhi, which we don’t know, which we will know uh when the match starts. If there is some swing, these two bowlers become very, very effective and they are very uh good for sunrises to get some early wickets. So i would uh tell our uh the guys who are playing fantasy to be uh very sure about the squad as soon as 11 is announced, because i expect a lot of changes. I expect mourinho to come back for chennai uh raidu had an injury in the last game, so i’m, not too sure if he’s going to start uh tomorrow, so you might have an uttapa coming in or you might have an extra bowling option so it’s slightly dicey.

This time, nikhil in terms of the options so that’s, why there aren’t too many changes. Okay, interesting he’s got uh mohinali in bish. What would you do? Would you bring mohan ali back if you were making the 11 for csk because they got imran tahir in and i’m just going by? The record here in delhi tends to help the spinners. Ah yeah look i i still want to wait and see what what the pitch is like um if moen alito is fit. I think he walks back into that team um, not only for the spin option that he can give you, but for the batting that he gives them at number three. This season i mean that in itself is worthy of his place and finally, irrespective of how the pitch is, if the ball is swinging or not, booby missed out last time around because he was injured. If he is available, does he come into any safe pet 11 that you’re making um yeah uh he’s an outstanding but he’s an outstanding bowler? Just like my good friend gaurav, who i respect highly, who left far out on the probability of a failure not knowing what the pitch is going to be like in delhi um. I find that a contradiction girl come on. People stand as high, but if movie bully is there he’s in my safe bet? Yes, in my defense uh the last two times i have left out abd players and android russell and both didn’t, even one abdullah didn’t, get a chance to bat and russell didn’t perform.

So, oh prophetic, okay, good on you gaurav, but uh. Usually we tend to remember all our successes. Next time i’m going to look at the videos and then you know swift through it every time that you’ve picked a player who hasn’t performed but we’ll leave that for another day for the moment. Thank you so much, gentlemen, yeah and bishop gaurav sandra for joining us.

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