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Ms congratulations. How good was that tonight from your team? I think the batting performance was superb uh, but that doesn’t mean i’m saying the bullying was not good uh. It was a surprisingly good wicket. You know uh like whenever we come to delhi. You know we never expect a wicket like this. You know it was coming on nicely uh. There was not much for the spinners, also uh, the good thing there’s. No due as of now, we felt you know, because there was a lot of due last night. We felt uh 170 could be just below par if there’s a lot of due on the field, but there was no due, which meant the batsman. They had to work hard to get 170 yard runs, but you know brilliant opening partnership. That was got us through five in a row now, for you what’s the difference between the way you started last season and this one what’s the key. Well, i think uh addressing the problem. You know uh whenever you start to pro uh start a tournament. You know you may or may not face some kind of an issue with the playing 11 and if there are a few issues, the the earlier you settle it. The better it is because it gives some kind of a settled preview to the teammates and also one of the fact was. You know five to six months, we were out of cricket and i don’t see many of us.

You know playing a lot of cricket. You know because nothing was really allowed. It’S not like you, could go and practice on your own, so that also uh makes it slightly more difficult than change of venue, and you know the quarantine. It was a slightly longer quarantine. People were not used, there’s, a quite a few factors. You know that could have resulted in that. But overall, i think uh. If i have to really sum it up very nicely. You know the players have taken more responsibility this year. You know you will be. You will be facing adverse things, but you know. Ultimately, it boils down to how each and every individual rises to the occasion – and you know, does that extra 10 percent for the team mentioned before five in a row as you go forward now, you’ve used something like 13 players, that’s all you’ve used in this tournament. How does that sit with the group um in terms of the number of games going forward? Well, if you see the photo, you know last, maybe eight or ten years, we have not changed a lot of players. You know from our squad, which means they know our approach and also you know we. We appreciate the ones who are not playing a lot, because it can be very tough uh. You know a lot of times as a as a player. You know you may see a chance as to okay, if he’s not doing that.

Well, why is he getting more chances? You know, i should also get a chance, but you know the only way you can uh put it forward. Is you know by having those good nice interactions where you say you know it’s it’s, mostly the same for everyone, you will also get your opportunity just try to have that frame of mind. You know where, when you get an opportunity, you are ready for it because you know in a team, you want everybody to move in the same direction. Thinking you know that each one of us will perform and if you’re not performing somebody else, you know when he gets his chance. He should be ready to prove his point. So you know keeping the dressing room at most where healthy is very important and i feel again the individual. We need to credit them because those are the person you know who need to take it at their personal level to really digest it, because it’s not an easy thing when you’re at the top level you want to play, and i feel we need to give that Extra credit to the players who have not played so far, congratulations on the results so far, ms and all the best, as you go, ms dhoni, the captain of csk and now. Finally, we get to the man of the match award. The winner gets the trophy and the check another check for one lakh and uh root, raj guy quad for his 75 or 44 deliveries, including 12 fours, is the winner of tonight’s award utterance will put the trophy and the check down and grab the mic pretty much.

Congratulations, your highest ipl score. What does that mean to you uh? Obviously, it means a lot, but a little bit disappointed couldn’t finish it well. I would be really happy that even you know i would have stayed not out and won the game for my team batting conditions out there. We looked at the first innings and we saw sunrise as captain struggling a bit. What was it like for you um? I think it was a little bit too paced and a little bit lower bounce. You know some balls were skidding and some were stopping. So you know scoring shots were difficult. Hitting big shots were difficult it’s. It was all about how you, you know, hit the gaps or you know, hit over the feelers, so it was that kind of wicket yeah. Just looking at some of your stroke play here on our monitor uh was there a particular bowler that you felt you overcame the challenge as you planned it tonight, uh, not really. I was just uh. You know uh just planned that who, who on the surface is little bit better bowler or who is not. So i think you know uh two one or two bowlers were there slightly off day for them, so you know i had to cash him for them and obviously you know knowing that the required unit was around eight and a half and nine. So i had to keep going so. Fortunately it came off this day.

Do you set yourself goals? Raj do you’re interested, i know not. Really i just want to you know, keep performing each and every match and you know try and stay consistent as much as possible. We’Ve enjoyed watching you and long may it continue for you and the team. Thank you. Thank you very much to tonight’s man of the match award winner. Congratulations to the chennai super kings as well, and they keep going from strength to strength, that’s.

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