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11 ipl sees owie morgan’s kkr up against steve smith’s rajasthan royals reminder in case you’ve missed it this afternoon. Chennai super kings have won their final game. Every team in this league has won at least six games now and kolkata knight riders can go to 14 points. Rajasthan royals can also go to 14 points. Looking for a place in that third and fourth playoff, the eliminators give themselves a chance, a small chance, maybe at an ipl title recent form. We look at this and both these sides, three uh, three losses for polkado; two wins: three wins for rajasthan royals and two losses. It is the royals who have looked the better of the sides in the last couple of encounters that they’ve played kolkata knight riders have found ways to lose games registered royals won the toss tonight and decided to have a bowl first. Big news for kkr is that andre russell is back what we’re hearing, just as a batsman, only and shiva mavi, so they’re the two changes for kkr for rajasthan it’s, simple: when there’s no green, there’s, no changes, they are a settled side at the moment, andre russell. In for ferguson, which is a a big decision, Music Applause, Music, sort of almost true isn’t, it there’s a run rate issue to be dealt with first yeah, close close if they can get there, and and do it well and win comfortably that’s the opportunity that arises For the kolkata knight riders, 36 and ‘ for gill and thrapati morgan at five played brilliantly, they promoted sunny on the rhine, but he didn’t waste deliveries.

That’S one thing: two golden ducks in the innings for kartik and nitish rana and andre russell welcomed back into the cider belligerent 25 from 11., a nice little cameo from pat cummings as well. We should make mention of nitish rana’s extraordinary, run shouldn’t. We because it can’t be a symmetry like it. I wouldn’t think that he’s gone first ball, 80 yard. First, ball: 80: odd, first ball in five consecutive innings. There are the bowling figures, joffrey archer again the standout one for 19 from his four evolved very smart, very fast tonight, but look at raul to tavaria, i mean perhaps he isn’t the standout arch. Look at those figures, three for 25 from four overs. What a cricketer he’s been in this tournament right in the early stages. I called him the feel good factor and i rather feel it too. You feel very positive for him. The way he goes about playing this game that we all love so much there. It is then 192 to win the game in 20 overs. By doing so, you have a shout that’s. All i can tell you. We don’t know how the run rates will pan out over the next couple of days, but by winning tonight you at least have a shout Music drone performance with the bat and that little partnership with his skipper. Owen morgan tonight certainly helped that kolkata knight riders opposed that 191 and rajasthan royals just could not get anywhere near it.

They were undone right at the top by brilliant pat cummings spell after going for 19 of his first five deliveries, stokes with 18 butler with 35 tiwa and gopal the other chief contributors, but no score of a real note for the rajasthan royals. This evening, pat cummins been waiting for it been waiting for a bag of wickets. He just had eight before tonight. He’S now got 12 with that four for 34. shivamavi was outstanding. Four overs two for 15 chakravati, also two for 20 off his four and nagakati four overs, one for 24, very good bowling figures for the night riders. They posted 191 for seven courtesy of morgan and tripati to watch a good with the ball, as was kathy and joffranch, and the royals responded with 131 for nine, the kolkata knight riders helped their run rate immensely with a 60 run what’s. It done it’s moved them into fourth place and it’s taken that net run rate just point five and point: six behind delhi, capitals and rcb and they’re on 14 points. They’Ll await the results of tomorrow, night’s encounter and the sun rises hyderabad up against mumbai indians. In a couple of days time, rajasthan royals, courtesy of a big loss, will finish in eighth place.

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