Lightning, Thunderstorm Weather: Severe Thunderstorm goes CRAZY!!! (Extreme Rapid Lightning)

Those clouds are actually angry, like im, not joking, theyre, actually extremely mad right now: okay, okay, i swear dude if a lightning strike starts really close to me. Im going inside im going inside im going inside, i will go inside. Oh no! Here it comes here. It comes its here. I pronounce the storm as here: oh theres, so much im going inside im going inside – oh, oh, my god theres a car right there. Oh my god, guys um that scared the crap out of me. Oh Music, yep its its its angry, its! Not safe out here get in your house its, not safe, heres the rain curtain, its here its here. No! No! No! No! Oh my god! Oh my god, okay! This is this is the sign from god to get inside. God tell me to get inside may baby. Okay, i think gods telling me to get inside god is telling me to get inside right now, its really heavy. Oh my god. Oh my god! This is severe. This is severe, it is very loud and this is definitely severe. I am like shaking right now. Im going im about to go inside one more loud, i need check and im heading inside or no. I know no, no im gon na stay out here. Im strong, im, strong, i wouldnt be surprised if theres power, outages right now lightning is extreme. This is zeus. This is zeus very rapid lightning. This is one of the best dinosaur videos i ever had so far.

This is the best fighting of 2022 baby best lightning. It is really wet. Oh dear lord help me, i think, gods telling me to get inside. That was insane wow. It was angry. I want to say the the p word i thats how angry it was. It was p. Like p, i s s d yeah, you know what i mean it was that mad, the p word and its still, because look how angry it is. I think i think that guy lost power – i dont, know its p. I s s e d thats how mad the storm is right now it is having a temper catcher. Oh okay, okay, okay, come on, do it? Do it im so happy right now, guys very happy it shook in the foundation of the house. I can feel it. Okay, im booking it for inside what im getting inside folks, well thats, just from video guys, i am booking it inside. The lightning is way too insane. Okay, holy mother of god lets feel it in the back. I didnt film in the back because theres a freaking spider and i was trying to avoid it ill, probably get a better lightning strike for you from here. Oh yeah, all right well lets end it off with this lightning strike with a loud landing strike. Lets send it off end it off my dogs are scared, lets send it off come on. Do one do one more loud.

One lets end it off one more loud one or i guess not all right. Well, thats, your best lightning of 2022. So far, thank guys for watching comment like and subscribe.

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