FC Barcelona, LaLiga, Atlético Madrid, Lionel Messi, Ronald Koeman News Round-Up ft Messi's party, Neymar Jr & Erling Haaland

Roundup, coming your way today, after our big and very important win against valencia, we are going to be talking today about the big news stories that have been breaking on the basta front: we’re going to be talking: ladle, messi, neymar, jr and erling holland ahead of a Huge huge summer for this club and how juan la porter may see us go into the summer in a better financial situation. It is all coming up, so let’s get to it come on, but i just want to start first of all, with some official news right now, looking ahead to our game this weekend, of course, the title decider in many ways between basa and athelica madrid at the Camp now, because it has been confirmed today by the club that we will once again be wearing a special kit that of course debuted in the away clasico. On that day, it didn’t exactly go in our favor, but we’ll be hoping that on the weekend against atletico the shirt there making its second appearance – and hopefully we this time will be on the winning side. But unfortunately there are unlikely to be any fans in attendance. For this game this weekend, despite the optimism that fans could return, the department of health in spain ruled against that, although la liga right now they’re still fighting it, they really do want fans back as soon as possible for the sake of the clubs, of course, and Indeed, the finances and the whole sport as a whole, but right now that is going to be difficult for this weekend.

Of course, it would have been such a big boost if we could have got some back in in such a big game like this, but speaking indeed, of the coming game against atletico. That is, of course, going to dominate much of this week. They’Re building up to that clash – and i want to bring in the news here that today on monday, lionel messi, there organized a dinner party for every single member of the squad to come over to his house. Basically and have a bit of dinner. And i think i was really really interested there. Of course, messi the captain – many people often say you know, he’s, not a leader he’s, not somebody there who can unite the team and lead them as one. But i think it was good to see the team there coming together ahead of such an important game and indeed the end of the season, and i think right now we just need to regroup we’ve had a tough few games. We’Ve got a tough few weeks in terms of the title challenge: it’s been a long long season for everybody, and i just thought it was nice there seeing all the different players arriving high profile players. Some, of course, not so high profile too, but everybody together pulling in one direction. We will need that this weekend and that was really good to see. But as we now move on to the big names, of course, and in terms of big transfers that we could see in barcelona this coming summer, i just want to really refresh you on the financial situation and explain really how laporta may have changed things so that This summer, maybe we can expect the big signing because, of course, let’s not forget bartimaeu left this club in an absolute mess after he did leave because he left the club there in debt of around 1.

2 billion euros billion. Yes, absolutely incredible numbers there how he managed that who even knows but the most concerning part of that debt has always been there about the short term debt level. That was the part there. That really did concern us going into the summer because actually there, according to the media, 265 million of that short term debt that we do owe that was actually owed there to the banks before june. The 30th, however espn in spain, say right now that la porter has already been doing business behind the scenes. He is already there renegotiated that particular agreement with a more staggered repayment method agreed, which has certainly eased the burden there and the pressure on the club going into the summer and it’s not only that either because having plenty of rumors right now in the local media. That laporta is very, very close there to gaining outside investment, which will also help the club in its transfer plans, because obviously, parsa is owned by the members. It’S always going to be that case, we’re never going to have just one owner and that’s a very, very good thing and a very unique thing that i love about the club. But there are still going to be opportunities there. You think of things like basta, corporate and other aspects they’re in and around the club, where there is the potential to bring in outside investment, which will certainly ease some of our financial fears and help bolster the squad this summer.

So with that in mind, let’s start talking, transfers, let’s start talking here. First of all, about neymar jr, whether you like it whether you don’t the rumors right now they’re happening they are certainly going on and they have no sign at all at stopping, because we all know right now. Neymar has been linked to barcelona. What seems like season upon season upon season? Basically ever since he left he’s been rumored with a return it’s that simple when it comes to neymar it doesn’t matter now that he’s 29 years old, doesn’t matter that he turns 30 in february. Those rumors are continuing and according to the media basa they are looking at it. They are open to a deal for neymar if it does become a possibility this summer, because right now, of course, it all comes down to his contract. His contract expires in 2022. In a very short amount of time you have to say – and of course there has been rumors there of a renewal on the cards for many many weeks indeed, but that renewal still hasn’t been signed. Psg are very, very confident, they’ve been saying, you know what it’s gon na be fine, but it’s still not signed, and until that new deal is signed, the possibility of neymar coming back it’s still very real. Now what i would say about this is two things number one let’s wait and see what happens in the champions league right now, of course, heading into tuesday’s.

Second leg against man. City psg find themselves 2 1 down a big deficit there that it would be to overcome, and i think there if psg go out of the champions league, then these rumors they’re gon na catch fire even more. They are gon na spread like wildfire because i think the end goal for neymar – and this is the second part here he wants to play with messi. He has not made that a secret. Of course again, you could say well, why did you leave? Then you were playing with him you’re playing very well with him. Why would you go, but he did and now he realizes his mistake and he wants to play with him again, but i think for a while neymar. I thought you know what maybe i can play with messi in paris. Maybe there he’s going to come to psg, i think now he knows that’s not going to happen. I really do believe there’s no chance of that happening, and now he feels as though the only way to link up again with leo is to return to barcelona. But, of course, big divide right now within the fan base over whether that should happen and whether neymar is what we need, because of course, when it comes to forwards, the other big name on our agenda this summer, no question about it is still earlying hauling, because I want to say here that it’s also been reported in the media, regardless of any rumors about neymar horland, fuller, porter, he’s still the priority.

He is still the number one target for la porter he’s, the man that he wants to bring in, and certainly it still remains a possibility now, of course, horland over the past month or so he went about seven games there without a goal sort of from the End of march to the middle of april, whilst playing for norway and dortmund, he went through a little bit of a dry spell. But of course, he bounced back in the only way that erling hauling knows how he’s got four girls. Now, in his past two game, which has coincided there with a real return to form for borussia dortmund, but i want to bring you here. Some really interesting quotes from mina raiola, because i’ve always been of the opinion that yes there’s many many big clubs there interested in holland pretty much every top club around the globe. They’D want to get him, but i do believe there. There is a pull from la liga there is that pull from basa and real and even raiola. He didn’t hide that, because, during a recent interview he said the following words. He said i won’t lie when a club like barcelona or real madrid comes in for you with so much history and being such a big club. He said it’s very hard, very hard indeed to say no. He said psg they’re trying to get into the group there of big clubs. He said man city is trying to and you they have always been there, but he said the league they play in is very important too.

He said psg plays in the worst league of all the big clubs. He said bayern are in an attractive league, but we know they always win it. He said in spain, though, there are three clubs with a chance to win and when he was asked there about whether real madrid could afford holland recently, of course, during these super league talks, florentino perez has quoted us saying you know what we can’t afford him without The super league, we are not going to be able to make these kind of signings, but raiola says i don’t know if real can afford him, because i haven’t studied their books, but he said i think they can. I think all of the clubs, even this summer, can sign early, and i think that there once again is a clear indication for me that of all the teams that are interested there is that pull from spain. I think real and barcelona head to head. I think that is the way that is certainly going to be. Man. City, of course, are in the equation because of how brilliant they are right now, but in terms of that historic pull, it certainly does come down to the classico sides, but i think the most important thing right now in terms of holland’s future and indeed dortmund stands On him, i’ve always said it it’s about the champions league and certainly they’re about their race to qualify for europe next season. Right now they are just outside the champions league place.

Of course there, the top four will go into the champions league next season. Dortmund are one point away from being in those spots and it’s a very close race. What i would say, though, is there’s only three games to go and in those three games, dortmund play rb leipzig and they play leverkusen it, won’t be easy for them and if they miss out it’s, big revenue lost and a big decision that dorman this summer will Need to make finally, though, guys one thing that i really do want to say here when we’re talking about neymar when we’re talking about erlang hall and we’re talking here about these big transfers going into the summer. I want to say one thing and i want to make this really really clear before we start getting in to all this transfer news. Let’S not forget about our defense, because i think here once again, we can get wrapped up in all of these names. All of these reports all of these rumors, but when you watch our performances, when you look at this barcelona team, it is still the defense. It is still those mistakes. It is still there that creaky back line that is going to keep causing us problems. That is going to stop us from challenging there to be the very best, and i just hope here, heading into the summer. We do not repeat previous mistakes, look at the team, analyze our progress and understand what is needed.

It’S a huge summer for this club and it’s a very big summer too, for drama porter, leave your thoughts in the comments down below guys.

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