NFL, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, 2021, AFC East, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rankings: All 32 NFL Teams From Worst To First Following The 2021 NFL Draft

We’Re gon na go from 32 all the way down to one speaking of number one. The number one best male grooming products on the market shout out to manscape head on over to chat, where you guys can get 20 off and free shipping on the best mail grooming products out there at number 32 on our post nfl draft power rankings it’s The houston texans, i don’t, know what’s happening with desean watson didn’t like a lot of the moves they made so they’re number 32. at number, 31 it’s, the detroit lions. I understand they went out and got a guy like jared goff there’s, still a lot of other missing parts. With that team number 30, the new york jets they drafted zach wilson. They made a few other key plays in free agency they’re, going to get some key guys back. That opted out, however, they’re still a young football team, but they do have an up and coming team let’s go to number 29, the philadelphia eagles. I can already see the mean people in philly screaming fly eagles fly, i just don’t believe in jalen hurts and a lot of the other people who did these rankings by the way these rankings between tom. This was between producer, sam harris and graham and chase. This is all of our consensus, ranking so don’t, just yell at me at number 28, the jacksonville jaguars, and where you go out, you get trevor lawrence. You spent a lot of money in free agency.

You made some good additions as well in the draft, but you’re still number 28 on our list. At number 27 in our post nfl draft power rankings, the cincinnati bengals joe burrows, going to be healthy. I liked a lot of the additions they made, especially on the going out and getting a guy like jamar chase phenomenal addition. There t higgins excited to see what he can do in year, two, but the cincinnati bengals. They also spent a little bit free agency, so at 27. carolina panthers number 26 can christian mccaffrey stay healthy, is sam darnold actually going to be a reliable quarterback? This is one of the teams that we were actually pretty split on here. The chat sports studios let’s go back to new york here, the giants, the g men, you added some key players on offense. I liked you know giving daniel jones a few more options. There is saquon barkley going to be healthy. I sure hope so he’s a really fun player to watch. The defense was also able to get a little bit better new york, though number 25., so i’m curious right, because when we do these videos we always sit here and we talk about all right, who’s. The best team, but most of the comments, are more geared toward. I can’t believe you ranked this team here, you’re an idiot blah blah blah blah. Well, we go down in the comments. We look but i’m genuinely curious, who’s, the worst team in the nfl, because my rankings i had the lions but on our consensus rankings, was the texans.

If you disagree with me, if you disagree with our consensus, let us know in the comments section producers say: i’m, not very happy over the denver broncos rank here – number 24. Maybe if they go out again, aaron rodgers, honestly they’d probably shoot up into the top ten. But that’s, where denver falls we’re gon na go now to the atl the falcons at number 23. I believe i actually had the broncos ranked higher than the falcons so sam i’m, in agreement with you, there number 22, the minnesota vikings. You have a great running game. You have kirk cousins, but still a lot of holes there on that defense and adam thielen, justin jefferson. The offense is ready, but the defense to me is still a major major question mark number 21, the dallas cowboys – and this is actually part of the nfl power rankings where it’s like from i’m, not kidding you probably from like 22. All the way down to 13 was a lot of different rankings going up and down overall, so dallas if dak is healthy and that defense can improve, they will be better than number 21.. Now, if you’re looking for more nfl news, rumors, maybe some trades – you want some updates on free agency. We got you covered don’t, look any further. You can just look down below on your screen. Youtube.Com chat sports tv, it’s, literally flashing wow, i don’t even know we could do that good job.

Sam also it’s, in the comments it’s in the description or, if you don’t, want to find the link. Just look underneath the video it’s that button that says subscribe. Click that that way, you won’t miss a thing let’s get in now to the top 20 teams. The las vegas raiders new players on that offensive line can derek carr continue to step up here, but the defense needs to be better if the defense doesn’t step up there’s gon na be another long year for the silver and black let’s go to the football team. Here, washington, you added ryan fitzpatrick, one of the better defenses in the league, but can fitzy continue to lead this football team? I mean they are one of the better teams, the nfc’s. I would make the argument. The best team in the nfc east let’s go to chicago. Now, where you got the bears, is justin fields going to start is andy dalton going to start? Do they turn to nick foles? I don’t know. The only thing i know about this team is that they are, or they have a reliable defense, but this is post nfl draft, so let’s look at some of these picks here. The reason why i wanted to bring these up. They had the best draft. In my personal opinion went up and got fields, you got kevin jenkins, who i thought was an absolute stud at right, tackle. He added then a little bit more of just some depth: larry borum cleo herbert.

I actually like the pick of daz newsom wide receiver out of north carolina, so, like you were able to do a lot of really good things with those top two picks man, where you get kevin jenkins, they’re gon na kick him over to left, tackle now that’s. Why the bears number 18. but here’s the question right is fields gon na start week, one why, for yes or n for no does, does your opinion change on the team if it is going to be justin fields, go down in the comments? Why, for yes or and for no the new orleans saints or how they have fallen this? This was the team that was always in our top ten. You lose drew brees your quarterback, who now you’re gon na, be dealing with taysom hill and jameis winston. If i was new orleans, i would actually just rock and roll with a guy like jameis, but for new orleans. It seems like they’re going to really rely on that defense. Yes, you have michael thomas. Yes, you have alvin kamara, but i mean i don’t know. If i want to go back to watching 30 for 30s with jameis throwing 30 touchdowns 30 interceptions, i also want to see a guy like taysom hill who’s, a tight end playing quarterback speaking of tight end. If you want to get in your girls tight end make sure you’re cleaned up down. There go get the perfect package 71.99, with promo code chat.

If you’re trying to make sure that you do have the perfect package. It’S simple get the lawnmower. 3.0, go ahead, get the ball deodorant the ball toner as well, and hey their slogan. We save balls and i can guarantee you this you’re going to be a very, very happy camper, and so will your girl so go ahead, get started today. The link is in the comments it’s in the description, if you’re laughing right now about my read that’s even better, go ahead, start spamming, manscape, spam balls in the comments chat at number 16, the pittsburgh steelers great defense, great overall players had a solid draft as well. I, like the naji harris edition. It comes down to big ben if big, ben’s good it’s top 10 team, if big ben axed the way he did the last five games – probably bottom 20 team, the new england patriots, the quarterback position, that’s what it comes down to here again again like mac jones Cam newton: this is going to be one of those teams out that i would not be surprised if they find themselves top seven top six on our board. Because of how good that defense was in 2019, a lot of players opted out in 2020. They got even better and if jones is the guy that ends up starting that’s fun, you add christian bar, more a player who i thought could go in round one. You had ronnie perkins, my fourth ranked edge defender.

You get stevenson a solid running back out of oklahoma to be another compliment or piece there, but like they added some really good players here so i’m excited to see what that defense looks like i’m excited to see what new england can end up doing. Can they get back in the playoffs after a 7 9 season, the indianapolis colts they got carson wentz, but what they needed to be able to do is go out and add some edge, rushers and that’s what they did with their first two picks: quiddy pay a Phenomenal athlete – and if there was one place where i think pay could probably be the best type of player it’s in indy and with that type of defense there. They also go out and add the guy from vanderbilt i’m, not going to try to butcher his name. Oh, what is it odingbo shout out to him, but again another athletic player. So you add two athletic guys plus you go out and add the safety from florida who i like as well sure you got sam ellinger that’s, not really important to me and uh. Will fry’s i’ll tell you what some fries right now sounds hella hella good let’s go to number 13 on my list, the arizona cardinals where this was actually probably the team that made the biggest fluctuations in our rankings. We had somebody rank them as high as nine somebody rank them as low as 17., so that just kind of goes to show where they’re, at a lot of town, on the offensive side of the football, some good town as well on the defense top 12 time.

The los angeles chargers, justin herbert rookie of the year loved what this team did in free agency had a solid draft as well. This is going to be one of those teams where, if they can stay healthy and if herbert takes that next step, this could be a sneaky sneaky team in the afc west. Let’S go stick here in the afc we’re going to stick with them. Miami dolphins at number, 11. finished 10, 6 last year, had a good draft getting jalen phillips in round one hauling at pick number 36. You add jalen waddling round one as well. I mean in terms of draft capital, the only team that i think had more draft kepler, better traffic capital than miami was jacksonville and jacksonville is ranked number 28 on our list. Let’S get into the top 10. Now the seattle seahawks, who i like this team, a lot you got obviously russell wilson – have a dynamic offense. Now, in terms of you know, after the draft, you only had pick two four and seven. You had a second round pick. Fourth round pick and a seventh round pick not a lot of draft capital. There sure you were able to add some talent, but as long as you have ross it’s a top 10 team san francisco 49ers, there was actually a tie between san francisco and then the team coming up at number. Eight, you know the defense. Is there trey lance at number three, i don’t know if he’s gon na end up starting, they probably in my opinion, should still roll with jimmy garoppolo.

Let trey lance learn for another year and then continue to move on. But before i show you, the top eight teams here are the people that did all the rankings. So if you want to yell at me, instagram twitter mitchellrents365. If you want to go ahead and yell at tom, what going downey, if you’re a bears fan if you’re a chiefs fan, if you want to go yell at harrison, he’s at h, graham nfl, if you’re a 49ers fan, hey, go yell at chase, underscore senior he’s On twitter he’s also the only guy that’s verified here, not that i’m mad about it, though, and if you want to go, give sam brown some love the guy who’s producing the show pushing all the buttons go. Give him a follow on twitter at sam brown cs top eight teams here in our nfl power rankings. After the nfl draft, the tennessee titans, i was gon na make a joke, be the only 10 ic but they’re number eight on my list. All right let’s go to number seven, the green bay packers. This was a team that was also pretty split. I had them actually, i believe at number. Four most people had them in their top five. There was one guy not going to mention the names harrison, graham, who had him up there a little bit more, i believe at number 10, but it really comes down to this like if rogers is there they’re a top 10 team, however, if they lose ar12 and They lose the nfl mvp here’s my question for you, because if they do decide to move on from him, we’re gon na have to do a whole new power rankings because of how much it’s gon na shift.

Where would you rank the packers right now? If they didn’t have aaron rodgers, if, if the quarterback jordan love was the guy leading that team, where would you rank him? I mean i’ll, be honest with you all. I don’t know if they’d be a top 20 team that’s how much confidence i have in rogers, but it’s. Also how much i don’t. Like jordan love, i mean they traded up for him number 26 and he was still the third quarterback on the depth chart. Last year, that’s pretty wild number. Six on our list here is the los angeles rams. Can matthew stafford, be the difference maker? You know the defense is legit. You got jalen ramsey, you have aaron donald it’s, the best defense in the national football league, but can the offense get it together, that’s? What matthew stafford was brought in for? I guess it still remains to be seen. The baltimore ravens led by lamar jackson, solid offseason. I liked a lot of the moves they did in the draft as well. You went out and got jackson a big time, receiver and rashad bateman a player who i thought yes could go in round one top four time: the cleveland browns. Imagine a world where the cleveland browns are in a top four in terms of power rankings. Greg newsome like this pick a lot quarterback out of northwestern gives you a lot of length jeremiah oscar mora, one of the best steals in the entire draft.

I thought anthony schwartz was a little bit of a reach. However, you also got to think about how the offense is going to be able to use him he’s going to take tops off defenses and if you don’t respect his speed you’re going to get burned with. That being said, i don’t know if you can really stack the box as much, which is going to open up things for nick chubb and it’s, going to open up things for kareem hunt. So from a actual football standpoint, i like to fit a lot. They’Re number four on my list and i’m going gon na say right now: they’re gon na end up winning the afc north let’s, stick here again in the afc, the buffalo bills led by josh allen. A team that’s just has an incredible offense. I wish they would have added, maybe a more talent i don’t know at the running back position, but they didn’t do too many things in the draft that i was super like overly excited about they’re, just a solid team, and when i really did these rankings most People had the top three teams, all the same, which to me says there’s a tier break right here at number two it’s, the kansas city chiefs. You got patrick mahomes. This is this team and number one. The tampa bay buccaneers, spoiler alert i’m, just gon na throw it out there. These teams didn’t really need to do all that much in terms of the draft, because both these teams did a great job, bringing guys in and free agency the tampa bay buccaneers.

I mean i just wan na you know, i was gon na say, give him the clap, but i don’t know if i can say that they brought back so many great players in free agency. The chiefs went out had a few needs sure they moved on from a few guys on their offensive line, but you also went out made a big trade for orlando brown. The draft didn’t really impact them all that much. They had bad draft grades, but it’s, because their rosters are complete. They ended up bringing guys back and that’s why both of these teams are one and number two. But you know what i love shows like this, because this is where we get. This is where we get a lot of comments in terms of oh, you disrespected this team. Oh, this team should have been here. Well now is your chance. Let us know who should be number one in our post draft power rankings and if you want to be an overachiever, if you want to go ahead and say well man, you really disrespected this team here or this team should be a little bit lower now’s your Chance to go ahead and do it go down in the comments section right now and let me know, and again it wasn’t just me who did these rankings? You can go yell at sam chase, harris and tom. Remember their twitter handles they’ll, be in the comments. It’Ll be in the description down there below.

So let me know down in the comments who should be the number one team in our post draft power rankings i’m genuinely curious what you guys have to say if you made it this far in the video go ahead. Give me a like, i believe, most of us had all tampa bay. Did all of us have the tambay buccaneers, sam’s, giving me the yes.

What do you think?

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