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Are you never? I don’t even know if you even got to this, because, yes, we got off into that tangent about who wants to win and who doesn’t? Are you telling me that, that’s that price is right for aaron rodgers? Are you telling me that price is right for aaron rodgers, two ones and a two listen? If you can get away with it, you can get away with it. I do it. I do it. Uh 15 minutes ago, if that’s, what it takes, man green bay, get ready, prepare you can’t, be leaving the office at five. Uh keep your phone on all weekend because you should be getting lots of them, but you know brian guticon said he didn’t. He only got one phone call when the news initially broke, if, if he put it out there, if they, if they said if they put an ad, you know you put an ad out there on the internet quarterback, you can have them two ones and the two Aaron rodgers unbelievable, they would probably wind up with it. I don’t know getting some franchises. I don’t believe that against each other that’s the asking price i don’t believe that’s the that’s, the listing price going back to real estate. You know, i think that’s about right, though two ones that’s about that that’s, a good starting point that doesn’t feel like that’s, a good starting point. I feel if, if, if you’re, if you’re asking price, whether whether they share this with anybody or not, whether it’s can’t go too far because nfc nfc executive, whether it’s, whether it’s high ranking nfc executive, is a member of the packers has talked to the packers.

Whatever the sourcing is okay, if they, if the packers have two ones and a two in mind as their asking price for aaron rodgers, then why are they so hell bent against trading him? Because if that’s, how you value the reigning mvp and one of the faces of the league and the best with apologies to brett favre, the best quarterback in your franchise, is history. If you value him at two ones and a two, then you that means you would move him because that’s not, i think, they’re being realistic. I think they’re being realistic because it would wind up the price would have been higher if the story had never broke. So, in other words, if they lose to tampa in the nfc championship game and then in march they start making phone calls without aaron rod. You don’t know aaron rodgers is unhappy. You don’t know that he can’t stand people in the front office. All that, if teams just say hey, the reigning mvp is available uh. What are you gon na offer? I think the price is a little bit higher, but now it’s out there it’s, no secret you’ve got to move them. You everybody knows that he he doesn’t want to be there. So it’s not like just like a an even trade where this is a trade. This is a commodity that doesn’t have imperfections the imperfection. Is you got to move this property? So if you’re a smart buyer, you know a property has to move, describe him like that it’s so funny, however, you’ll just say something in passing, and here we go.

Okay, going back to your cross country thing, wait, wait hold on slow down slow down for a second wait. Wait wait, get take an exit make a! U turn come back so we’ve been talking about this for eight days and counting now, and we still don’t see the eye to eye on this. So here comes management mike okay, wait for it management mike. You just said they got ta move him says who other than you: why do they have to move there? Okay, why is there a leverage compromise because they have to move aaron rodgers? Why see that and it’s that type of thinking it’s? That type of thinking that really sinks franchises because it becomes a this hey, like i said to you yesterday, the best way to handle this is for aaron rodgers and the green bay front office to work in concert behind the scenes. Look i don’t like you, i don’t know if you think i’m high maintenance or not. I don’t, like you, you don’t, like me whatever, but i want something and you want something too, but why turn this into hey, ain’t, no player gon na tell me what to do i’m in charge here. You know what i ain’t got to move you. If i don’t like that, that’s not helping him, because you know what happened wait, but can you aaron rodgers? Can it be in the middle though i i am meeting in the middle meeting in the middle? Is i don’t want to be from a team perspective? Okay, go ahead, yeah the meeting in the middle is, i don’t want to be here respectfully.

You probably don’t want me here. If i don’t want to be here because i’m not going to do everything possible, i just know i’m going to have i’m gon na feel some kind of way. I’Ll have some lingering resentment that may affect the whole team. Building that the culture that you’re trying to build, so how about this? How about i work with you, you tell me: what will work for you i’ll tell you what will work for it work for me and then we can both get what we want. It’S not perfect, you want me to stay out of the way that’s not meeting in the middle, but wait a minute that is meeting you whoa whoa. We could both give up. We can go no that’s, not that’s, giving you what you want. That’S not meeting in the middle you’re, just packaging it but you’re getting you just said it wisely you’re, just asking here’s the alternative. You you’re right. I asked you why the packers can’t take it off to move him that’s, not you didn’t! You don’t have to do that. You told me what i said. I appreciate your solutions, oriented approach. What if i don’t play into it, you said the best. You said the okay, then that’s your prerogative, that’s unfortunate, but okay. Does that help? You again is that agreement. Hackers does that. Does that help you see aaron? No, it doesn’t help either one of us let’s, let’s let’s, get let’s get in the character, let’s get in the character.

Okay, we’ll type. 7 22 in the am come on let’s get into character. Okay, let’s get in the character. So what you’re trying to do? What you’re, trying to suggest you’re trying to play this jedi mind trick on us aaron to suggest you’re, trying to tell us what we want you’re trying to tell the packers that it’s in your best interest to give a disgruntled quarterback what he wants, because he’s disgruntled That’S, not you’re not going to get what you want. What you want what you want! I want you to either yeah right right. Well, i’m, not going to play for us right. I know well that’s so i’m telling you what you want: you’re, not gon na get. So let’s talk about okay, so why don’t you ever get what you want, but the alternative suits your agenda. What i’m saying is yeah and – and i appreciate it, i i i don’t – i don’t, like i don’t like how you reduced it to and and this is not michael talking – i’m, not in character. This is why – and i think this is, i know – it’s michael talking – the perception that i’m pro management – that i’m pro management comes from my ability, my my supernatural mutant ability to see things from everybody’s perspective. I think to reduce this to reduce this to oh. This is about the packers showing aaron rodgers, who’s boss and ain’t no player gon na push us around ain’t no player gon na tell us how to run our organization.

I run my unit the way i run my unit. I eat breakfast 300 yards away from 3 000 cubans who are trying to kill me no that’s, not that’s, not what the packers are doing here. Aaron is an incredible football player who just won mvp. Yes, the packers traded up to get his successor and heir apparent who they don’t yet know whether he’s ready for prime time yet. So this is not about us just proving a point and being stubborn and you have a contract and you’re gon na have to own it or honor it. No mike, i don’t, i don’t think that’s, where the packers are coming from some of that yeah. I don’t believe that’s, where they’re coming from and i don’t think you are. I don’t think you are a management guy. I don’t, but i think this perspective from the packers is not a winning one, because every day that aaron rodgers going forward every day that aaron rodgers is not a football player, is that it, whether he’s holding out or whether he decides hey i’m, just gon na I’M gon na sit out the 2021 season every day. He is not identified as a football player. His price on the market goes down goes down, so yes, ideally, ideally for the packers. He would come back with a smile on his face. Take the football and and spend another 48 touchdown pass season, it’s, not gon na happen. So why are we talking about? Ideally, he already said it’s not going to happen so what’s, your name here’s, the good news so what’s next is the good news: what okay that’s? Not going to happen, it’s may 7th it’s may 7th.

I have the luxury if i’m the green bay packers. I have the luxury of waiting to see. No, you don’t, you keep. Everybody keeps getting this leverage game twisted everybody it’s, not an average game twisted, and the only thing i look at is a game it’s. Okay, this negotiation. This negotiation, you only have the leverage is only what you have the power to negotiate and your willingness to walk away. Aaron rodgers is only piece of so called leverage and i’m, not understanding why people actually think this is leverage but, okay, i guess, if you just want to see it from that perspective. Okay retirement is not leverage. Aaron rodgers only play his only play that he can call is to walk away from football. Is that in his best interest? Yes, so you keep, you keep characterizing. This is what’s in the packer’s best interest, it’s, not that it’s just to quit football. It is it. Maybe it’s neither part of it. I don’t think it is, but nobody wins. Okay can we say it that way forget about leverage because i’m not trying to like nobody. I i’m, not trying to arm wrestle i’m, not trying to humiliate anybody. If aaron rodgers doesn’t play football sure he loses not only does he lose money, he probably uh loses. Some sharpness loses some uh, just rhythm, a football player is, is a like. Is a creature of habit right. So if he’s not playing football in 2021 at the age of 38 could be 38 in december that’s, not a good thing for him, but it’s, also not a good thing for the packers and so yeah you say: hey.

We showed him he’s, not playing football. This year, yeah great, you showed him who’s boss, but now you got jordan, love it. Don’T worry, that’s the thing again and no job mike mike it’s, not showing him. My please, okay, forget it. I strike that night, not even saying you’re. The worst person i’ve talked to brian i’ve, never talked to morning. I’Ve not talked to him. I have not. I have not talked to brian guticun’s i’ve, not talked to mark murphy. I have not talked to uh matt lafleur, i don’t even know them from adam and i’m for damn certain that they don’t even know me. Okay, i do not have a dog in this fight and maybe that’s why i’m able to be so objective? Neither do i. I don’t have a dog. Neither do i i don’t care i’m saying like this idea of oh they. You know they showed him michael okay. They forget about him if he’s going to play, he play for the packers that’s, the packers stance, if you’re going to play play for the packers. If not – and you want to retire, if it’s so important to you to not play for the packers and you choose to retire – then go with god, okay! So if i can understand that perspective yeah, i i it’s not that people don’t understand the word. What you’re trying to do with yourself is the situation you’re, trying to salvage the situation and the packers do are not inclined they’re, not incentivized, to salvage this situation, you have been trying to solve the problems.

You’Ve been trying to solve for x, and i appreciate you agreeing mike, we disagree yeah, you can appreciate it. We disagree on the whole issue. Situation is to say you don’t want to be pa. Aaron rozelle’s gon na be doesn’t want to be here. The best way forward is to just get these pics for him, whether it’s, two ones and a two or whatever, because he’s not going to play. So, if he’s not going to play, why not getting something for him that’s your take right! Why you’re not getting something for him he’s not going to play right? That is the that’s, the reasonable one that’s the reasonable take look mike. You keep saying you have something reasonable from the perspective of the person who wants to be traded. It is reasonable from the perspective of the person who wants to be traded. The team wants the reigning mvp to keep being the mvp for that team. Why is that? So hard to grasp that’s not hard to grasp at all, and you keep saying you have some supernatural ability to see it from the management’s perspective. Other people see from that perspective too, but people disagree with it. I see i see. No, no, no, no people see it you’re, not the only one. With that vision. Other people can see how management thinks and management is going to get burned if air. Now, what they’re doing perhaps they’re calling his blood like this guy ain’t about to? He loves football too much.

He ain’t about to walk away from the packers and millions of dollars and the platform he’s not going to walk away from the stage. So if they call his bluff and they’re right, good you’re, absolutely right, they took the right approach. But if he walks away and says i’m not going to play in 2021, it’s bad for him and it’s bad for the packers. And so if you want to avoid that nuclear situation but there’s that fundamental disagreement, i think it’s disappointing for the packers. But one day, it’s bad for them. We don’t know when and we don’t nobody retires and we don’t know when and what we don’t know why, for whatever reason, at whatever time they all retire, they all walk away. It ends eventually, which is why they drafted jordan. Love so yeah, but okay, it would be better that’s. Why? Because he get, he gets to go, and hopefully again, levar burton may have something to say about this. Hopefully be a game show host okay if he walks away if he it. Meanwhile, the packers will continue to do what play football and they will play their new quarterback earlier than they would have liked, but they will continue to play football now. That makes me manage the mic, so be it it’s bad for rogers to walk away, it’s bad for rogers to walk away. It’S disappointing from the package perspective. If rogers walks away what’s worse for the packers is seeing him play in a different uniform.

You just saw it michael how how miserable was this season in boston? How miserable was this season in boston to watch tom brady flourish somewhere else in new england? I should say to watch him flourish somewhere else, but he left us a free yeah. They didn’t dare trade him right. I, if you’re the green bay packers executing a trade, even if you could get everyone’s in the two or more. In my opinion, i think that’s cheap two ones in the two two ones and a two is too cheap for me, but even if you can get that for aaron rodgers, not in the packers best interest, in my opinion mike, i have. I have one last question before we take a break. I have far too much respect for you to call you management mike, and i have far too much respect for you, my brother, to say that your take is wrong. Okay, i won’t say that i’m sorry did. I hurt your feelings that hurt your feelings. No, no, no i’m, just saying this in general i’m telling you i i i wouldn’t call your members: don’t have respect for you! No, no! No! No! You can’t, but i said your take was wrong earlier. I said your thing was wrong earlier that’s. What i mean he said was wrong cause. I did you didn’t say it was wrong. You said i’m pretty sure i did, but but the whole management mic thing. You can stop saying that to me put throw the qualifiers out.

I would never call you that, but i just want to point out to you from a man if you see a management’s perspective like i do on this management’s, because they have a management perspective, they were charged with thinking about the short and long term. Future of the packers right that’s why they drafted jordan, love not for 2020, but for 2024 or 2023, because that’s, what management does we? We are here to make sure that we’re making smart moves. It’S got to be good business, we’re business people and we’re business people running a football operation, and that gets a little complicated, sometimes with players, because the players are just talking about this game right now and we’re thinking about the long game. Right i get it. I don’t love it, but i get it if they’re going to think that way, then they’re being inconsistent by refusing to trade aaron rodgers, because you got to look at it from a business perspective. Aaron rodgers is an asset. Just look at let’s call it that way. He’S an asset and if you allow your asset to walk away an asset with market value, and you allow that asset with market value to walk away by and get nothing, you have done a bad job. You have not served your franchise well, the asset doesn’t want to be there, so you got to weigh hmm. Do we wait him out? Do we is he is he is he? Is he like michael holly? Is he a stubborn guy? Yes, he is so he probably ain’t going to change in the next month month and a half two months rob demosky, says it’s a 5 chance that he comes back, so the odds are against us odds, aaron rodgers and the odds are against us.

So what do we do as good business people, the same business? People who drafted jordan love for the future had better trade, aaron rodgers, because it’s better for the future of the franchise. Even though you may go you’re likely going to take a step back in 2021. That’S, what they should do they won’t, but they should hey thanks for watching brother from another on youtube, make sure you hit subscribe before you leave and be sure to watch us 3 to 5 p.m.

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