Lunar eclipse, Eclipse, Earth, Lunar soil Blood Moon Drama! WHAT THE FORK IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW?! (Total Lunar Scorpio Eclipse)

You understand what the fork is going on with all of the drama at this time. We are right in the heat of eclipse season, especially the high drama of a total blood moon lunar eclipse in scorpio, okay, so that eclipse is happening in the eastern time zone its on may 15, 2022. But the way that eclipses work with astrology is that their energies are felt way more before and after than actually the astronomical event. Okay, so weve been having this drama brewing for many weeks and this week of the actual eclipse in this period of time, im sure you have been noticing like i have, which is what prompted me to record this people getting illness diagnosis, chronic cancer people, news of People dying major tests to relationships, topics of boundary, power struggles to the ultimate degree, things going on with um, basically, the topic of mortality in a very, very big way, whether that is because someone has found out theyre, ill and theyre going to make it through, but Its still cast mortality into our faces, either for our own situation or someone elses or through birth pluto, which is the ruler of scorpio, which is the sign that the moon is in, is uh the ruler of death and birth and transformation and rebirth. So anything on the topics of death and dying and mortality and life and rebirth and birth is all under the domain. So these major major major high drama remember this is not only a full moon which we know brings extra drama, its also a full moon.

In a water sign which intensifies the drama and its also a total lunar eclipse, which only enhances the drama even more so really weve got the energies of three full moons that are wrapped up into the eclipse energy plus tag on another couple of moons. For the fact that theres water and all of this is coming through together so yeah its pretty intense, so i just watching throughout my life seeing people at the store. I went to donate things and you know i asked the person how they were doing and they said well im, okay right at this moment, but i had a complete breakdown before they told me everything that was going on and i mean just people are falling apart. So um maybe youre one of those people so its helpful, i think, to understand whats happening and thats. One of my favorite things about astrology is that if something crazy is going on, where its very clear that its in the air, its in the stars, its happening and people are getting affected, that, if you understand it, you understand the time frame its a little bit Easier to get through it because its not without reason, okay, so the full moon is a time when we shake off the emotions that have been um gathering in our energy field. So if you kind of imagine a dog shaking off after theyre wet with the water representing emotion, this is what we do: every full moon, all the stuff builds up, it builds up, it builds up, and then we have, i call it a full moon freak out Or you know a release, and this is therapeutic its cathartic, but when weve got this intensity like we do with this blood moon, this total lunar eclipse this week the intensities are very high and the stakes are very high, so some non negotiable, endings or non negotiable Events are very likely to be happening.

That is another keynote of an eclipse, things that were repressed, things that were under the surface are bubbling out. So if somebody seems to come at you with something – and you say whoa, where did that come from all of a sudden, its not all of a sudden, this person has been holding these things, they might not have even realized it, maybe youre that person, if youre, Seeing yourself what is going on with you just spewing out all of this stuff, its its a process by which the universe is helping us to deal with things that are causing problems in our lives that have been undercover and need to be dealt with. And while that might be kind of dramatic and not feel very graceful at this moment, do know that there is benevolence and there is purpose behind what is going on some of the um. The stories are basically just destiny stories happening. There are things that we can control in life. There are things that we can shift in our experience, but there are many things that we cant and some of those things that we cant that are just out of our hands that we struggle and feel helpless and are trying to do something about a lot of Times those eclipses bring those up, and we start to see the trajectory thats laid out before us, and often we have choices that have to be made. Okay, so very important to know about this time is that you might be presented with a choice and you might not have the right energy in the stars to make a final decision, because, while this blood moon is happening were also in mercury, retrograde, okay, so mercury Retrograde is factoring in bringing in things from the past bubbling up in a big way.

Jupiter is going direct right now, so certain things are wanting to fly and really expand that youve been working on in the past and theyre coming back in the present. So while weve got all this drama, the drama doesnt necessarily have to be bad. Okay, now you will be seeing it and maybe youll be feeling it in your little way or your big way, anxiety, insomnia, general anxiety. You know just dont really know what youre worried about, but just kind of feel worried, just kind of feel bad, just kind of feel tired. There are many places in the spectrum of manifestation that you can feel this from barely anything at all, but watching a lot of people go through stuff to you having dramatic life changing circumstances going on, but now you know why the topics of money shared resources, power, People using their power wisely or not sex intimacy. Anything having to do with merging together in a powerful way in a synergistic way is something that this moon is testing. What is being tested is longevity. The tests that are coming now are helping you to see the things that would be problems in the foundation of the structure, youre building with this person or with this group, or with this company or whatever or in your own emotional self. You know your your emotional expression at the bottom and even below the surface, theres weaknesses, there are weaknesses and the weaknesses are being revealed and youre going to get to see over the coming weeks.

Are those weaknesses deal breakers or are those weaknesses things that we can now strengthen to strengthen the whole relationship or project or individual or whatever? It is so? It is something that a lot of people have felt anxiety about before its come. It kind of feels, like you, have an electric your finger stuck in an electric socket, but do know that after the moon actually happens. So after around the 15th 16th of may, wherever your time zone is, it could be a different day, but that time frame its building its building its building and once it breaks then for most of us, things are going to really, notably just start to settle down With every day that passes, things will become lighter, things will get back to whatever the normal will be, and you know the dramas will pass or the integration will happen if theres something thats gone on thats out of your control and its changed things, then you know The the new path is going to set in youll start to get comfort. You know more comfortable on the new path, and you know that will happen so were at the building point now its still building its still building and then it will break and then it will start to shift now. We can still see news and events come in. Even four to six weeks after the actual eclipse and even longer than that, because this eclipse is in process from the end of 2021 through the end of 2023, the tauros scorpio eclipse cycle.

So if you want to have some insight into some similarities of things that have happened before think back to the end of 2012 through the end of 2014., think back to the end of 2002 to the middle of 2005., this period of time, those years all had This tauros scorpio cycle happening at that time and while there might have been other things happening, then that arent happening now or things happening now that werent happening. Then there are some themes that have to do with your individual self sufficiency versus youre merging with someone else. Your stuff versus other peoples, stuff your sustainability versus your coupleship, or your partnership, sustainability and theres, a flip flopping and a reversing and a shifting around of energies in the me and my stuff, and we and our stuffed sectors and all of this really drills down to A lot of boundary boundary issues, we teach people how to treat us by what we let them get away with and when we dont set and hold a boundary, we get resentful. And why do we get resentful? Because we think someone is crossing our boundary and sometimes thats true, but also were resentful at ourselves because were not setting and holding the boundary. So this is just a time where the awareness of the resentments, the awareness of what wasnt done, that needed to be done. The awareness of what has to be done in order to move forward in a more interdependent or synergistic way is going to start to come in and can really help to strengthen the relationships that are going to stay intact in your life or help you to heal.

Whatever it was, that made you attracted or attractive to relationships that werent serving your higher purpose for the long run that you then can heal and rectify, so that you can become magnetic to something in a higher vision that you have for yourself. A major topic that is likely to be coming up right now is that of control. You feeling like someones, controlling you, you feeling like youre having trouble controlling yourself. Someone feels like youre controlling them. Topics of control are very, very, very common with scorpio events and something as ten as intense as this is going to bring this up for sure for many many many people, either very subtly or very obviously there is this thing about the universe. With our holographic experience, a hologram meaning whats inside is outside and whats outside is inside and um, so we we tend to. If were not controlling something about ourselves. We tend to have this experience that someone is trying to control us, but that, rather than having to read too much into that person, is this. That person is doing this to me. We have to ask ourselves: is there something that i have out of control about me that i am not using discipline to control myself, and this is youre going to see a lot of this come up so lets say you have a problem with excess with an Addiction, okay and youre, not controlling yourself there, but youre, very disciplined, and all these other things you dont think of yourself.

You know um as an uncontrolled person or an uncontrollable person, and then somebody comes from outside and tries to control you maybe on something completely unrelated to where youre not controlling yourself, but this is sometimes a little whisper into hey. If theyre trying to control me, where am i not controlling myself and the more that you can tend to that, the more you can stop having the manifestations of someone outside of you doing that? Okay, so thats a very big piece and one of the biggest things to know about this time, and hopefully it will give you some peace in this um. You know the midst of this craziness is that one of the representations of scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes okay. So we talked about death, birth, rebirth transformation and sometimes the death is literal, but a lot of times its figurative, its the ending of something old and the birth of something new and actually, as things are blown up, because there is something atomic about this, then something Rises from the ashes okay, and so if it feels like things in your life, are blowing up stay present with the feelings deal with what has to be dealt with, but also remember that from those ashes, new growth can and will come and you might be able To recreate your life or whatever area is being changed in a way that is more beautiful and more fulfilling for you, and that really is the purpose of all of this is to give you a fresh new start and let you exercise your creativity muscles in a Way that will bring you more joy and happiness, so this is, you know, incredibly intense, but we are very close to where the energy will break.

Something else i wanted to mention about this is that i do tend to see a lot of glasses, breaking or glass break at the time of the eclipse, the tension in the air at eclipse time, especially the lunar eclipse i mean, but its really the whole eclipse Season so well say six weeks before the first eclipse to six weeks after the second eclipse, so our first eclipse in the cycle was april 30th. So this energy started brewing in march, so building in march, going through april the eclipse and taurus at the end of april. Here we are in the middle of may okay. I have seen a lot of glass break because the tension is palpable in the air energetically and if you could see those fine filaments that connect us on the energetic planes, they would be full of tension. Okay, you can almost taste it. You can definitely feel it, and that brings a little more chaos into our fields and it causes more things to break, but i always bless and thank the universe whenever anything breaks in the eclipse time, because i really believe that the breaking of the glass breaks some Tension in the field, which increases the odds that our field will be more clear and less likely to pull in. You know other things like accidents or you know other kinds of negative energies from that tension. Okay, so i wouldnt necessarily say purposely go around breaking glass, but if it does happen, you might take it.

As you know, a point of gratitude to say: okay, the tensions were, you know were high and anything that you can do to break the tension. Emotional freedom technique, tapping breathing getting out barefoot. You know on the earth taking a walk exercise. Anything that breaks the tension, thats happening in a safe way is going to help you. You know napping meditation, anything that can do. That is going to be helpful at this time and just being aware that its going on is the most important thing and being aware that the energies will lift, get stronger and then start to shift. Um, hopefully well help you to have some peace with the process of what is happening. If you want to understand more about whats going on in may see my may 22 horoscope reports on my youtube channel, annie botticelli, i always put them out early. I actually have junes up and this week ill be working on julys, so you can check that out, plus all of my other resources in the notes below this video or podcast. If youre listening that way, i hope that things are as smooth as possible for you through this crazy blood moon drama time, and i will see you in my next report. Okay, so ive, given you lots to work with to help you make the most of the energies this month and to help you understand the energetic patterns at work and play and if youd like more resources, ive got all of these here, you can additionally go to The little more button, the little arrow underneath the bottom right of the video click on that and all of the links that im giving you here will be clickable right.

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