Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch Has A New DIVERSITY Tool For Making Games

We can see here theyre, promoting it its a tool that was really created by an alliance between the people at uh, mit and king and king is one of the entities that makes up activision blizzard theyre responsible for candy crush big money maker, so they started working On this tool after overwatch, one was already out with this extremely diverse cast, i might point out they worked on this tool after that game was already out and they said hey. We want to have this thing where we give different scores for different levels of diversity. So, just to use an example here we can see hey heres anna anna is getting lots of points for age, because shes older shes getting some points for race, because, apparently being arab is worth seven points being egyptian is worth seven points. Being 60 is worth 70 points, being one eyed is worth four points and being a woman is worth five points by the way being, a male is worth zero points on this scale, um thats, a pretty big swing and its a little weird as many of us Would look at and go wait being one eyed is less diverse than being a woman, thats really hard to believe so whats going on here, maybe theres some waiting issues. Well, they actually give us some insight, not nearly as much as id like, but they do give us some insight where we can see once its established a baseline for typical character traits, which is done by the creative team working closely with diversity, equity and inclusion experts.

It can weigh new character, designs against it or measure their diversity, so they went with diversity, equity and inclusion experts and they said hey. We want to make it zero points if its stuff thats highly represented in media, so white men, for example – and we want it to be more points, the less represented it is so theyre not saying that. Oh arab is better than something over here or something over here, theyre saying its less represented than something that would be scored a six or more represented than something that would be scored a nine thats. What theyre going with okay im gon na have some questions around your de and i experts is: did they actually do studies where they took all the media from exit forum, for example the 2010s and put in there, and have someone note every character and how significant Their character was, and then their traits was it a man. Was it a woman? Did they have one eye? Did they have one leg uh? What was their sexuality? You know like how old were they like? Did they do this for everything from every show, or did they let their own bias every show every video game every movie whatever, or did they let their own biases impact them and say well, i know ive seen a lot of white men and ive seen less Black women and therefore im giving that more points now dont get me wrong.

There absolutely has been more white men represented than black women in western media, but i want to know how scientific this was because this is just going to be pseudoscience. If were going hey. We trusted the experts and they dont have great data to lean back on. This is just them turning their subjective opinions into okay. Now we have a objective score system, which isnt really right its just laundering your opinions effectively. So this is a little bit questionable to me and i have some concerns. Other places i run into concerns are going to be. We look at this and i want to think about this from a marketing standpoint, because the point of video games is to make money and we know that pretty people sell media attracting people, beautiful people, weve known that forever thats, how advertising works, theres. A reason that hollywood stars are attractive, theres, a reason that, in the commercial, its the pretty person with the perfect shiny white smile thats trying to sell you something that is how it works. You sell more things when you do that, and that is the same reason that you make your main characters in video games attractive because it sells more video games. But i can see here this is clearly a score mechanism, thats being used that you want to get a higher score on or want to make sure that across your cast, your total score is high enough. So i look at this and go wait.

A second shouldnt! We down rank facial features, slash beauty and body type, because these things are things that to sell your game. You actually want to max out you do. You do want these to be good, but we can see anna whos been scored at um body type, slim and curvy, which is worth zero, even though its desirable from an attractiveness standpoint. Generally speaking, youre looking at a place where hey thats not worth points, whereas if she was uh further overweight, for example, or sized differently, really short, really tell something like that: shed get a higher score, but again a higher score. Doesnt help. You sell more video games here, so you would need to weigh this score and make like the strength of this less important than perhaps the strength of some of these other things like gender identity, for example. If thats, how youre going about this? Because again, you do want to sell your video game. That is a objective when youre working as a company here and you can go. Oh wait: no thats the wrong argument, because what we also know from a data standpoint around marketing is that if you include people that arent usually included people like to see themselves and what theyre in the media that they consume, they do like to and theyre more Likely to consume the media if they can see a character that represents them so hey. Some of this stuff is good because we can get people who havent seen themselves before to buy it and theres some truth to that again, the the beauty thing tends to be stronger, but there is some truth to that, but you have to also factor in what Is your audience and im serious about that? You need to look at this and go hey.

Who do you want to buy your video games? Do you want your video games to be purchased in north america, europe and asia, parts of asia, where theres the money to buy full price 60 dollar video games, or do you want it bought in parts in south america in parts in africa, where hey thats not Available and great youve done a great job by representing these people in media, so theyre more likely to buy it, but they cant buy it at this price, so they dont or you have to sell less units like theres, really something to be said here for hey. If you represent more diverse people, that makes sense, but if those more diverse people are smaller groups or groups that dont have purchasing power, you again as a business are shooting yourself in the foot because with representing those, if you remove from the cast because youre trying To max out your score, for example, white men, who have a history of having purchasing power and a large audience that is proven to be willing to buy video games, watch movies, whatever youre just shooting yourself in the foot. So i see this, i have some concerns, but what about you guys? Do you look at this and go? Oh, my goodness. This is terrible. How dare they be so woke? This is crazy. The overwatch was already incredibly diverse and great for it. Why would they then go build this tool? This is just virtue signaling, because theyre in legal trouble – and you know what, if anything, their executives need this tool used on them.

Or do you look at this and say um hey? This is great. This is fantastic. This is really a great way to control the biases and im sure these experts were great and there was no problems with whatsoever with them and they had no biases. Where do you come down on this? Are you thinking, hey great? Are you thinking hey terrible? Let me know your thoughts and why, in the comments down below i know this will be a controversial one.

What do you think?

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