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The original source is this video here, which i of course cannot read or understand, so well. Take a look at the reddit post, but the first thing of interest that were going to get from this is that for overwatch one it was never expected to be a live service game when they were developing it. That was something they were forced into by the market after theyd released their game or, as they were about to release their game and as such they were never really set up on the back end for continuous character releases. Both for me, hey, have you set up your projects and from a hey. How is your game actually set up standpoint, so thats a bit of an interesting piece, but then that sort of continues to infect us as we move into overwatch 2. for overwatch 2. It was fully intended to focus on pve first and mostly only it was really meant to be a pve game. We sort of knew that its, not news, but it was really just gon na carry over the overwatch one pvp, without significant updates to it. None of this 5v5 – none of this hey big gear, reworks things like that. It was mostly hey. Overwatch one is a complete game. Overwatch two is going to be about pve and you know maybe well do some graphical updates. Maybe well do a few new heroes. So those will of course, end up in the pvp as well.

That was the original plan for overwatch 2., but then it ran into development problems. We had stuff where of course, bobby khadek had his pet side projects that a bunch got abandoned, but time got wasted on coven happened. There were blizzard legal issues and the things that led to those legal issues – some not great stuff there, but then they were getting pressure from the top from the parent company activision blizzard. After all, saying hey, why arent you delivering this is coming too slowly and supposedly that led to jeff and some of the other senior people going no were out were done. We planned on working on this in the standard blizzard way of its done when its done darn it and itll be perfect, but youre not making us send it out a minute before its done so supposedly thats why they then left. But then what were looking at is they got a new player involved. They got a new player named walter kong and walter kong came over from epic games, specifically from fortnite, so he was very familiar with the live service model. More of the continuous drip of content and he became part of the leadership for overwatch 2.. He actually was the one who made the call to split pve and pvp and thats. Ultimately, what led to us getting the beta in the first place. So without that call we still wouldnt have a beta, and it turns out that pve is still pretty far off, were hearing no end in sight on that, its quite a bit away, so we wouldnt have a beta.

Now we probably wouldnt have a game this year from a pve standpoint, we definitely wouldnt have had 5v5. However, you feel about that, and then we see that aaron keller, who we all know, seems pretty on board with the new walter approach, but honestly thats. What any good lieutenant should do? They should go hey. What does my general want? General jeff wanted us to do this perfect game that releases when its done general jeff is gone now, general walter kong is in place and he wants this more continuous drip of content. More like whats, going on in the rest of the landscape of live service gaming, there, okay, i can adjust to that and make sure the troops deliver that so thats kind of interesting.

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