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You need to plan, and this is because, if you dont plan, then you might not include everything that you need to include to score the highest marks possible.. But how does one plan their C1 Advanced essay? Maybe you already know how to plan your C1 Advanced essay, but maybe you dont, And if you dont this video is for you, My name is Toby. This is SMASH English, and here is everything that you need to know about planning your essay for the C1 advanced Cambridge exam. Firstly, if you have not seen my video about how to structure a C1 Advanced essay, then please watch it.. Why? Because you cant plan something if you dont know the structure So because we have watched that video, we can now start planning our C1 advanced essay. Before we even read the question, we know how to structure our essay because weve all seen Tobys fantastic video about structuring essays. We need an introduction., We need one paragraph introducing each prompt., Then paragraph four should be comparing and contrasting. These prompts in relation to the question. Obviously. And then paragraph five should be a conclusion that will summarize and synthesize everything and then finally give our opinion.. Yes, Yes, The first thing that we must do when planning our essay is to read the question obviously.. But you should read the question and try to understand four different things Number one. What is the topic of the essay Number two? What is the question n Number three, which prompts should we talk about Remember we can only choose two.

And number four. How can we connect these two prompts together And sure these may look confusing so lets? Look at an example. Together, Your class has attended a lecture about ways. Nations could reduce fossil fuel consumption.. You have made the notes below Number one encourage use of public transport. Number. Two recycling. Number three alternative energy sources.. Some opinions expressed in the lecture people will never take the bus when they have cars.. People need to be educated about the importance of recycling… It is the governments, responsibility and not the publics, to invest. In alternative energy., Write an essay discussing two of the ways in your notes., You should explain, which way would be more effective in reducing fossil fuel consumption and provide reasons to support your opinion.. You may, if you wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the lecture, but you should use your own words as far as possible., So first things. First, what is the topic? The topic is the need to reduce fossil fuel consumption. And what is the question? The question is which of two ways would be most effective at reducing fossil fuel consumption? Next, we need to decide which prompts we should choose.. There are multiple ways to make this choice. However, I would recommend thinking about your conclusion, while choosing your two prompts. Yeah, You should already have your conclusion in your head, while choosing your prompts, Perhaps you believe that recycled material could be used as an alternative fuel source Wow.

That is a great idea, So we could choose these two prompts and then talk about that connection of the two prompts in our fourth paragraph. The idea that recycling and alternative fuel sources could be used together to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Boy – oh boy, Thats, brilliant And then, of course, our conclusion will be connected to what we said in paragraph four. So this would be a good option. If this is your idea. Or maybe you think that encouraging the use of public transport is more important than recycling, You think that everyone recycles anyway. However, many people still use private transport., So we can compare and contrast these two points in paragraph four.. I already have a brilliant idea and therefore I will choose these two prompts.. So this is the sort of thing you should be thinking. About. Dont choose your prompts randomly., Try and select. Two prompts that you can compare and contrast successfully.. The point is, you should have the idea before you make the commitment. You dont want to get to paragraph four and then realize. Oh, my gosh. How are these two ideas related? I dont know. Because thats a terrible thing.. So in this essay I will choose recycling and encouraging the use of public transport.. I will argue that recycling is important, but that people are already aware of the importance of recycling and in many European countries it is a legal requirement.. However, most people use private transport and this situation should change.

. So then we have our topic weve chosen, our prompts, which means we understand the question and we have our central idea that we will argue for in paragraph four., Brilliant. So now that weve done these four things, we should take this information and try to integrate it in to our structure.. Our introduction should introduce the topic in a general way and then it should state the point of the essay.. This means you need to rephrase the question in your own words. In terms of planning, then I suggest just writing down key vocabulary related to the topic. In the context of this topic, which is the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels, you could write down Words like global warming, environmental pollution, finite resources, the greenhouse effect, climate change, etc. Write these down and then try and integrate. As many as you can into your introductory statement about the topic in your introduction, … And yeah thats how I recommend planning the introduction lets move on. In terms of the order of our two prompt paragraphs, it doesnt really matter.. These two paragraphs serve to introduce the prompt in relation to the topic and the question.. So first lets talk about recycling and in order to understand what we should write about, recycling lets think about certain questions. We should answer in relation to the topic and the question about recycling.. We need to talk about recycling in relation to fossil fuel use and maybe to you.

The connection is really obvious, but pretend that the reader is an idiot. You should explain what recycling is and how recycling relates to fossil fuel use and also how it could help.. These are some questions., So number one. What is recycling Number two? How does it relate to fossil fuel use And number three? How could it help If you answer these three questions and connect the answers all together, then you will have a pretty good paragraph.. Well done So write down the questions and then move on., And now we need to do the exact same thing for prompt two, which is encouraging the use of public transport.. So again, lets ask ourselves some questions about public transport. Number one. How does public transport relate to fossil fuel consumption? What are the advantages of public transport over private transportation, And maybe we could give some examples of what governments could do to increase the use of public transport.? I dont know. Some suggestions …. These are complicated questions and if you answer two of them, then you will have produced a good paragraph. You can also invent some scientific studies and statistics to reference in your essay.. Why not Did you know that private transport accounts for 99 of carbon emissions? Oh, is that true, I dont know …, But it sounds good, so Im going to say it in my essay.. So now we have planned our introduction and our two prompt paragraphs.. We now need to write our fourth paragraph, and this should compare and contrast our two prompts in relation to the question.

. To do this, we need to understand what our central point is and in this essay our central point is that everybody recycles everybody already knows how important recycling is. In some European countries recycling is a legal requirement. However, the majority of the citizenry still thinks its acceptable to commute in private forms of transportation, And oh, my goodness, that is a travesty, And so governments should do more to encourage the use of public transportation, because that should be where the priority is. Yes, Yes, In this paragraph, we could also make a suggestion on what a government could do.. For example, I will state that governments should not spend more money advertising about the importance of recycling when that money would be better invested into building up a local infrastructure for e scooters that could replace cars.. Everyone will be going broom on their electric scooters. That is a great idea: Im sure there will be no accidents …. So to summarize, in this paragraph you should have your central point planned, and you should also have thought of an example that you could use to illustrate this central point. And now. Finally, our conclusion And this plans itself., We simply summarize what we have already said and then state our opinion, which will be connected to what we have already said in paragraph four. Right, Thats, thats, really obvious.. You dont need to plan the conclusion, because if youve done everything else perfectly, the conclusion literally writes itself.

. Well, no, not literally.. It literally doesnt write itself.. You need to write it., It figuratively writes itself.. Yes, So let us summarize Number one identify the topic. The question and choose your prompts. Number two make sure you already understand what your conclusion will be in relation to the prompts. Number. Three think about some great vocabulary that you can use in your introduction related to the topic. Number four think about questions that you should be answering in your paragraphs about the prompts, and these questions should be relating your prompts to the topic and the question. Number five Think of your central point in paragraph four and think of an example that you will use to illustrate this central point. And number six. Well, there isnt a number six …, because the conclusion will write itself. If you have done everything else perfectly. And with that we are finished. Now you know every single thing. You need to know about how to plan your essay for the C1 Advanced Cambridge exam. If you like, this, video dont forget to SMASH that like button subscribe, if you havent already leave a comment down below My name is Toby, and this was SMASH.

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