Gallaudet University, Apple, Tim Cook, Commencement speech DeafWire | 12 May 2022

Dont forget to subscribe like and follow H3 World TV to get new video updates. Gallaudet University announced they will have a special guest to deliver the Universitys 152nd Commencement Address.. That guest is Apples, CEO Tim Cook, who will be attending the commencement at Gallaudet on Friday May 13 2022. Tim accepted this offer after Gallaudets student Molly Feanny posted a video in American Sign Language ASL on Twitter, inviting Tim to speak at the University. Cook, responded to The invitation with a post on his Twitter page saying Id be honored, See you there.. This was followed by a post from Oscar winning CODA actress, Marlee Matlin saying I am so excited Tim For you and the students of Gallaudet.. The event will be the first in person. Graduation ceremony since 2019, due to COVID 19. Gallaudet and Apple, have had great cooperation to help to increase the value of sign language, equality and inclusion for the Deaf community. Through their collaboration Connected Gallaudet was established in which all Gallaudet, students and faculty were provided with MacBook. Pro M1 notebook computers or iPad Pro tablets. In 2021, both organizations worked together to create several Apple Maps Guides to help connect their users to businesses and organizations that value the Deaf community.. Many Gallaudet students are hired by and work at Apple Stores in Washington, D.C. and the other parts of the United States. Lim Anuar is a full time. Deaf artist born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.. He grew up attending the Federation School for the Deaf in Penang, where he developed his love for art.

, Anuar holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from two different universities.. After more than 25 years of experience in drawing and painting Lim is now working on a massive wall, mural that highlights Kuala, Lumpurs, history and heritage.. He says he does this painting for several hours a day and sometimes needs to use a forklift, because the wall is high.. He says it is a serious challenge, completing it as there is bad weather sometimes, and he is facing a deadline. With his Masterss degree. He hopes to become a lecturer of Art and Design for Deaf people in academic institutions in the near future.. He also explains that his goal is to become a professional artist at the international level, in the hopes of creating public awareness and acceptance of his ability. As a professional, Deaf artist, as well as the public acceptance of people with disability as equal and capable. Sorenson opened a Spanish and American sign language interpreter service in Puerto Rico., Sorenson is the worlds leading provider of inclusive communication services for people who are Deaf. Sorenson processes. More than 140 million conversations a year through its sign language, interpreting services and Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service, IP CTS., The company is currently hiring ASL interpreters, who can work from home or from an interpreting center in Puerto Rico.. The initial hiring goal is 100 qualified interpreters for signed and voice interpretation.. There are plans to open an interpretation center in PR at the end of this year.

. All of Sorensons services focus on connection and communication options for the Deaf community, which includes supporting local economic development and creating greater opportunities for diverse communities.. Lance Pickett, director of relations for Sorenson, said Sorenson would gladly render his services to Colegio San Gabriel and to the community. In general, in Puerto Rico., We look forward to a strong and lasting relationship. Fans filled a concert in Mexico City as the band Coldplay came to tour their album Music of the Spheres. During the concert. Coldplay surprised the audience when they invited a Deaf fan to come up to sing in Mexican Sign Language LSM.. The Deaf girls name is Enory Garca and she accompanied Chris Martin, while he sang one of his greatest hits on the piano. Something Just Like This: a collaboration with the band group, The Chainsmokers., The young girl, showed a great performance in LSM. At the end of the song. She thanked the audience and the bandleader came over to give her a hug to thank her for helping him.. You can email your text or video comments in landscape format to Thank you for watching DeafWire Dont forget to subscribe like and follow H3 World TV to get new.

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