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Let me explain: leave for speed. 2022 is coming out this year. However, there are two need for speed games coming out this year. As weve said previously, this one is the mobile game created by tencent, which is not created by ea, nothing to do with ea, quite honestly other than they use old games. Its clearly whats happening here this, my friends very obviously, is familiar to those that have played quite a bit in need for speed tom henderson, which has leaked some things about knee for speed, actually tweeted this, and then he removed it. A lot of you guys tagged me in this tweet and i was like huh whats going on and he said waking up to need for speed footage in the emails again. He says remove this so essentially, i think its the mobile game and hes just too embarrassing. Hes no longer hes, not even responding, he made a mistake. It happens, however, if you check the footage and then thought yes, this is the next need for speed game. You need help my man once again. This is very separate. They are not the same game, however. Both of them are going to be launching, probably around a similar time. This is beta footage leaked by someone. However, if its 2022 news you are looking for, it is confirmed that the game is coming out this year. It is confirmed fully this happened yesterday and it was an earnings call about eas newest upcoming games.

They basically cant tell investors how its gon na go this year. They have confirmed f1 quarter, one and youre like wait quarter, one f1, its coming out in like july. Exactly thats, where you see its a little bit off its financial year so essentially need for speed, says quarter three which, if you read down in the bottom, is between october and december, so its a pretty safe bet that the game is going to launch as usual. In november, practically a given now moving on to the mobile game, i just have to share that its such exciting news. Its called this game is supposedly going to be known as need for speed online mobile, and a lot of you straight away will know exactly what this is all about, then, and why it looks like its need for speed heat on mobile. You can clearly see it is mobile, its got the on screen options and you clearly see it looks a bit different than the actual need for speed heat. The handling looks like a re. It looks like a mobile game. It looks worse in most ways. The lighting may be a bit different, however, it apparently is on unreal engine, which is something quite interesting. Theyve ported need for speed to run on unreal from the go, which is uh very interesting. Indeed, considering we spoke about previously theres some rumors and mentions that there may possibly be a racing game on unreal engine by lets, say racing game, its its probably going to be a racing game its what we think its, what we think.

Basically, the people that made the remasters for burnout and hot pursuit are working on an unreal game and they are kind of the founders of burnouts split criteria, its its complicated but essentially thats worth watching. However, other than that, it is literally just leaked. Gameplay of this. Clearly, mobile game over the top version of this need for speed the heat, because they never really got need for speed heat. Okay, there is some more gameplay, however, that is the longest clip we have. Okay. This is the other piece of gameplay and in the background you could hear the song to moneta to moneta. Is that its that song, that was in need for speed heat it? Its literally like you, you know exactly what remember the videos that i made on need for speed giant. I dont know why gran turismo but need for speed china. If we go back to these videos, you can clearly see it was the need for speed, rivals, kind of game, but theyd changed quite a lot and added a lot of cars now the reason they could do this is because, in china, copyright basically doesnt exist again. Rx8 in it, what is all this map changing of the need for speed rifles map? So this is clearly whats happening again. They are taking the game and theyre changing it. This version was on pc and this one looks like its going to be on mobile now. In saying that, it is created by tencent its going to be fully heavy microtransactions its nothing to do with the a theres going to be cars that we cant get in the normal game.

Its going to be interesting, i dont think its something to get super excited about now. Ive said in the previous video about the mobile game, when it was first leaked that i dont think its going to be accessible by us, i think theres going to be problems there, because itll be possible, but it wont be like set up that way. Its going to be in chinese, there may be some translations, then its not made for our market. However, it does excite me because, as i said, if this is actually running on unreal engine, as they said to be able to port all this stuff over to a new engine, so easily, surely its possible to do that with the underground remaster. We spoke about the other day. If someone in the community is doing it, then surely they could do it too, so we can see on the gameplay. The handling is more arcade than ever uh. It looks stable at speed, though, which is pretty rare uh, considering for a need for speed game, at least but its a brand new engine. The lighting looks different. It looks more like cartoon esque. If you will, i will say, im now hugely more excited for car x street in terms of mobile possible playable games, because that is literally the normal version put on mobile. This is clearly a mobile game. Theres no other way to describe it other than its very damn obvious. A mobile game, however, to be able to play this if it comes to android, will be very easy to play if its ios, you know, probably have to make a chinese account or whatever, but essentially its going to be possible for us to try this out when It does become available.

You already know youre in the right place for me to check it out and of course, if youre in china. Well, please do let us know how it is if you have access to the beta or whatever, because uh honestly, it could be good fun for a mobile game. I was hoping for more of a like proper, fully fledged game, but open world online on mobile. In the heat map, with some cool, new races and events and stuff that well updates, which is something that uh the main game, didnt get, that sounds pretty nice to me, im pretty pretty jealous. To be quite honest, how are you gon na play to monera over and over? Please? I had enough of that song. We all we okay, its a its a fun side. I, like the song, its all right, but im im genuinely impressed that the game looks this good, because then it was recorded off phone screen, its got stuff blurred all over it and everything. It looks really good like he holds up well even on mobile and theres theres pop in but theres less pop in than a majority of mobile games that are not even open world. This is an open world game on mobile and im just curious to see how this is going to go im pretty sure you guys are too. It definitely will help us in terms of trying to push to get ea to put unreal engine need for speed games in the pipeline like a full on remaster.

You know a full on remake, should i say of the old games, just plop them in there ive seen other people do it. You already know big shout out to alex by the way he noticed this over on twitter need for speed online mobile. So this is a twitter account that wasnt actually set up recently its been set up well december 2021, which is weird considering the fact that this this game would shut down by then right. I think, but essentially theyve got something about. Uh test begins recruitments, maybe its just a fan account, but theyve literally got the name need for speed online mobile again its the same as edge in case you know, theres interchangeable and it does link to teami studios, which is actually creating this game. So for those again experience they made pokemon unite, call of duty mobile and a few other games. Speed drifters, oh my god. What is that? Oh for christ, so there we are. We learned some things today, not the main game, but you know be sure to smash. Like subscribe, if youre new – and hopefully you stay in this place for need for speed news, hopefully we get some 2022 news now.

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