Let me know in the comments your thoughts and opinions sit back relax. This is something weve been waiting for for several months now, possibly close to a year. If anything and um im really pumped im really interested to see what you guys think but anyways lets do this Music go baby, hi, im, jeff, eleanor game director at warner, brothers games, montreal and today, im really excited to share with you gameplay footage featuring nightwing and Red hood from our upcoming game, gotham knights in game, footage guys. Please release the demo just just a short five minute demo. I dont care just release a demo. We need more demos, a beta Music im just so excited to be back in this universe. You know Music were joining nightwing, also known as dick grayson midway through the game story. As he patrols our city, all of the knights can unlock heroic ways of getting around the city for nightwing its his glider, the flying trapeze. The regulators gang are engaged in a hacking crime, so its time to bring some vigilante justice to the bad people. Oh man, each crime in gotham nights plays like a mini game mode with rules and optional objectives. Nightwings, fighting style is acrobatic and ping pongs around the battlefield. While you can play the whole game solo, you can also protect gotham and co op with a friend his red hood red hood gained new abilities after being resurrected by an assassin cult.

Here he uses mystical leap to move across springboarded by his own soul. Energy, successful attacks and dodges build up my momentum bar below and timing. My strikes and combos correctly makes it build faster once the bar is full. Heroes can unleash powerful abilities. Red hoods range attacks are a little louder. He fires non lethal rounds that still do a lot of damage lets go dude. This is gon na, be a really fun co, op game, heres, red hoods barrage, ability which deals piercing damage to interrupt armored attacks. The ui youre seeing can be customized to your preferences. Whats on screen is what i like, but you can set it the way you like, oh okay, i feel like playing like all the arkham games now its like just like, i dont know what theres something about the batman universe, man, you know the gotham universe is Its so dope dude only perfect attack nightwing. These guys are definitely playing co. Op, look at red hood hopping around now that weve prevented the regulators from stealing data lets, follow red hood for a bit. The bat cycle is usable by all heroes in gotham nights. Lets watch red hood chase down a smuggling van in south side neighborhood. I would like to see the bike animation be a little bit more realistic might have just been that section im wondering because ive heard you could play this co, op and ive also heard that it can be a four player.

Co, op im not sure how accurate that is. So dont quote me on that, but i wonder if we can just play by ourselves like the whole whole story, hood can unlock the ability to attach a bomb to throwing opponents, so he can detonate it with a shot later. Im sure we can its a pretty good time. Oh look at these dudes. They dropped different weapons too huh. I think you were able to pick up that guys gun. Oh, oh, my god, thats. Just like the spider man game. You see the crowd, saying: hey spider man, you probably got it from that, which is a great idea. Good now were back at the belfry, the heroes home base. This next sequence is from early in the game, as were just discovering. The court of owls, the bat computer runs the map of the city and lets us pursue challenges and advance. The story that is freaking awesome nightwing is tracking his next story mission investigating the old powers club. The workbench is where we go to upgrade our equipment, making sure that were ready for each new challenge through the game. Players find blueprints and crafting materials by taking on missions and fighting crime. Each blueprint has different stats, giving the player a wide range of cool choices for their individual strategy and style dude. That is so wicked man. Gear with mod slots is better because mod chips, power up, gameplay properties – oh man, thats, awesome, thats good, oh man, thats thats, super cool.

I wonder what console this is running on or what platform is it pc or is it console at this point in the story? Our characters are still processing the loss of batman Music. Oh man, you could visit him. I could what he went to yours when you could visit his grave. These massive you havent im, not the one staring at that. You know sometimes youre an idiot grayson. I really hope he comes back man like somehow you know players can unlock fast travel to get around the city in a hurry with the fastback lets. Go so freaking cool. Anything court related the court of owls, a secret society as old as gotham itself were on the city behind closed doors according to the old poem, anyway, okay. But how does that line up with what penguin said? If this all powerful court really is out there, they might be the ones getting all those creeps out of black gate, which means theyve been getting away with murder for centuries. I hear you fingers crossed well learn more at the powers club. Well, that glider is crazy. You just fly straight ahead, its not like it starts descending, its time for long winged to sneak into court territory. Oh my god, this is so awesome. This is the i like stealth is always an advantage im in be careful. Let us know if you find anything they have a few guards for a long lunch too huh im not complaining nice to get a break once in a while.

So what do you think the poor bastard did what poor bastard? As far as i know, i just got a longer break poor bastard. I wonder what that means. Oh, my god, stealth i love it. I like it. Every hero has unique takedowns and finishing. Moves. Ambush strikes are faster than silent takedowns, but make more noise in peace. They use it when theres like one left, augmented reality, vision, helps the heroes, solve puzzles and investigate mysteries ar shows a trail of blood. I wonder what else it can see theres something under the floor Music. The hatch is connected to some kind of network. Theres got to be a way to open it all right. We skipped a little bit into the combat elemental, shockwave ability it interrupts, enemy, armored attacks and deals elemental status effects. Try this cryostatus freezes an enemy taking them out of the fight for a while wow nice, massive acrobats, my friends holy cow and done voila okay, so they skipped all of the okay now were back to where were just at happened to be some sort of underground. Passageway, a hidden staircase that cant be good. Oh boy, whats he doing here this is gon na, be so cool man like the mystery behind this story, has the potential to be so insanely cool. I actually dont know. Has this game been delayed or or is it coming out this year? Heads up, hopefully, theyll confirm that by the end of this, for anybody wondering how this fight looks with red hood check, this out ill go check it out all right, oh red hood, what a savage! Oh my gosh, its so cool because, like you, can just use these characters.

Red hood takes on a talon gladiator here. One of the court of owls, engineered superhuman assassins, got your hands full there buddy there we go. Oh yeah. Here we go. Oh, oh man! This is gon na be flat out fun. Oh this fight. They had to do a little transition. There probably gave their ass kicked. Oh thats, it whoa wow color me impressed wherever this belongs to. You must be in bad shape, better hurry, telling you man. This can get really really creepy and interesting again: Music. Oh my october 25th. This order now and get the 233 custom bat cycle. Skin listen were not that far off were really not that far off from october thats, not bad, all right! So well! There you have it guys that is the official brand new gameplay demo for gotham knights. I cant wait for this game dude. I just cant wait to just to play something new and, and most importantly, most importantly, go back into the world of arkham its just its something about arkham and that universe that it i love it its so fun and im honestly debating maybe a little bit closer To the release of this, just playing all the arkham games again, um, just because they were so fun and have so many good memories with those games. Whether i do a video here or just do it on my own, i kind of want to revisit that universe. But let me know what you guys think in the comments below thoughts opinions i felt like the beginning of the demo was cool um, but it got way better like as they progressed and started, showing a little bit more of the story.

Um. We can see that this is not just gon na, be a co, op frenzy sort of game. You know like theres, gon na be a story and the story seems to be rather rather interesting, so thats always a plus. So if you have both together, then its a win win, so im excited im, always excited for a brand new game and uh. This looks very, very promising. Uh, a good job to the team game looks really cool.

What do you think?

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