Asteroid, Earth, NASA, (388945) 2008 TZ3, Empire State Building Gigantic 1600 Foot Asteroid Passing By In A Few Days Massive Solar Flare Headed To Earth

There was a serious flare im going to show you that in a second right, so just just to get on to the asteroid thing um. I didnt see this one. Yesterday uh it says that its gon na pass todays uh. The name of it is 2022 j. Um, i believe thats o, like in oscar j01 um. It says its 40 feet and look how close that is 43 000 miles, which is like literally a couple of steps in front of you, thats it its really anyway. I want to show you something and the reason i didnt see it is. It was discovered first observed on, may 8th right, so they must have just added this um, but lets take a quick peek at something lets. Look at the um orbital view lets double click on this guy and see what were looking at here all right. Let me make sure you can see this okay. Great lets turn this to by hour and then well. Step forward. Lets even go a little further, so this is the asteroid right, and this is earth. Theyre saying this is a cross line, but lets see something here. If you look down here, bottom left is the time date, so five utc again im in new york, thats eastern standard time, so five utc means now thats. Five am utc zero 500 hours, which means thats 1am today right so lets see im sorry. This is close. Man um and it says sun distance one.

Oh no, of course the sun is 93 million miles. I thought they were saying. This is so 11 utc thats 11 a.m. That would be just around. Let me see now so this is im im. Sorry, folks, if you have noticed theres a lot that is skimming by us lately, man and and what does that tell you well, what does that tell me that the technology, the advancements and the extra more telescopes that were partnering with around are finding more, which is A double edged sword, its great that were finding them and its not great that were finding a meaning that theyre there missing us. So here right here, um, i put it in looting. Distance 2′, 000 miles give or take a few thousand miles, uh so may 10th. On 47th earth point one eight one lunatic 40 000 miles so anyhow to just to finish up with the asteroids look. Whats gon na be passing may be a few million miles. But again, a few million miles is nothing in space, so its this is from the sun, and i know that some people will say: oh thats, sun, no sun can have some crazy stories, but they do have a lot of accurate reporting when it comes to the Tech stuff and everything so i could have referenced other ones, but im referencing this. So i hope you dont mind. Let me see some if i can make this a little bigger here all right.

Let me just make sure you can see the story im not going to read the story, but look at this. This is whats passing us by on may 15th. Look at this 490 meters, its approximately 1600 feet. Now, if you remember one their size just passed us, but they would said the same thing and im not saying they miss was misleading us. They originally thought it was 1600, but then in the last few days they moved it up and said it could actually be up to 2500 feet. So this thing can actually be three four five empire state buildings, its a big rock just to read the headline: a rock elliptic nasa revealed 1600 foot asteroid bigger than most buildings will make close approach in six days. Uh theyve been keeping an eye on it. Let me see something it says over three it. It will be well over 3.5 million miles away, so theres, nothing to panic about its between 220 and 490 meters. That always changes because remember when they say they have an eye on it. They dont have an actual eye that theyre following it like this, and they have a clear sight on it. You know they get a lot of sensor, images, radar, images and everything like that, and they do have the telescopes where they can see by the way. The light reflects off it so how its um rotating and everything they could tell by the size theres a lot of math involved, all right um.

It would drop so anyway, thats passing, but to finish this up, this is serious. Okay. This is supposedly hitting us today, updated 919 eastern time. Let me make this a little bit smaller. My apologies star wars, solar flare, expected to deliver a glancing blow to earth today, sparking power grid fluctuation geomagnetic storm, so lets just see where it can affect us and were going to take a look at this video lets. You know what lets just see something here again, this is fair use, um id say were just critiquing and commenting on whatever news lets see what this is. Look at. This look at that lets. Just see that again now, let me just tell you something see the tip of my mouse right here see that the size of my mouse right there, the the mouse cursor just the arrow part thats about the size of the earth. So when you see that giant thing it that dwarfs the planet, not saying that thats gon na hit us, but look at this theres a chance that a huge mass of particles that just erupted from the sunken hit or its magnetic field today, um filming on sun, Erupted, may 7th hurling is cme uh. Let me just see something here. I just wan na theres, still a chance, the solar flare wont hit earth. You know what you know, how im always telling you guys about the asteroids? How like were in this virtual shooting gallery and were lucky oh yeah, by the way im gon na put a link to this.

This is actually space weather live. You can see, live images of the sun, but this is whats concerning see up here. All these news, usually when nothings happening it just says nothing – to report everythings quiet when you see this light up over here, thats concern, because i always warn you about like or try to update you on asteroids right im going to go back to this in a Second, i just want to look at you, but this right here its it can be so damaging all right, um that it could be just as bad as an asteroid. Now, an asteroid, of course, if it hit the devastation, the death and everything, of course, that that thats just obviously terrible. But if we got a direct hit from a giant magnetic storm what it can do and knock out all power grids and everything like that. Um can cost a lot of lives also because of what it would do. It would just just cause havoc knock out electrical grids, fry everything and theres, a major major major chance that will get hit soon, because activity is has been growing, especially it goes in. Oh, what is it every around every 10 to 12 years or something theres this cycle and right now were hitting this massive cycle so thats? Why i dont know if you notice im going to start updating you all on this too. Im going to add this into the mix, because its super important, but this is all ive been reading about lately – is like theres massive uh, uh ejections uh.

Let me see something m106 past uh, the maximum x, ray flux of the past two hours is see im not gon na go too technical. You know what im gon na do folks. This is what im gon na do theres, not much right now. That can be done. I mean theres, nothing that really could be done if, when, when the sun ejects um, when we get hit with a magnetic storm from a solar flare, a cme right, a coronal mass ejection, this is not in our atmosphere. We got to just hope that our atmosphere absorbs as much as it possibly can right, but this is not something new to me, but theres a lot of things i want to research. I want to catch up on because i dont want to say something: either thats wrong or anything like that, especially when i could take the time to um figure some stuff out, because i want to relay some proper information to you, but um thats coming all right. Just give me a little bit but im going to put a link to this site too dont dont dont panic. Nothing like that! Please dont but um this is you know what stinks you know how somebody ill look at mr beast and say: whoa hes related to this stuff. It does these crazy antics, and this guy does this, and this one does that i hope people dont remember my face for the doom, because it seems like thats what im talking about, but its just that we have to talk about it and im not doing this.

Like i notice other people always saying, oh, were gon na get hitting this, and that and its just not true, they just want to do that to get some views and all that and cause panic. I dont know why. I i really want to inform you, because this is stuff that we need to talk about and not a lot of people are talking about it. So i i apologize again if i come off as doom and gloom guy thats, not my intention. My intention is just to inform myself and inform you thats it. Okay, so um at least let us make some educated decisions and all that when we know whats coming or what can possibly come, okay um! So, oh and one more thing when i made that episode about after an asteroid, how do you survive, like like remember with the first aid kits and all that i want to thank everybody also for your comments and also for all the comments that added on to That i said, oh, you could also dont, forget this and add this, and this and thats i just love it thats. What i hope to gain out of all this is everybody just collectively just says: oh and get thats what its about okay, so um anyway, our giant rock is going to be missing us again. Smaller ones are going to be zipping right by real close 40 000 miles thats, you know and um if i find any sign anything significant with um the sun right here like.

I also want to show you one more thing: real time. Solar activity check this out. Todays, sun click on it look. This is today may 10, 16, 16, 34., so thats, utc, 1634, so 13, 2, 3, 4., so thats, 4 p.m. 16 is for 1634, thats, 4, 34 ut time so thats 12 34, which was 10 minutes ago here. So this is an actual picture of the sun 10 minutes ago and it funny it takes actually, i think, eight minutes for the light from the sun to reach the earth so um anyway. Here i go again just dragging and blabbering on ill update you about this stuff and um go about live, enjoy and thank you for so much ill. Be back at you.

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Asteroid, Earth, NASA, (388945) 2008 TZ3, Empire State Building bigger than Empire State Building heading towards Earth

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