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But as you are probably well aware, uh several uh national media sources have issued um, have publicized severe weather alerts, primarily in the region of central texas, as as well as along the louisiana border. So in this um weather forecast we’re actually going to take a closer look at the weather outlook. Also special alerts: uh temperature dew point we’re, going to take a closer look at exactly what is actually propelling a lot of the severe weather such as elements such as bulk share and also various temperature anomalies across the continental united states, whereas the southwest is relatively dry, Whereas the southeast is relatively saturated and receiving additional rainfall on top of rain rainfall, compounded over the last few weeks so before we actually get into this, if you’re new to this channel, please go ahead and subscribe. We put together daily forecasts of the weather, taking a closer look at all severe weather across continental united states, as well as the caribbean. Okay. So if we actually get started and we’re going to take a closer look at what’s, actually happening closer to the border of new mexico and and texas and that’s, where things are getting a little bit heavy right now. As far as also the special alerts that are issued from the storm prediction center, we’re looking at pretty and pretty heavy weather in the area of lubbock, texas, abilene, texas, big spring texas, plainview texas, as well as loveland, texas and we’re, also looking at enhanced alerts along The lines of fort worth amarillo wichita falls texas, denton texas, as well as midland texas, but you can basically see the central core of texas closer to the new mexico border along the areas of clovis between clovis and the areas of clovis and lubbock texas.

Very very severe weather and it’s really what’s actually happening is it’s. The outflow of boundary flow and we’re actually seeing that low level moisture is actually being drawn in to that into the north northwest section of texas, and we do have, as we stressed in previous weather forecasts, very very low level, moisture coming up from the gulf of Mexico and we anticipate that there’s going to be a dry line along the dry line of the the storm system and it’s going to be very, very severe weather. But you can actually see on the precipitation forecast and also on our radar that uh. We have a severe spot of had a severe spot of um earlier of um along the the border of texas and louisiana, and if you actually see going up the plains, states there’s a severe weather going all the way up through arkansas up to nebraska, as well As south dakota into other states such as illinois and indiana and idaho, so it’s been pretty severe weather and we do have that low pressure system. That was anchored at the four corners of new mexico as well as colorado, utah and and nevada. And that has been shifting and with that it’s increasing the likelihood of more torrential thunderstorm activities, severe thunderstorm activity in the region of central colorado, as well as western oklahoma, as well as as well as kansas. We see some of the more severe temperatures mid 70s in florida, mid 70s in in central texas.

We do see cooling in the northeast 59 there for new york city and all the way in los angeles it’s in the mid 50s, but closer into the core of california we’re, looking at the low 60s, probably much cooler up in the sierra mountains. As far as a northeast we’re looking at seattle is in the low 50s, but primarily we’re. Looking at that very very warm core in uh in texas, and with that said, we saw several tornado advisors throughout the day, notably tornado advisory in the area of louisiana. The lake charles area, it has been compounded, tornado alerts there, town tornado, advisories flood watch advisories in the region of lake charles louisiana we’re, also looking at areas of lafayette and also iberia. We also had local spotter reports of tornadoes near crowley in louisiana, as well as near jennings. So the entire area between the the coast between texas, as well as louisiana, is really a hot spot right now for very, very severe weather activity, we’ve seen special marine warnings for storm systems that have actually ventured more into the gulf of mexico and it’s. Actually, you know creating quite a bit of heavy weather here we take a closer look at the dew points and we can actually see very, very saturated water table here. As far as on another forecast, we can actually take a look at the precipitable water table, but in this case the dew points are in the mid 60s upper 60s, which is all favorable for more torrential thunderstorm activity throughout the evening into tomorrow.

So definitely we can see the dry line on the southwest side versus the dew points that are that were um in the in the core of the great plains. Southern plains, uh with respect to the uh with respect to severe weather moving across central texas as well as western texas. We do anticipate that as that low pressure system uh makes its way further um uh to the to the east that that’s going to actually be able to pull up a little bit more moisture from the gulf of mexico and also increase the likelihood of torrential tornadoes In the area, one other thing that we also take a look at is bulk sharing, and this is at a very, very high, relatively high altitude, but we’re, seeing um very, very high wind gusts at higher levels, and you can actually see from the core map that A lot of these heavy winds are coming in along central north central texas, along the border of new mexico, as well as texas. Even southern texas, gusts anywhere from sustained winds also 50 to 60 60 knots, and we anticipated that going into today and tomorrow. That sharing would be a factor as far as 40 to 50 um, not wins that will increase the uh, the likelihood of of tornadoes being formed, and we do have from local spotter reports in the region of lake, charles and um in louisiana area that there have Been different, funnels spot um spouts that have been formed even off the off into the uh, the water uh they’ve, actually spotted um, funnels water, spouts and funnels on land also.

So this is a very, very heavy prescription for severe weather that’s actually occurring. We anticipate that, with the surface heating and minimal cloud cover throughout the day that surface heating will be an element. So with that said, nighttime tornadoes are a possibility, because surface heating tends to remove any kind of capping, any kind of capping or any kind of mechanism that might prevent tornadoes that from forming throughout the night and as as we’ve always stated here at ball. News network nighttime tornadoes tend to be the most severe the most deadly simply because of the element of surprise of lack of visibility. If we take a closer look at also temperature anomalies across the country, we do see that in the northwest, temperatures are of 12 to 14 degrees above normal oregon. Washington, idaho falls um boise, idaho montana, above normal. But then, when we take a closer look at the southeast uh, we see uh cooler than normal temperatures in the region of louisiana, as well as mississippi, um 15 degrees below normal 17 degrees below normal below average at this time of year. So there’s definitely a clear dry line that you can actually see across the map that actually shows uh the distinction between above normal, as well as below normal for this time of year, so they’re very there’s, a distinct pattern or pattern of temperature anomalies uh in the Region – and with that said it it actually relates to intensifying the instability of the air, particularly when you inject also warm moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico that interacts with these systems.

When we take a closer look at the tornado advisory, we also see that for beaumont and lafayette there were tornado advisories for that region and that region is going to remain relatively uh under advisement for the next going into the nightfall into tomorrow morning. We anticipate heavier thunderstorm activity going into tomorrow, also for the evening. We anticipate that for the texas panhandle, as well as western oklahoma, there’s going to be increased activity which is going to increase the likelihood of possibly nighttime tornadoes. So we appeal to all of our subscribers and those who view this weather forecast to please make sure that you be aware of all possible media sources, whether it be social media, tv, radio, whatever. If you have one of the alert scanners also to be aware and have them ready for any tornado alerts that you may receive throughout the evening going into tomorrow morning, because we do anticipate that the weather will become severe at nighttime with relative surface heating throughout the Day, which is going to increase the likelihood of increased activity for severe weather? So if you take a closer look also, we have actually spotted on our radar. The actual the red zones are actually the tornado advisory areas and most of these storms are actually moving in a eastly direction or a north easterly direction, but we’re noticing that they’re relatively moving relatively quickly. And then we have local spotter reports of flash flooding and flash flooding has become a very, very severe threat to residents, primarily in the region of louisiana, as well as eastern texas.

Any kind of area that is east of the i 35 and is experiencing severe weather is probably going to be subject to flash flooding going into going into the later evening as well as tonight. We anticipate also because of the tornado advisories. These supercells that are actually forming have above normal size, hail relative to previous storms and size, hail, we’re, talking about an inch inch and a half to two inches have been reported as far as hail is concerned, and because of the bulk sharing at very, very high Altitude that could also increase the size of um of above average size hail going into tomorrow and wednesday. So that is definitely something that we’re taking a look at uh. We have on our minds and temperature anomalies we’re. Also taking a closer look at the dew point. We’Re also taking a closer look at um, all the facts or other factors such as humidity in the region, to see exactly how saturated, um the unstable air masses are in the region as far as going forward, we anticipate that that low pressure system will just continue To interact with weather it’s going to that low as that low as it makes its way further into the central plains, is going to bring pretty severe weather to regions of colorado. Also, and we have seen that as this low pressure system makes its way across there’s. Usually pretty bad weather behind the system, so we anticipate further severe thunderstorm activity for Music for the regions of central colorado, as well as nebraska we’re, going to be watching the radar very closely we’re going to be taking a closer look at what may happen to oklahoma Oklahoma city norman oklahoma, going into tonight later tomorrow, because we anticipate that, as that low makes its way across uh.

We do anticipate that things are going to get a little bit dicey for our residents in northern texas, oklahoma, nebraska and eventually that will actually translate to you know advisories for areas such as in arkansas, as well as missouri later on in the week. So that is actually what we’re bringing to you today with our weather forecast. As always, we appreciate all of our subscribers and we want to make sure that uh definitely um. You know hit the notification subscribe and hit the notification bell.

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Tornado, Lubbock, Tornado warning, Severe weather, National Weather Service, Tornado watch, Thunderstorm Flood Advisory for Texas and Oklahoma | Heavy Rain & Thunderstorms in Kansas & Missouri

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