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Oh yes, you can bet that somewhere deep in the bowels of the office of the australian curriculum assessment and reporting authority, there’s a big dart board with an ipa logo on it. You know we at the spectator, australia and the ipa have been warning about work insanity in education for years, spectator, australia. Subscribers would have read my colleague, dr bella de pereira’s excellent piece. I write privileged lessons in new south wales schools, starting as early as kindergarten bella wrote quite rightly about a month ago that this blatant political politicization is equivalent to child abuse and is the corruption of the innocent. Students should not be infected with destabilizing critical race theory and lunatic notions of white privilege very well said bella now, in a normal week, it’s just the spectator, australia and the institute of public affairs. Tackling issues like this and sadly no one else, because you know you can’t, possibly object to four year olds being taught that white people are evil, because that means you’re a racist go figure. But in the immortal words of that great icon of toxic masculinity, popeye australian parents – can’t stands no more this week. Thanks to ipa research, the horrifying details of australia’s new proposed national curriculum exploded into the newsstands, and they are horrifying details, australia’s christian heritage, the wonders of ancient greece out the first fleet out fundamental legal rights like freedom of speech, assembly, association and movement. How dare you that’s right, it’s, the crazy work, education, clearance, sale? Everything must go so what’s in what do you think the whole invasion day narrative for one thing with students now learning about, and i quote, the occupation and colonisation of australia by the british under the now overturned doctrine of terra nullius, experienced by first nations, australians as An invasion that denied them their occupation of and connection to country, slash place now before twitter gets upset at me.

Let me just say that there’s nothing wrong with learning indigenous history. In fact, i think it’s important there’s, nothing wrong with learning that there were. There are parts of australian history that we can’t be proud of, that our colonial days were complicated, but this is not about education but indoctrination. The goal is to create not informed citizens, but angry activists don’t. Believe me. Well, the new civics curriculum includes lessons on direct action as a means of participating in australian democracy. Ah yeah direct action that’s all we need more of in this country. I mean really why don’t we just save time and get teachers to glue the kids onto the street themselves and then, of course, we get to gender, which gets just 15 mentions in the physical education curriculum alone. Pe of all things, we’ve moved on from the days when sadistic pe teachers tormented students physically. Now we want them to do it psychologically, as well with the draft national curriculum saying that it is crucial to acknowledge and affirm diversity in relation to sexuality and gender in health and physical education. Of course, it is well fear, not friends, because new south wales, mp, one nation leader and spectator australia, regular mark latham, is on a mission to get this pseudo scientific gender garbage out of our schools and in his must read piece in this weekend’s edition of the Spectator australia. He explains why his private members bill is necessary and how education bureaucrats and teachers unions are ignoring the new south wales government’s existing ban on programs like safe schools and even deliberately flatting the wishes of parents.

Let’S see everyone now mark lotham. How are you good thanks, gideon really good to be with you great to have you back now? I want to talk about your gender fluidity bill that you’re about to introduce in the new south wales upper house um. Why is it necessary to win to introduce a bill like this and what are the provisions in it? What what what problem is it trying to solve? Well, it’s, broader than gender fluidity, it’s about parental rights, but we’ve got a problem in new south wales that safe schools program is banned. Uh gender fluidity is said to be not part of the school curriculum but there’s a whole bunch of examples of schools that are teaching gender fluidity. The teachers federation in new south wales put out a so called professional development course and instruction to say, look here’s, seven or eight subject areas where you can work in gender fluidity. They said if you find out anything about the sexuality or gender of your students. Don’T tell the parents, because it’ll be dangerous at home. I mean what a what a ridiculous disrespectful comment about. The people who’ve got the great bulk of parenting responsibilities, loving and nurturing their children, and you know just to give you one example of how fanatical these people are. The teachers federation recommendation was for schools to take a a day off regular class and go to the sydney aquarium to study, not marine biology but what’s supposed to be two gay penguins hatching an egg, oh you’re.

Joking, no, i know it’s funny, but it’s also sad, that this is the priority of the trade union for teachers in new south wales. And then you go to wear at purple day. Last year, where activists inside the education department distributed uh dozens of gender fluidity guides, including safe schools, which is supposed to be banned. So 70 000 new south wales government teachers, with all the horrendous stuff there about penis, tucking and breast binding and all the gender fluidity instruction so there’s a real problem that, while nationally the government, says there’s a ban in place, the government’s lost control of the system And activists are going around the government policy, so my legislation would place in law. The banning of the teaching of gender fluidity is a social construct. The mutant warped idea that it’s not biology it’s a six year old girl feeling female solely for the reason that the parents dressed her in pink and gave her a barbie doll to play with so that’s the real evil, a form of child abuse in the system And we need a law, you know when governments can’t control the system by declarations of policy, you may need to make it legal and start sacking the people who break the law. But what gets me about this is that uh, the new south wales, new south wales government has tried to prevent this getting into the education system. As you said yourself, safe schools is bad.

How brazen are these education bureaucrats and these teachers, unions and all sorts of other uh players in the system who just feel like they can circumvent or ignore the directions of the democratically elected government? Well: they’re, very brazen, um and it’s, not just in government schools let’s. Also note that some of the woke non government colleges are going down this path, it’s a it’s, a huge worry so, but inside the government system, they’re. Very brazen – and one of the reasons is take the example of the activists inside the department of education who distributed the gender fluidity guides, including safe schools. Last year now, clearly they’ve broken government policy. Anyone with any control and authority would march them straight out the door they were just reprimanded, counsel told not to do it again, and this just goes on and on and on inside the new south wales system. There was a school, a classroom teacher and a principal at linfield who had posters up. They taught black lives matter. They had posters up about pigs out of the country, referring disrespectfully to the new south wales police force. These are 11 year olds in a primary school. One of the slogans on this poster that was hung from the ceiling of the classroom, so everyone could read it every day was white lives matter too much. This was barbaric stuff. The woke agenda was supposed to be about tolerance and respect, it’s breeding hatred, disrespect and barbarism in our schools, but nobody gets sacked for it.

You know, i always say to people chairman mao only had one decent saying and that was execute one educate a thousand and if you could just sack a couple of these people in the system, well, obviously you’d, educate others that there’s consequences consequences for breaking government policy. But nobody gets the sack in the new south wales public sector, no matter how badly they behave, no, no matter how blatantly they breach government policy directives. The issue to me is yes. This stuff is silly. Yes, it it can be warping for younger people. I don’t want it in schools either, but really it gets down to question of values, and there is such a mismatch now between the values of middle australia and what the kids of you know, middle or mainstream australians are being taught in our schools. Now a lot of parents say: okay, fine i’ll send my child to a private school, maybe a religious school where the values are closer, in line with those that i subscribe to my deepest core values. But if you send your child to a religious school, the outcome might not be that different and that’s, something you sort of touched on. Your ex in your piece. Tell us about that. Well, you know the last line of defense. Here are the the very christian schools and islamic schools who don’t have a any any space for gender fluidity teaching and the woke agenda and a diminishing number of catholic and anglican colleges and schools.

The paramedic diocese of the catholic schools made a submission in favour of the teaching of gender fluidity against my bill and the bishop there put out a statement, a pastoral letter, basically saying well look, you know we have to face the fact that the teachers have got The biggest responsibility here in guiding children guiding students now the reality is parents don’t get six weeks off at the end of the year. They don’t get 12 weeks of holiday in the year and in a full year, students only spend 13 percent of their waking time. At school, the rest of it obviously family and and 99 of parents are loving, supporting nurturing want the best for their children and to sideline them in a catholic system. Why would anyone pay their money yeah to go to catholic schools in parramatta for gender fluidity teaching? For the sidelining of parents, i mean you can get that for free in the government system. Why pay for it? You know that’s the that’s, the rich irony here, we’re being attacked on all fronts, and my bill is just trying to restore some some moral values. Some order some respect for traditional teaching and the rights of parents. You know we hear a lot about human rights and there are some international covenants uh that my ability incorporates uh the lefties um surprised to see that um things like the international covenant. Covenant on civil and political rights have a declaration that parental rights are a basic human right and say they are, and we’ve got to start to enter.

You know again, it seems strange. We never have to say that parents have got rights, but that’s the point we’re at now and enshrining it in law is now a necessary step. It is a necessary step and it’s it’s alarming to see, as i said, this capacity to divide families. But this idea of of gender being binary not only is a biological staple, but when we’re talking about religion it’s an idea that goes back to the book of genesis, yet you’ve talked about uh christian orders that are buying into this gender fluidity. Stuff i’ve seen some work rabbis, i mean it’s, not just catholic congregations. So why are religious orders going woke? Is it a matter of appeasement or if they actually now bizarrely believe in some of this stuff? Well, a combination. I i think one thing about religion is that it does lend itself to virtue signaling, that if the lefties are out there, the woke agenda is we need to be sensitive to certain feelings. We need to be compassionate for so called minority groups. We need to be included. All the language of the left can be adopted by clerics as part of their work, but it’s it’s virtue, signaling and in its final format it deviates from the teachings of the bible and um. You know my view is that if you’re reading, gender fluidity books to three and four year olds and that’s completely age, inappropriate kids have got no sense of sexuality, a little understanding effectively of their gender.

This is pushing upon them something that’s, a child abuse and and the teachings of jesus christ. The timeless teachings are to protect the vulnerable, so you know preserving the units innocence and the fun and the freedoms of children is very important now, because we wonder where all the mental health problems come from, so many children have lost their innocence and their sense of Fun either from stuff they get on social media or stuff they’re getting on in schools. Schools are now pushing upon little kids, adult themes that adults find difficult to handle yeah in this divisive political environment. So you know the time when uh children around the country had an innocence, uh has been lost and, and inevitably this is leading to you know so called anxiety, depression and other mental health problems and out of that um you know there’s clear evidence of school counsellors. A kid presents and says: i’ve got worries, i’ve got anxiety, i’m, not coping well with the world. The counsellor will say well. Have you thought that you were born into the wrong body that gender fluidity is your answer, so this is a self fulfilling disaster. What gets me the most about this is that nobody voted for any of this. Nobody would vote for even the people’s republic of victoria. If you put this to people at the ballot box, they would reject it strongly. You know parents really just wanted their kids to learn how to read how to make it in the skills they need to get a job.

Do productive citizens um now? Why does it fall to one nation, for example, to fight back against this stuff? Why are there no democratically elected parties other than yourself and your colleagues in one nation, a few others in minority parties and so on uh? Why does it fall to you guys? Well, you know some um. I call them civility. Conservatives who don’t fight their attitudes – oh maybe these are difficult issues. Maybe they’ll just go away. Well, they’re not gapping away they’re getting worse, and i came into the state parliament here two years ago to put a focus on education, not necessarily this issue, but to try and lift the veil on what’s actually happening in the classroom. And this is a big factor. A big problem and a growing number of parents uh, give me information, and i think this is a very important public role, because the great asset of the teachers federation, the woke lefties um, the the education authorities at parramatta, is the secrecy of the classroom. If parents don’t ask their kids at the end of every day and the beginning of the new day um, what what have you learned in the classroom? What’S coming up? Well, you don’t really find out what’s going on so lifting the veil of secrecy about the classroom is critical. I’Ve uncovered things about the teachers federation about what’s happening inside the education department, and this is valuable information to parents. Parents, as you say, get in who’d, be horrified by this stuff horrified to think this is education for 10 year olds and, as you say, nobody voted for it.

But the problem of the secrecy was, nobody knew what was going on, but you know we need to expose this stuff to inform parents and legislate to protect their rights. You’Re right and and, as you said, we shouldn’t have to be having a conversation about parental rights. Over organs of the state, but that is increasingly what it’s coming to it is appropriating people’s children. It is taking power away from families. There is so much wrong with it and so much that’s monstrous about it, but not to worry. We are not civility. Conservatives on this show we fight hard uh, because we need to fight hard uh and, of course, so do you and your one nation colleague so to you mark latham. Thank you. Thank you for your work, uh in this area, uh great piece in the spectator, australia. This weekend, everybody absolutely must read it, and i really do hope, uh that this bill gets up because uh we need a fight back now more than ever, when it comes to this stuff yeah. The fight goes on we’re not going to relent on this it’s time to legislate for parents and and say that they are the primary educators of their children. The nuclear family is the shining success story of our civilization and the leftist attacks on it are anti civilizational and we’ve got to defend parents and the nuclear family absolutely will all the strength.

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