Board of education, School, Ballot CCSD – 2021-2022 Budget and BOE Election Reminder

Covid protocols will be in place to make sure that our voters and poll workers are safe to vote in this year’s budget vote. You must be 18 years of age on or before may 18th. You must be a district resident for the past 30 days and registered to vote from either the school district registration process, the roles of the clerk of the seneca nation or through the county board of elections. You may still receive an absentee ballot, but the absentee ballot must be received by the district clerk by 5 pm on may 18th. The school budget vote contains three separate propositions for the community to consider the total school district spending plan, the election of a board of education trustee and the purchase of a parcel of property contiguous to vets park. The district spending plan totals 47 million, seven hundred and eighteen thousand two hundred and seventy two dollars. It contains no tax increase. As a historical fact. The district has not raised the tax levy on the community in 10 years. We’Re – very proud of that fact. Our school district financial plan is strong and we believe our commitment to children, education in the community is resolute in our budget. We believe our long range fiscal plan is committed to teaching learning safety and wellness. The budget for the community to consider is broken down into three separate categories, from largest to smallest portion of the budget. It includes program, capital and administrative costs.

The revenue used to operate the school district does come from multiple sources, including federal aid, state aid, native american aid from new york, state use of fund balance and reserves and other miscellaneous revenue streams. The revenue categories, from largest to smallest, include state aid or 23 million dollars or 48 percent of the budget federal impact aid revenue is approximately 12.2 million dollars or 26 percent of the budget fund, balance or use of our reserve. Savings includes 3.6 million or 8 percent of the budget. Miscellaneous revenue streams is approximately four hundred and sixty thousand dollars or one percent of the budget, and the smallest portion of our revenue includes our local tax levy of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or the equivalent of one half of one percent of the total budget. The first portion of our budget is the program. The program includes all aspects of our instructional plan used to provide each student educational opportunities to maximize their learning potential and growth. As a student, this includes everything to do with instruction teaching learning remediation clubs, activities, field, trips, supplies, materials, sports, professional development and salaries. The total instructional budget of the 47.7 million dollar budget is approximately 31 million, 100 000 or 65 percent of the total budget. The second portion of our budget, the capital expenditures, include expenses defined as all aspects of operations to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, including the operating cost of utilities, debt service and transportation.

The total budget for capital is approximately 25 percent of the budget or 11.8 million dollars. The final component of the budget includes administrative costs. These are all costs associated with operating the district from a supervisory or legal status. This includes insurance, legal fees, board of education costs and the salaries of office staff and administration. The total administrative budget is approximately 10 percent of the budget or 4.6 million dollars. Additionally, the total budget includes everything that we have done in the past four years to assist with our ongoing capital improvements. There will be a transfer to capital of five million dollars to fund additional renovations to the district, such as roof repairs, parking lot, expansion, site work, including fields and athletics, and additional classroom renovations. The second proposition on the budget vote on may 18th includes the election of a board of education member to a five year term. The seat is currently held by mr dale r colton and he is running unopposed. The third and final proposition on the budget includes voter approval for a purchase of a parcel of property at ‘7 front avenue. This property is contiguous with vets park and we are attempting to purchase this with voter approval for 79 909 to allow the district to do additional site work and improvements at vets park. The purchase of the property will come at no additional cost to the community and will be funded through use of local reserves. Finally, voting is on may 18th from noon until 9, 00 pm covid protocols will be in place.

We hope that you will come vote.

What do you think?

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