So what happened to the manufacturing workers? A very clear sign of this effort and china has big plans for this. They intend to seed their digital yuan into the global environment by giving it away to visitors at next winter’s olympics when they arrive at the airport. They’Re going to get you want digital wallets they’re, going to receive digital u1 they’re, going to use it throughout their visits to beijing and then they’re going to take it back to their home countries. They’Ve seen this as a huge advantage. Why? Because who controls the underlying protocols who controls the underlying standards of the future of money will control the future of money? Welcome to the crypto teacher and guys, please like and subscribe. If you do like what you’re listening to, please inform your friends and family and spread all over social media, it is imperative that we get back to learning finances and understand how the world really works, because once we understand how the world really works, we understand that Everything is planned out now. I want to thank those who purchased the books, crypto teacher and the new world order book. Remember that new world order book is going to open your eyes up. So therefore, you know how the world really works. Also, those who donate to the cash shop patreon much love, keep it coming and then also those who are shopping at both stores. Much love keep it coming now, of course, guys we get into bitcoin and cryptos.

First, as we see the markets are lower. Now, last night i thought we would take the dip but we’re taking the dip. Now remember, remember: 730 million worth of ethereum options expired and, of course, when bitcoin and ethereum take that hit the rest of the cryptos take a hit. Why? Because it’s all about a percentage of the market cap – remember all this is ran by algorithm. Guys do not forget that, but i definitely see us moving up either tonight or tomorrow. We know tomorrow, night cme opens, but we know at the end of the week. We know that we have back and then the next week we have cme. So these next two weeks guys is going to be very turbulent. So we have to make sure we’re focused on the indicators. Indicators is volume, tether and usdc is so important and don’t forget about the fed, guys remember the 50 billion to manipulate the yields plus janet yellen’s general fund, runs out in june that’s going to be less liquidity that’s. The reason why we’re starting to see pullbacks, they’re already pricing in the stock market and in kryptos and do not forget about the mass manipulator, of course we have grayscale – remember the lock up period ends anyway at the end of june or early july. So right now they have it locked up, but remember it ends anyway, so make sure you keep an eye on grayscale plus the assets that they’re actually purchasing i’m.

Not your financial advisor, not financial advice. Please do your own research, but anytime, guys we’re. Taking these dips. You have to strategize, therefore you can take advantage of it, because we will go right back up. The key word is research. Only thing i have to do is research, one or two cryptos that you have utility and you can take advantage of the pumps and dumps. We see how these cryptos swing with each other so make sure you’re taking advantage. But let’s get over to a little crypto news, guys we have one of the chief executives from coinbase, say: crypto is like the early days of the cell phone. Is that correct? Yes, it is don’t. Forget technology moves the fastest in the military and we see how the cell phone has been used as a weapon the same way. They have the same strategy: the new world order for the cell phone. They have the same strategy for the actual cryptos they’re, taking it in stages. So yes, it’s crypto, just like the cell phone. Yes, the new world order controls both they have an agenda. Now we have dapper labs sued on allegations. Nba top shot moments are unregistered securities and guys. What are these lawsuits going to bring? We look at ripple, it’s, going to bring regulation, also it’s going to bring tokenization of stocks. We know a lot of things in this. Space are illegal, but guys are gon na. Let it keep riding that’s reason why they don’t want regulation.

Remember i did a video on new york’s attorney general when they did an investigation and tether. They saw all the illegal activity, but they’re not going to do anything about it. There is too much money being made now we have square not adding more bitcoin to the balance sheet, even though they’re making a bunch of money off the fees but guys we know this whole bitcoin is a store of value. Is nothing but a narrative, but bitcoin is not going anywhere. Why? Because we know about bitcoin lightning. We know how important it’s going to be to the financial system. The same way. Facebook dm they’re, both working behind the curtain and china, does not have control over bitcoin hash rate for no reason in a place somewhere where bitcoin is illegal. It makes no sense only makes sense when you understand the new world order’s mission. Now argo and dmg join group working to lower bitcoin miners carbon emissions, so we know bitcoin can easily be moved over to renewables. Do you really think biden came up with the renewables? No guys this was an agenda a long time ago. Only thing you have to do is go study the rockefellers. They knew they’ve been studying it for the longest. They knew what them keep drilling. All this all would happen to the planet. So now they’ve made trillions of dollars on oil now moving us over to renewables. Now the new world order is going to make trillions of dollars on electric cars all these charging stations they’re already making billions right now now we have good fi, as 22 industry leaders to help attract 100 million to d5, and we know right now, we’re all in The adoption phase they’re going to spend billions and billions of dollars educating the masses to get them moved over either through playing games.

We see over in asia where you can earn tokens playing video games, amazon just put out a actual tokenization for authors, and what did brian brooks state d5 is the new banking. Now guys we have custodian anchorage as five more d5 tokens. We have one inch bank, core curve, rin and sushi swap and then lastly, guys we have the dark side, we have elliptic says they found the bitcoin wallet now guys. We know if they’re hackers they’re not using bitcoin. Now i can see the other hack that i did a video on where they asked for monero that’s, something that i could see a hacker doing, but asking for bitcoin and then elliptic just happens to ask for it, and we know elliptic is part of the new World order and don’t forget guys dark side even has a help desk where you can give them a call but that’s all. I have for you guys don’t forget about the books, crypto teacher and the new road order book. Also, if you’re new to kryptos coinbase you binance do not forget book links and crypto links are in the description. Also, the crypto teacher stock channel not forget about the stock channel, guys crypto teacher stocks. You have your kobo. Your chip starts your banking, your gaming, while everybody sitting at home got that on socks to see where the biotech stocks and, while everybody’s at on getting free money or waiting on that free money.

What are they doing? Drinking and smoking weed don’t forget about those stocks.

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