2022, May, 2021 Bobby Lashley vs. Omos – Steel Cage Match: Raw, May 16, 2022

, A ferocious look in the eyes of Bobby Lashley. INAUDIBLE, Wait. The hell Cedric Alexander. Out from behind. APPLAUSE, Cedric Alexander spent the last several weeks trying to impress MVP. Trying to force MVP to reform the hurt business.. So is this part of an extended army? Now Omos outside the cage., The match, hasnt even officially, started yet and Lashley already out numbered.. This is exactly why a caged match exists to prevent this sort of circumstance.. This is ridiculous. Bobby Lashley has learned to contend with Cedric, Alexander and Omos outside the steal, cage. Theres a brawl on the outside of the ring to kick off Monday Night Raw.. We need to restore some order: here. Good luck., An army of referees finally separates them. And Bobby Lashley. He wants some more outnumbered or not. Get these two men in the steel cage. The way it was meant to be.. We already have MVP declare raw living in the age of Omos.. Well, the almighty would like a word. APPLAUSE. Bobby Lashley is in the steel cage. Lets go Omos. One advantage for Bobby Lashley hes been in cage matches before most only with Big E. Hes been in Hell in a Cell match with Drew McIntyre. How can you use that experience Byron Well again, Lashley on the shoulder of Omos Having to contend with? Not only the Nigerian giant but with MVP thats gon na really play into the psyche of Bobby Lashley right now. Right now, Omos is feeling himself.

Almost strutting around the cage. And MVP when hes not a physical factor in the match. Certainly, a psychological factor., Always following his men around always yelling encouragement popping him up for moves like this., Crushing impact in the corner.. This might be over sooner than later, at this rate. MVP, incredibly proud of his charge Omos, but keep an eye on the outside.. How does that feel buddy? How does that feel NOISE? This is blatant. Disrespec., INAUDIBLE, Holding MVPs arm. MVPs likely to lose an arm INAUDIBLE. One way to remove the MVP problem is INAUDIBLE, Lashley, CROSSTALK Right through Omos. Shoulders, down. One two., My goodness. Lashley, making the long climb to the top of the cage. Lashley. Trying to find his position here comes Omos. No no. Lashley, stuck on the top rope stepping over for the armbar NOISE Creativity there displayed by Lashley. Lashley now viciously stepping on Omos. APPLAUSE. I think Bobby Lashley was in the vulnerable. The almightys got daylight. INAUDIBLE, But its Cedric Alexander again has passed all the way to the top of the cage. Cedric Alexander, looking to play spoiler in favor of Omos.. How many of hurdles does Lashley have to overcome in this thing. Referee help us do anything about it., INAUDIBLE, Alexander stomping away. This matchup is designed to keep outsiders from getting involved.. My God., You want it Cedric. You got in a hard way. From the top of the cage. And now Lashley continuing with his plan, or maybe not.

INAUDIBLE Caught on top caught out of midair. Unbelievable. Omos, muscling Lashley to a more favorable, position. And now almighty INAUDIBLE. This is gon na, be it for Lashley.. This will be the end of the almighty. Behold were living in the era of Omos right into my God. NOISE. The cage has just opened., INAUDIBLE, Omos has thrown the almighty through the unforgiving steel, cage. Lashley is coming up. Too. Wait: wait: wait. Lashley on the ground, Bobby Lashley, wins it., INAUDIBLE To be absolutely furious., SOUND APPLAUSE, INAUDIBLE Peace losing.. It appears to be the case. We need the official word. APPLAUSE First is the winner. Doesnt matter. If they go over the top or in this situation, INAUDIBLE, The winner Bobby Lashley., Despite the unique way that this has happened, both of Bobby Lashleys feet, have hit the ground. Therefore, your winner, the almighty, Bobby Lashley. APPLAUSE, You heard it. Wow against all odds and INAUDIBLE.

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