2022, May, 2021 Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, May 16, 2022

MUSIC SOUND. We are at the forefront of something that most of you cannot understand., Especially the low hanging fruit on the evolutionary tree that is most of you. But theres. Some of you theres. Some of you that are tired of pretending., See travel the country, I travel the world and I see it in your faces, youre angry. And with the state of the world today. Who can blame you So stop being a sheep join us join our movement. Grab. This bolt of electricity and throw some meaning into your life, some excitement. Heres our mission statement judgment day, equals power., So accept this gift or continue to live your purgatory of an existence. Youve, seen what weve done to your favorites Liv, Morgan, AJ, Styles, Finn, Balor. And Ive seen how this all plays out more will come to us. More will join.. As a matter of fact, my arms are spread wide open to any WWE superstar who wants to join us., Who wants to take their career to the next level. With my genius guiding their way. SOUND Here comes Otis. No. Another running knee.. There goes Otis. There. We go there, we go. Shoulders down., Trying to maneuver.. Now the cradle. Hes got him. No. Reversal and no Two CROSSTALK No. LAUGH Run. Ezekiel. Here is your winner, Ezekiel. SOUND. I may not be better than any of these other WWE superstars in the Raw womens locker room. NOISE, But they damn sure are no better than me.

Applause, Lacey, Evan. SOUND. He finds Riddle and unfortunately, an elbow was well. Watch out., Gnarly landing for Riddle. After the assist on the outside by Jey Uso., A roll up shoulders down with the assist from Jey., Hey hey. Referee caught it. Good., NOISE APPLAUSE And hes ejected from ringside. Great call by our official. Let this truly be a one on one match between Jimmy Uso and Riddle. Interfered. One time too many. No Jey realizes hes got ta answer to the Tribal Chief himself.. Well, Jimmy CROSSTALK No. Covers him. One two three. And he got him. SOUND APPLAUSE Here is your winner: Riddle. Riddle, overcoming incredible odds to defeat Jimmy Uso and send a hard hitting message to the entire Bloodline.. The result remains the same. This Friday on SmackDown were gon na have Rk Bro and the undisputed WWE Tag Team, Champions. And right now I guarantee you. Roman Reigns is seething. SOUND NOISE Ho ho ho. Beautiful right hand from Alexa Bliss. Face first goes to Deville To the cover. One. Two three: a win for Alexa Bliss., SOUND MUSIC Back to back. Here is your winner, Alexa Bliss., MUSIC, SOUND And if Seth Rollins intends on denying me said second chance, buddy youre gon na have to kill me. APPLAUSE And Im gon na give you the chance. NOISE. I say we run it back. I say we lock all that angst in here. We leave it all on the map. I say we play for keeps.

. What do you say? Rollins versus Rhodes, for the third time, but this time APPLAUSE Inside Hell in a Cell APPLAUSE, Uh, oh. Wow., You must be stupidor than you look NOISE. That is the biggest mistake youve ever made in your entire life.. Anyone whos ever stepped foot in that cell. With me is changed forever. You already know my answer. I am going to exploit every one of your insecurities. And I am going to expose you for the fraud that you are Rollins versus Rhodes. Three I accept. SOUND Mustafa Ali picking up speed. NOISE Come on Miz. Boo. Miz is doing. The official duty. Miz purposely place himself in the way of Ali. NOISE. The official can go after the superstar Loading up to take a shot. The Miz did not severe.. How is Mustafa Ali supposed to overcome all this Theory on the outside Miz as referee and a rabid, Veer, Mahaan. Yes. Veer Mahaan is tough enough all by himself going for that cervical clutch can Mustafa Ali must hold out. He cannot SOUND MUSIC. Here is your winner by submission Veer, Mahaan. The dorminance of Veer, Mahaan continues. NOISE. What is Theory looking for now? I know exactly what Theory is looking for: social media likes.. You got ta be kidding. Me. NOISE Dont get back to it. The verticle clutch, reapplied. Humiliation, CROSSTALK, Mustafa Ali., Stupid selfing. Get right there get in there get in there.. The Miz got ta get in too.

Doom selfie. NOISE Disgusting.. This is absurd on so many levels. NOISE. I think Veer has further plans. Hold on. APPLAUSE, Wait a second., The Mysterios theyre back. Rey and Dominik Mysterio. We havent seen them for weeks. Theyve been put out of action, both by Veer Mahaan and the Mysterios. Now, standing up to The Lion., The Mysterios have not forgotten. And over the top goes Dominik., God No. Ohno.. The assist. SOUND Balor. Coup de Grace. Coup de Grace cover on Humberto Carrillo. One two three. SOUND Here are your winners: the team of the Phenomenal AJ Styles and Finn. Balor. APPLAUSE Youve got a serious threat in these three superstars coming after The Judgment. Day., MUSIC, United front. APPLAUSE, SOUND Omos, with a vice, like grip on the face of Bobby Lashley, once again, hoisted across the Nigerian giants: massive shoulders., Like a toy. NOISE. This is gon na, be it for Lashley. This will be the end of The Almighty. Behold. We are living in the era of Omos. Right into that My God., My gosh. APPLAUSE. The cage is just open from the throw from Omos. Omos has thrown The Almighty through the unforgiving steel cage., But wait Lashleys coming too Lashley. Wait. Wait wait. Both feet on the ground: Bobby Lashley wins, it. APPLAUSE, MVP, absolutely furious., SOUND APPLAUSE, NOISE, SOUND NOISE, Wait, wait, Belair is irate and Lynch now gets Asukas umbrella. Turn around ref.

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2022, May, 2021 Bobby Lashley vs. Omos – Steel Cage Match: Raw, May 16, 2022