LG, T-Mobile, Android his Under 300 dollar Smartphone Speakers Will Blow You Away ??| AGM H5 Overview

So let me give you my thoughts about it. Sit back, relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey lets: go Music whats up guys. This is eric back with another video, so ive been having the agm h5 smartphone for about two days this day 2022 new offering here. So let me give you my thoughts about it. So, looking at the unboxing experience, agm gives you everything you need looking at the box, its a recyclable brown box with agm mobile on top, while opening up the box youre greeted to the device itself. Next, you get a charging, cable and a power brick. Lastly, you get all the paperwork and starter guides. As far as pricing, you got two options. You got a four gigabyte version of what 64 gigs of storage for 269 dollars or you could get a 6 gigabyte version, 128 gigs of storage for 299 dollars. I will leave all those links down in the description below okay, so lets talk about the specs. The agm h5 has a huge 6.5 to 720p ips display with the mediatek g35 processor, with 460 gigs of ram, or you can get 64 gigs of 128 gigs of storage. You got sd card support on the rear. You got a triple camera: setup, 40, megapixel, uh, 20, megapixel night vision and a 2 megapixel macro camera on here and in the front you have a 20 megapixel camera now as far as video, this device can shoot up to 1080p 30 frames per second now, as Far as battery life, this device has a monstrosity: 7 000 billion battery.

This device also uh supports ip68 and ip69k drop proof and water resistance up to 1.5 meters. Now this device has a headphone jack and a glass screen protector, pre installed, and on the back i know when you looked at it. This device has a monstrosity speaker on the back, which i will talk about later in this video now as far as coverage. This is a 4g device that supports voice over lte. Now this is a heavy device at 360 grams. It supports. Do sim uh. You can have one sim and one sd card in the tray, and this device is running android 12. What material you design on it? So this is great right, so lets go over the device on the left side. You got a sim card tray uh. Then you have a multifunctional side key button here and on the right side you have your volume, rocker and power button uh at the bottom. You got usb type c, along with a headphone jack and on the back. This is a lot of stuff going on here. You have your cameras here. You have a huge speaker. You got a fingerprint scanner, you got pogo pins for a charging dock and all the belgian whistles. Here it has a beautiful nice textured design here, which is really good. Now this device does have nfc for mobile payments, and, as we talk about that, let me answer some of these questions here that you may have about this device.

First, theres, no 5g support with this device. No wireless charging with this device, no irr blaster no 4k or 8k camera recording with this phone. It has no fast charging. So hopefully that will answer some of you guys questions that you may have about this device. So since ive been only having this phone for a few days, i want to talk about four main features about this device. First, this huge speaker on the back look. I got mixed feelings about the speaker. This speaker is very loud right over 100 decibel in sound right, but i got mixed feelings about it as far as their speakerphone, its very loud, but when they come down to music kind of a different story, i mean look. The mid tones is very loud, but when they come down to the high end and some of the low end, its kind of missing some of those tones. But let me let you listen to this device in action and let you be the judge for yourself, Music, Music inside standing back out Music, i Music Applause Music. Next, the build quality. The agm h5 is made for outdoor use right and rugged terrain, going on camping trips and going out to the beach and for all the outside elements. This device is perfect for that. If you dont mind having a rugged heavy device that you can drop and have no problems with it, this is the device for you. Next lets talk about battery life.

7, 000 milliamp battery look ive been only having this device for two days and i havent been below 50 better life on this device having it for two days. So if you want a device that go days and days on one charge, this is the device for you next. This device have infrared cameras on here, so if youre in the woods or youre out hunting at night – and you need an infrared camera to shoot in black and white look, this is the device for you. I shot a couple of photos in pure darkness and im getting really good black and white photos with no problems. So if you want to infrared camera, this is the device for you, so thats four standout features with this device. We having it for about two days. So far, okay, so lets talk about performance. This device is using the mediatek p35 or g35, whichever one you want to pick, because the website is saying g35. Other websites are saying uh p35. Look. The performance overall is okay. Playing games like day trigger 2 was ok. I have no problems with playing games on this device, so since this chip set doesnt help to drive a high resolution display gaming on heads really good, believe it or not, plus almost stock android with material you right right in android 12 with material you design, you Get almost stock android here so uh overall, its really decent when it comes down to okay, so lets talk about these cameras.

Look. This is not a full review. I have a lot of work to do a lot of testing to do with these cameras, but the cameras are okay, not the best right got some muted colors. Here, unfortunately, i had a problem with the portrait mode. Look the portrait mode doesnt work on this device. At all, i shot a couple of portrait shots. It was completely destroyed, unusable so hopefully theres a software update to fix that, but using portrait mode on this device is a disaster also its capped out at 1080p uh. So if you want to shoot 4k footage, this is not the phone for you. But let me let you look at some footage in action and let you be the judge for yourself all right guys. So here it is kind of give you a video sample here of the agm. So i want yall guys to see this now. Im gon na go uh, walk here and let yall guys hear the audio and look at the video of the agm device. You beat adjust for yourself here all right as the white balance kicking in going up here. Look at it uh you! Let me know down in the comments below hows the audio and the video now im shooting this at this at 1080p 30 frames per second and the reason. Why is because the device does not go past 1080p, but what you expect so here it is my first two days with the agm h5 look.

I got a full review coming with this device, as i do further testing with this phone so stay tuned and subscribe. This is eric the tech preacher from easy computer solutions. Leave your comments down below. Let me know what you think about the agm h5.

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