League of Legends, Esports G2 vs T1 Highlights | MSI 2022 Day 10 Rumble Stage D4 | G2 Esports vs T1

Thus far in msi and where we look across from kumiyushi honestly, i feel like because again i think the the actual thing thats going to break open this game is those mid lane realms because, as you can see, zayas already set pretty far behind. He still hasnt reset, which is why were getting broken, able to bully him out owner is here jankos dashes it in zeus will fall for first birding night sticking on broken blade owner could look for the flash flash spectral more is enough. The oranges make broken blade k. He flashes away himself broken blade trying to dodge around owner, with the blade of the ruined king, that q a possibility, but its not enough, as the parlay connects once again owner playing ring around the rosies a little bit its true alcove gaming. In the top lane, spectrum more coming out, broken blade will still be stunned by it. Oh, no, not quite enough damage to get a counter kill again. Jankos is behind him. There is a ward thats going to spot him out possess. You got no flash, you got! No level 6 and the bushes might protect you for a moment, but the chase is on broken blade. Doesnt get the battle combo, perhaps not having played gp this year, not playing out too well for him, but jankos comes in zeus takes six equalizer to try and clear out the wave. Meanwhile, in the mid lane, caps forced away by fake and carry the chains come in faker uses the last spirit rush to escape deadly polish in the bottom lane targets with the chase, but knock up, give me you.

She pops the heel and flashes over the wall. Caps now has to try and get away from owner off towards the top side of the map. Has he got the distortion spectrum all gets the stun caps locked up flashes and dashes up towards broken blade and owner and carrier still on the chase here, goomba burnt boat is summoners in the bot. Lane is still underneath the tower yankos coming up as well. Theyre going to try and turn it around cannon barrage, just short doesnt get the slow on to owner carrier here well, be able to hook himself up back to the wall should be underneath. The tower should be safe, but jaggers with the clutter of damage, misses blackhead, kills goomba, you shoot down towards the bottom side, no summoners on the t1 bot laner. He over pushes too long, and i think the the thing here now is g2 start to move up towards. This might have to hold on to my point. Hes got flash hes got a blast. Cone hes gon na be locked up, theres the equalizer going down there. Look at the flash on to broken blade knows he can only get a one for one in this case, well pay for it with his life, but a one for one for t1. The difference is in the top lane and in the bot lane gummy you shes gon na get five plates. There might be a fight happening in the mid lane in a second but 300 500 gold ahead after he takes his tower up towards the top side.

Broken blade is about the same ahead of zeus and thats. Why? I want you to look at that gold on the bottom of your screen right because youre, looking at your ankles, to see how much work you can do. But honestly, i think t1 at the moment, like especially with the position that they were in for them to be able to make these trades even up the goals best of one overreactions was just the most fun thing in the world, because everyones like were the best Team in the world, as they look for to have something in the top lane, then they lose a couple of games and then theyre, not the best team in the world anymore, when carrier here owner coming into the chase as well that judge on the black head. He just doesnt have the flash and the cleanse charm going out owner going in with the stun as well, but target should just be able to dodge back here. The equalizer, though, perfectly placed alongside the infernum team, one pounce in the top lane counters coming up, though theyre looking for a chase of their own. I dont know if yet causes there, because they cant see the mini map, but im sure t1 are waiting collateral damage going in caps hooked great hook from carrier jacobs takes one cap. Dives in caps goes down its a super fight for t1 coming out as well, and now the game really changes in favor of t1 carrier with the hex splash into the hook tigers gon na dash away the caps faker going in with the chance arguments, tanks it Instead of caps and faker gets his first strong, can they use his strength against g2? They have done exactly that.

Four kills of two kills: two assists for him in the top lane now theyre moving kerry around the map. Now theyre opening up the map and its like. So if t1 try and contest baker, cant provide and engage. Two were talking about g2 gon na see if they can fight back here, kevs looking for a flank owner going in spectrum, more lands, the stun hook, just short capsule – has a good blank position. Cannonball is looking for the quickness caps there owner dodges, the spectral more coming out. The equalizer down and targets will burn. Then he goes down as well. G2 got the dragon over forced to fight and t1 shut them down. T1 ended up missing a ton of their engage tools, which is why g2 thought they could take the fight. But you end up having targamouse altered immediately by cara phenomenal call from the t1 support, so team would take the fight they take. The pt or like two engage to us down, lets go, gets hit by the death charge he cant follow up. Caps has been dealt with on the side before g2 can get the engage and broken blade, looks like hes dead. Nowhere for broken blade to go here, t1, the triumvirate of dead collapses, broken blade, will try and play about a minion, but owner will clear his hp at the end of tomorrow. We would have to play a tiebreaker g2 massive loss. Two zero two days in a row would be devastating for this european lineup, especially since how well day, one and day two went for them.

Retail charging in here tier two taken that by t1 they continue their advance towards at the base council taking tier one investment, one going in to try and help guma on the other end. So again, i like this from g2, when youre behind, like this trying to trade even across the map, is going to be great, but you do have to make sure you get this terror reset and youre not going to lose an inhibitor turret. Thank you with another great charming to the other cross. The chase is on faker flashes away. Caps under the tower hook, lands tier one they dont want you to be able to play on the other side of the map. Instead, they look for the players themselves. Get the shot down onto faker inhibitors how it falls in the top lane zoe zeus, underneath this tower forced away by broken blade, but theres no minion wave the inhibitor will go down t1 will take that in the top lane. Will they keep pushing? I doubt it. Instead, they take the hex against the dragon. Zeus has the equalizer carrier doesnt? Have the depth charge theres the equalizer down its only gon na help g2? For the moment, kevin going in broken blade, looking to flash out caps, can dash as well g2, get the dragon and get out yeah, and just the fact that owner got his back reset. I started had to restart. It meant that he couldnt get the reset.

He wanted in time to get out towards dragon so g2, finding that very brief window, where theyre actually able to get out. So, at least for the moment, keeping these dragons within touching distance and buying time for this gangplank to come online for them to hit. That later point where maybe they can try and fight back against teamwork, can you just check your watch for me there doctor, oh yeah its about 20 minutes its bearing the clock for t1. They uh, oh god, youre, going forward. Perhaps bathing in carrying with flash cause. One could engage t1, take g2, lift them up and break their spines over their knee team warner breaking g2 like its absolutely nothing. They baited baron, knowing that everyone thinks they do that baron oclock, but it turns out its time to end the game. Medic. 21 minutes. 41., it feels like a record for the rumble stage cats trying to do it again, but once again hes charmed up and he has been anything but claps today – t1 unwilling to go quietly into the night.

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