Alex Ferguson, Manchester United F.C., Premier League, Manchester Old Trafford Hosts Premiere Of Sir Alex Ferguson Documentary

I was getting into the vogue of uh. Looking back, you know reflecting in my career through the audience and that’s something i never did. As a manager, i never looked back. I always looked forward that next day was more important to me and so jason. I thought it was a good idea to go ahead and that was great and then the next thing they asked jason to be the director which made me more comfortable, because i know you know i can trust my son and uh and his cable always very capable Guy the the the hospital thing that was a part of your life and when i’m standing here you know the nhs were fantastic. I mean one day i’m walking about in mundo and then the next day, i’m in hospital – and i don’t remember a thing and the recovery obviously was fraught at times with times where you’re starting to wonder you get one way and you wonder, are they telling you The truth and things like that, but uh well here um and they they were fantastic. The nhs were absolutely brilliant. I think i think you hear that the the best way to manage manchester united is regard every game is a cup final because the other team? Do you know he decided to be open? He decided to be honest and he was. I think it was possibly difficult for him at times um. I think the difficult thing is when you, the doctors, were being interviewed and you’re getting information that you weren’t aware of at the time.

In terms of i knew it was serious, but i didn’t quite know until those interviews were done exactly how serious it was. She’S been his rock, you know: she’s allowed him to um indulging in his obsession. You know um, she more or less brought me my brothers up on their own and made sacrifices in order to allow him to do what he did. You know, but every we’re all massively appreciated, but i don’t, i don’t, think she could have done it without, which is why she’s such a central part of his story. Um there were things personal things and professionally the the one thing was was more uh his time. It rangers and the impact i don’t know i was aware of it – knew about it, but didn’t really realize quite how deep it impacted upon him. So that would be the one thing. Oh, you know: he’s uh, he’s, a role model, uh i’ve played and coached under him for 15 years and now he’s still helping me whenever i need and it’s just his career will never be matched by anyone, but if you can get anywhere near that’s, fantastic start. Next week, that’s something that he never did, i can guarantee that he never looked back on and thought about how well he’s done and could rest on his laurels because yeah, i remember the 99 final of course, who’s the first one to leave the party that’s him He’S thinking about next season, how we’re going to get better so that was that was him all along.

Very, i think, he’s special for all of all of his ex players. I think he’s got a place in all our hearts because um he gave his life for man, united and us, and he gave us so much. Of course we gave hours to him as well and that that’s, maybe the one of the best compliments. I can give him is that we felt we played for him in 99 when we won that final i’ve got a picture back home. I’Ve said it a few times here in interviews. I remember exactly what i was thinking and i was just looking him in the eye and thinking you deserve this and because it was the holy grail for him so well, i’m.

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Alex Ferguson, Manchester United F.C., Premier League, Manchester News 26 May 2021

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