Volcano, Kavachi, Volcanic eruption, Submarine volcano, NASA, Sharks Explosion (May. 27): Sharkcano Volcano Explosion Potentially Tsunami Sinks Nearby Island

Different cultural references, kavachi is named after a local sea god and also known as reiho te kavachi, our kovachis oven, but the same kind of idea. Yes, except that kavachi, is very much real pictures captured on the 19th of may by landsat. The nasa and u.s geological survey satellite show massive underwater plumes spewing from the volcano Music in 2015. National geographic researchers exploring the volcano discovered marine life in the active crater, including two species of sharks, silky sharks and hammerheads. It has baffled scientists who think the sharks must have adapted to survive. Maybe the sharks know and move out, or perhaps they go up too thats. Why kavachi has also become known as and potentially a brand new cult, sci fi series, kavachis, oven, ready and served up on a plate Music. So far, residents of nearby islands have witnessed only steam and ash plus the odd lump of pumice in the water plus silky sharks and hammerheads have been involved in only a few attacks on humans, none of which were fatal Music on other media. Nasa should consider getting into the cheesy disaster movie business. It already has an elevator pitch for a low budget. Film youve heard of sharknado now get ready for shark kano, nasas goddard space flight center tweeted on sunday, Music, nasa hasnt lost its mind. Goddard shared an image from the earth observing landsat 9 satellite showing a disturbance in the ocean. The kavachi volcano in the solomon islands is home to two species of sharks.

Goddard explained its also one of the most active submarine volcanoes in the pacific. Seen here erupting underwater by landsat 9. Music according to nasas earth observatory, kavachi started erupting in october last year, and satellite images showed the change in watercolor in april and may of this year. The volcano summit is about 65 feet. 20 meters below the waves kavachi has a long history of eruptions and its looking to continue that streak. Now nasa just needs to check if ian ziring is available, then round up a film crew and some underwater chainsaws, Music weve established the volcano part of the equation. But what about the sharks? A 2015 expedition detailed in a paper published in oceanography found hammerhead and silky sharks living in the hot and acidic environment of the volcanos crater. The ecosystem that is supported by the extreme environment of kavachis crater may offer clues to the types of animals that have survived past major changes in ocean chemistry and those that will thrive in future ocean conditions. The study said: Music populations of gelatinous animals, small fish and sharks were observed inside the active crater, raising new questions about the ecology of active submarine volcanoes and the extreme environments in which large marine animals can exist. The scientists wrote in 2016 in the article Music. According to scientists, an active underwater volcano in the pacific has started to erupt spewing smoke and ash, plus, quite possibly, fragments of the highly adaptable sharks that live inside its sky high into the atmosphere.

Music. Meanwhile, better known aerial volcanoes are easier to study because their higher elevations typically make them more accessible, but submarine volcanoes, like kavachi located in the southwest pacific ocean in the solomon islands, can be more challenging to study depending on how deep they are Music. There were just people out boating having a good time, and they noticed that there was just this formation of an island in the middle of the ocean. Ben is said of the 19′ encounter and theyre like whoa. This is kind of weird, and so that is our first documented evidence of that volcanic activity. Since that discovery, kavachi has experienced 36 eruptive periods, venice, said satellite data from landsat, 9 and other spacecraft have made monitoring submarine volcanic activity easier. Music, Music submarine volcanoes have the same characteristics as above ground volcanoes, including explosions, venice, said kavachi generally hasnt created hazards to people boating in the area who know to stay clear of the volcano. Sometimes submarine volcanoes can produce pumice rafts, which can indicate volcanic activity occurring below the sea.

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Volcano, Kavachi, Volcanic eruption, Submarine volcano, NASA, Sharks Explosion (May. 27): Pacific Ocean Undersea Volcano Explosion Causes Tsunami to Sink