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It is easier to hold the red than to hold the green again. It is easier to hold the red than to hold the green. Tell yourself that twice in your head, if you’re thinking of taking some profits because again i’m speaking for myself again, this is not financial. This is not mess. Investment advice. Imagine that there are two institutions. One is short gme. One is long gme. In addition to these two institutional players, imagine there are 98 others who are retail investors who are apes. Lady apes, gentlemen, apes. This is for simplicity’s sake: okay, 98 retail investors and two institutional investors, okay and also for simplicity’s sake. One institution is going short on gme. One institution is going along jimmy um, 90 apes are going long on gme retail. Eight apes are going short on jimmy i’m, sure they’re retail going short on june i’m. Sure some say, michael jordan, is okay um. So then, with only 100 players. Imagine that those 90 retail investors imagine they all do not sell. They only use the money that they can afford to lose to buy after buying gme, buy and hold and hold. Imagine they don’t sell now in the stock market, whenever there’s a trade there’s a buy side and sell set correct? Yes, okay. We all know that simple right, so it is in the green now: okay, it’s 200. Something – and this is stock market. It could go up. Go down, okay, let’s be fair, it could go up, it could go down it’s going up right now and you don’t pay for him.

You don’t, sell you don’t, take profits because you see with your own individual opinion that you see a higher price down the road. So you don’t sell you don’t sell the 90 apes. Don’T sell the institution going long don’t sell, so the price keeps going up right, nobody’s selling, and if there comes a time that the remember there are eight apes, eight retail investors who are going short on gme. Imagine there are smaller hedge funds, okay, the big institution had fun shorting, gme and that’s, big c. Okay. They have lots of money, they’re very good. At manipulating money. They could. They could short other stocks long. Other stocks move money around so that they don’t get margin called on gme price, going up right. Okay, they have huge pockets deep pockets, but the eight retail investors who are going short on gme imagine their smaller hedge funds like small m, okay and um. Now they don’t have such deep pockets as big c, so they get margin called when they get margin called they will have to cover right. They’Ll have to buy at the market price to cover their short positions. Okay, you know that you know that simple logic, but but the united apes they’re not selling they’re, not selling, and so the eight smaller institutions who are going short on jimmy or retail, going short on cme. They have to bid at a higher price to get you to sell for them to cover so they’ve been higher.

What happens when you bit higher? The price goes up right, but you still don’t sell. They have to bid higher you still don’t sell. They bid. No higher not going to sell this price. Okay, a bit higher i’ve, been higher now i’m, not going to sell this price. So you see where i’m going right up. So the simple logic is, buy and hold and hold and hold it’ll make the price go up. But of course it is your own individual decision. It is your call okay, but just for argument’s sake. Just imagine if all 90 apes – all 90 retail investors who’s going low on gme just don’t, sell of course, you’re going to sell way way way down the line, but for now don’t sell for now no retail sales. For now no ape sells. Imagine what that would do to the price? Okay, but again um i’m. Speaking for myself, i still have cash on the sidelines. I’M. Not gon na go in now, i’m. I’M. I’M. I’M, not gon na average. Up. No, i only buy dips. Okay, there will be dips. This is the stock market, it goes up, goes down, goes up, it goes down, it goes up, it goes down, but of course, if the trend is up, then there will be higher highs. There will be higher lows: higher highs, higher lows, higher highs, higher lows, higher highs, higher lows, higher highs, higher lows, okay, so find hope, hold a note, keep cash on the sidelines and only invest money that you can afford to lose.

This way you just have to sit back and relax and watch it go right: okay, because you’re not using your grocery money, your gasoline money, your rent money, your kids tuition, no you’re, not using those okay. So you have no pressure at all. When you have no pressure at all, you relax just look at the charts once every hour or once every two hours chat with your friends on twitter um make a few posts on reddit or like what i’m doing now, making vids sharing thoughts. I’M. Speaking for myself and um, you are all smart apes. You you do your dj. You watch videos and i’m just a dumb, a reading, other people, smart dd’s, other smart, babes, good, dd’s and then watching other smart apes videos and then summarizing sharing my take it’s. Only my take i’m speaking only for myself collar up up up green okay right, be strong apes, um yeah june 9th. Is the shareholders meeting and again it’s very exciting, because um july, the 14th is the launch of the gme crypto token. We don’t know what use that would be for at least it’ll be for buying games for esports. It has tons of usage, nft, okay, crypto token of gme launch date july 14th. Bastille day. It is the time when the company people rise to topple the one percent, wealthy it’s, a game, changer lady apes, gentlemen, apes again, no difference in color, race, religion, region, time, zone or lives.

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