72 cents per share, pushing up incredible amounts. Today. This thing is going incredible up 20, today alone, whenever we went to 36, we were up like 40. The amount of gains that we’re making right now is astronomical. Okay, looking on some fintile data, real quick before we go any further. All i ask is that if you do enjoy the video, if you give it a thumbs up – and you subscribe turn on post notifications today – videos just like this one and leave a comment below how many shares you’re holding and what price you think we will hit By the end of this week, on friday today, so yesterday’s market volume was 704 million, with short volume of 212 million. There is insane volume being pumped in amc right now. The volume is absolutely massive. We have 40 000 short shares available right now with the short bar field of six point: five: eight percent, looking on some amc, total daily volume. Okay, the total daily volume for right now is still it’s. 8 34. The market has been open for four minutes, and the market volume is already 44 million. Shares has a huge, huge, huge number, 44 million shares in one minute or four minutes. Okay, this is the beginning of the day massive potential to have a one billion volume date. Now could it be, it could be, but is it going to be? I am not 100 sure now you might be kind of asking yourself what is going on with amc.

Why is the price running outside? What is everything happening? So here is kind of my personal thoughts. First off amazon buying mgm studios, that is bullish, sentiment towards movie theater sector, like you’ve, seen all the fun movies with this amc. This amc that, but when amazon, one of the biggest companies that everybody loves right now buys in a movie theater company, like a movie, producing everything like that. Well that’s going to be bullish towards that sector and what happened? It caused the price of amc to have its little push mini push up in price, okay, and then you got june 2nd june 2nd. What is that? That is next wednesday, and that is a share recount so what’s my happy ebony. There might be a ton of synthetic shares out there and all those people have synthetic shares they could be covering for themselves. They could be saying: okay, you know what we got ta get this out of the way let’s let’s just buy our shares, get our synthetic shares out of the way, try and cover for themselves, and then three partial, covering there might be some shorts covering now. All of them have all them covered. No, i believe all of them have covered. We could go much much higher than 33.36 dollars per share i’m, saying partial, covering partial keyword, partial coverage in the shorts for fomo. This price is running up, you’re going to get fomo, people are getting fomo they’re going to be buying volume coming amc.

People want to bid that price up because they don’t want to miss out like they did on gamestop, potentially seeing and go from like oh well. Maybe they saw eight games go to 300 and then they saw go to 480 and they’re, saying amc at 30 and they can go to 1 thousand yadda yadda. All these massive prices that anc has potential to hit okay and then fifth we’re, going to talk about eight gamma squeeze a gamma squeeze it’s not happening right now, but this week, if it does, if we can close above thirty, three dollars per share, so much potential For our gamma squeeze to a cure and what is what i believe the short squeeze will cause the the short screws will be triggered by a gamma squeeze, and that is going to be absolutely incredible. So just picture this you’ll see right here. I’Ll show you on this chart, gamma squeeze all these options expire in the money and the price kind of runs up again and people just aren’t. The covering cover cover cover, cover cover, and you just get the price to go up and up and up and up, and we just keep running and running and running up in price going over and over and over again. That is what this potential is. This utilization number nine point: four five percent cost of our nine point. Two three percent shares on loan is 132 million. The current estimated short interest percent of free flow is 17.

37 percent, and we know the exchange reported shortage is 94.58 million shares or texas is doing pretty good right now. Amc short interest continues to rally reaching 32.99 in the pre market. Will we reach 36.72 intraday trading and check this out 337 calls expiring in the money at 40 strike price, fifty two thousand okay, three hundred thirty three thousand, and then we get fifty two thousand calls option: uh expiring, any money at that forty dollar strike price. This is incredible: you do the math three hundred thirty plus fifty two three hundred thirty three tingly that’d be 385 options expiring in the money 38.5 million shares that might be one of the biggest we’ve ever seen for amc. I’M. Not quite sure i haven’t done exactly all the research if it’s big, but that is the biggest we’ve seen in a very long time. This is massive. I’Ve always said: hey game squeeze will trigger the short squeeze, and this video was a bit shorter because there’s a bunch of stuff going on with amc. But thank you for coming this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure to give it a thumbs up, and you subscribe turn on post notifications today, videos just like this one and leave a comment below how long you’ve been holding your amc stock, i’ll let’s see how my apes are doing and i’ll see.

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