Just like the tanks world over half of soldiers in world war ii, if anything, shorting this kind of stock is what sends it higher. That’S gon na go up. Seventy percent for when they raise capital, because when the bulls crush you it’s pimple on a partner, you got ta, buy back your shares at a higher price. In order to close out your position, have you ever been? You know i used to own longhorns holy cow. They killed you just to get the box of donuts in your hands, so why the heck did many, so many hedge fund managers try to short this thing again. Why are regular sellers offering stock? Well, they could have just gotten out of the way. Instead, they turn themselves into fodder for the wall street bets cohort, which is why amc was up 19 just today. They can probably gun it up to the mid 20s. On the back of this latest short squeeze and the plain vanilla sellers just walk away. Wow, you know what memo to all the sellers tomorrow take a breather. Go to the movies. Do something interesting. I don’t know what’s interesting watch some watch some netflix go to work even but stop selling your amc and see what happens and we’re. Seeing the same thing with the stock at gamestop now i was actually worried about this video game retailer, because it’s lost its reason for being in a world where everybody just downloads their games online.

These days you don’t need gamestop, except for hardware, and anybody can sell you hardware, but gamestop it’s got a savior, the insurgent turned insider, who nobody knows called ryan cohen, a man of great mystery. Who’S also decided to sell company stock in order to fix the balance sheet. Just like adam aaron, the wall street bets crowd helped make it happen. Many agreed to lap up that stock that’s being offered and now that the balance sheet can be fixed by that. Not that it was all that bad and all that stock is now placed with the wall street best people. This thing can boom again along with them all game. Stop could potentially turn itself around, although we have no idea what it’ll turn stuff around into. Is it really worth 17 billion abstraction? Who cares? Only an idiot asks that kind of question now it’s irrelevant, because this isn’t investing this is the ultimate stock fight club. You think i learned this stuff wearing a student goldman sachs, the two things that make them really hate me, the last time a bunch of hedge funds, shorted gamestop, the bulls, practically drove them out of business you’d, think that would be a cautionary tale right, don’t. Try to short something with such a rabid fan base. Keep your stock stay out of the ring. Yet these money managers and individuals keep selling the stock like there’s. Nothing going on here, like oh man, let’s offer some stock.

Maybe the buyers will take us. Are you out of your minds, listen to me sunshine, this thing going higher what kind of chowder heads off for stock at 225 or 235? It closed up 33 to 242., two group of buyers who are desperate to drive it their price targets 250 or 300.. Now, in wall street they have these price targets. Oh i’m, taking my price target up for nvidia 700.. These guys have real price targets and firepower. I’Ve, never seen anything like this. A group of buyers with no sensitivity to price they’d rather pay 280 than 240.. Can you imagine that you imagine going to a store, and you say well, how much is that sweater and they say 30? Is it? Can i pay 50.? How much is that you know i got this one. This is a ferragamo right. 180, bucks – hey, you know. What do you mind if i pay 300 for that one? Okay, now these people don’t have unlimited firepower, but they’ve got enough firepower to engineer short squeeze anytime. A bunch of professionals decide to bet against this thing. Sellers go away. Come back going back, i was trying to do like a ditty. You know like uh. You know like that selling made nonsense. It didn’t work, sellers i’ll, go away, come on back another day when game stops at 300. now it’s, not that the bulls know some secret about ryan cohen’s turnaround plan they’re just committed to buying this thing and they steamroll the shorts and they hate and lob up.

The long stock and they think you’re stupid, often much higher than you thought possible. Anyone who tries to fight this move is out of their minds. Just let it go up already.

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