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My name is andrew that’s, professor meatball he’s a sneak mode behind me, but there he is. I just summoned him with the power of treats and if you guys want to give meatball a treat. The best way is to look at that light. Counter see if it’s above 1600 or not, and if it’s not smashing that real, quick and commenting out which one you are either in the live chat or in the comments below that’s the way to go about this. We have a press release from may 7th 2021 from the securities and exchange commission themselves right march 10th, new york stock exchange, nyse blah blah blah blah blah pursuant to section blah blah blah will have a proposed rule change to provide users with access to the system’s Connectivity to the data feeds of several third parties and established associated fees and take away and suspend these file numbers here hold on they’re suspending this file numbers blah blah blah blah blah. This is suspending dark, fiber access, and what exactly is that? Well, we’re going to give you the information right away, because you guys watch until the end uh, you guys are real heroes, but some of the people that want to be able to get that information. First well, let’s, go through the comments section here: it’s pretty uh! Much written out here by feeling 0.5978, it is not ending dark pool trading. Let’S. Stop that right. Now, it’s suspending third party systems like cloud based to connect to the dark pool cloud based systems, give them that extra time to see our trades and make trades against us accordingly.

This sounds a quite an awful light. Lot like payment for order flow. We’Ve mentioned this overall, so many times before and make trades against us accordingly. This is the concept behind these high frequency trading, algorithms, uh attacking the price, and now that they’re not allowed to look at amc’s stock price go in fact, gme had a good amount of that in the very beginning of the day as well. Look at those brothers having the same dip, the exact same time and touching on the levels of resistance respectively, over here on amc, side, 1380 and on jme side. 187.. Four major touch points, one two, three four and if you wouldn’t believe it there’s the exact same four touch points, one two, three and four. Now that said, when we had those four touch points, amc continued and is now contesting successfully that’s a level of resistance that it was not able to before and and gme, on the other hand, has gone down two levels of support. How exactly did this happen? Well, you have to watch that gme video coming out right after this, but first dark pools. This is not the first time that’s a bark for buy. You guys know it. We have bark for buys often, and that is something that we’re gon na have to cover. In just a second that’s uh that after meatball has a second with the door. We’Re gon na talk about past levels of uh dark fiber scams back in 2019, all the way back in 2019 uh money, life, digital team, uh, giving us a sense of what dark fiber scams are irregular acts poor due diligence, fraud, misrepresentation and false statements right following Its investigation of a whistleblower complaint market regulators, sec board of india as uh – i was going to say c, but s e b.

I has established the nexus between senior officials of the national stock market of india and the sam park. Infotainment pvt ltd, right very simply. Let’S go actually go to the very uh, the only parts that you need to understand: scbi order, alleges, mismanagement, manipulation, irregular acts, absence of due diligence, misrepresentation and false statements in the whole dark, fiber episode. The way the colo facility has been mismanaged and manipulated by certain trading members, with the active connivance of an unauthorized service provider and the officials of nsc uh. As evident from the discussions and observations made by me in the earlier paragraphs shows nsc’s apathy towards the principles of transparency, fairness and equity, managed by scbi on them, so india’s uh, counter india’s arm of the sec, essentially going in and taking a look at the suspicious Activities with respect to network connectivity, so a dark fiber or an unlit fiber, as defined by the sebi with respect to network connectivity, refers to an already laid but unused or passive optical fiber, which is not connected to such active electronics or equipment which do not have Other data flowing through them and are available for use in fiber optic communication. The easiest way to understand is that there are ver. There are markets that are lit like new york, stock exchange right and there are fibers that connect to those exchanges. This is a dark fiber which is not a which is not something that directly uh uh connects to a new york stock exchange, it’s going to be access for a high frequency trading, algorithm that says: hey uh.

This is one of the ways that you can access. The dark pools the ats data and affect the price negatively with buying or selling pressure in whichever direction you choose as a hedge fund or a market maker, however, and here’s where the fraudulent activity happens. In april may 2015 nse allowed sand park, infotainment an unauthorized service provider to give p2p connectivity to two brokers. Uh here are the two brokers here. Scpi says sam park allegedly laid dark fiber connectivity for those brokers with the promise of more bandwidth and lower latency for their data transmission and continue the service even after it was found that sam park did not possess the necessary license from the department of telecommunications to Provide blah blah blah right, the co, location or algo scam came to light in mid 2015 when moneylife wrote a about it for the first time allowing multiple letters from a whistleblower. So this gives us a a little look into what the sec could be paying for its whistle blowing right. Here is the press releases here, and you can also follow along with what the sec continues to uh like release out to the public. We have here sec charging health care companies. We owe with fraud and awarding like basically two days in a row – 28 million and 31 million dollars for enforcement actions, all right so sec making some major plays. We know that they sent out a lawsuit for hedge funds, uh that were short selling and now we’re.

Looking at whether or not this suspension of dark fibers is directly connected to amc’s price action, especially since both of these were trending with positive velocity upward and gme was the only one that fell short at the end of the day right fumbled. At the finish line, that’s, okay, we are going to be providing you the information that you’re looking for so once again, let’s go to the bottom of this article to make sure you guys haven’t missed too much. If you wanted to be able to look at this i’m going to link in the description below, so you guys have whatever context you need main point is this has happened before other completely. Other countries were paying attention to this way before gary genster started settling down. As his position as the chief of the sec, so let’s see, if there’s a conclusive part to this here, yep within next three months, scpy has asked nsc to prepare up comprehensive documents policy, including guidelines, blah blah blah chitra, rama, krishna. The then managing director of nse is barred from holding any position in any market player for the next three years, and oh look since it’s back in 2019. He is about to come on back to this uh the market. Now it sounds a lot like bill huang and other tiger cubs from the arca goes uh like explosion from a couple of weeks ago, almost a couple of months ago, so once again bark for buy, let me buy one.

Let me do this. Let’S share the love. I’M gon na buy a share of gme here, create new order and that’s the policy right. We uh. We issued an apology for uh thinking that clout or likes, or subscribers have anything to do with loving the stock here. So now, when meatball barks. That is an opportunity for us to buy in the stock, so we’re gon na make sure that we have extended hours turned on and then turn this into one unlock trading, as always my password is one two, three four five six uh, i always forget not to Say it during these streams? What i’m going to do is place that order. I think gme is actually on a excellent dip here and i like to i like to be able to buy the stocks when it has a solid dip here, i’m going to create an order for amc over here i’m going to buy 10. um it’s ac. Oh wait hold on, i have to make sure it’s uh extended hours boom all right.

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