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My name is derek ray i’m joined by lee dixon in the commentary box and we’re just seconds away from kickoff in what promises to be a spectacular final, it’s, swansea city, and they face brentford got goosebumps. Just thinking about kickoff time got to control your nerves, playing in a game like this it’s all about the nerves, nerves can be your friend or they can also destroy. You keep them under control, ryan bennett. Well, let’s dissect, the swansea city lineup. The wing backs are going to be crucial in this set up, you’ve played in that position. Lee yeah, i didn’t really like it, and we always thought when we were playing against five at the back with the wing backs exposed like this in this formation, but a 4 4 2 can really create a 2v1 down the side. So keep your eye out. For that and the three narrow midfield players supply the support for the two forwards up front Applause. Well, here’s how the lineup looks for brentford. This particular setup is becoming more and more in favor, yes, derek one central striker two wingers will provide the width a very narrow three in midfield, a back four. The two full backs will be expected to support, but also defend and help out the centre backs, and now they get the ball rolling Applause, jake bidwell roberts, grimes and it’s connor roberts, a chance, maybe from the wide position. Jay fulton real danger, strong play here, play towards the back post and cleared away Applause, Applause, christian nurgard and pontus janssen.

Has it christiandergaard? Can they create something from here for a pass as eyes for and he read it really well fine save and overcomes the corner and putting his body on the line. Speculative efforts here, one block after another well read to win possession back conor, hurahan Applause still level. Here, but the pressure escalating, the green convertible car parked near reception. Please return to your vehicle immediately, alas, a wild wild attempt well after that i’m not sure whether he’s, right or left, footed Applause, sergey kanos ivan tony and a throw in it’s going to be christian. Nurgard, giving the ball to the opposition that time, good, visualization and execution not messing around with that clearance. Applause, christian nerd Applause! Well, i must say he acquitted himself and then with a real chance, gives it a go. The first of the contest – well it’s – always best to get your nose in front in the final, really puts the pressure on the opposition but here’s the replay it’s, a great ball into the danger area and the timing to get this spot on. Yes, it needs a bit of luck, but boy does he need skill as well it’s a brilliant goal, one nil, then Applause, grimes and it’s with andre iu. He made it look simple, really ivan tony on the ball jensen and a poor ball Applause. Grimes Applause, andre: are you jamal low, not a huge chunk of added time, one minute Applause and he likes to run at them Applause now the managers will now deliver the halftime team talks we’re at the end of 45 minutes in this game, Music, as anticipated.

Plenty of talking points so far, and now the second half is underway. Applause, jensen, burmo. This looks promising well, it could be on for him here, Applause that’s, an effective cross aimed at the back post, able to clear the danger corner kit, though here Applause and firing it into the area, and he failed to get it away properly, not a very complicated Catch for the Applause, keeper Applause, the unsung christian, nurgard, excellent use of the ball as they make their way forward, still possibilities, Applause and they’ll get ready for the throw in it’s a perfect challenge. Andre, are you Applause, grimes, dangerous, looking through ball and the alarm bells are ringing? Well, they can say a big thank you to the goalkeeper that was inspirational, well that’s as good as a goal. At the other end, brilliant save from the keeper Applause christian nerd hanging on to the bald in this fashion suits them jensen, pinnock, delightful, pass Applause, fruitful, looking attack Applause, and here it is again it’s a great team passing move to set up the chance and then The composer is impressive, as he smashes the ball with all. He has to be a full on goalkeeper, brilliant strike; well, a second goal for them here, we’re now inside the final 20 minutes of the game: Applause, grimes and it’s, with andre iu, jamal low Applause grimes, using space on the opposite flank. Now a tremendous vision grimes at times they make passing look easy Applause had a chance to whip it in here.

You can’t really tackle like that and expect to get away with it booking it to come. You would think, following that tackle he’s got to go into the book. Yeah he’s, missed time more than anything there just mistimed his Applause tackle Applause into the box. It goes probably had a decent reading of that ball in could reduce the deficit and in it goes, and you never know in this game they might yet be able to level it well. Here’S, the replay and the keeper knows that near post should be his, but he left a gap and he got punished a chance to revisit the goal. Applause. Well as they kick off again. 2 1. The current state of affairs there might very well be late, excitement. Five minutes left and the margin just won: Applause jensen, here’s nurgaard, losing possession a bit easily Applause, conor hurahan Applause, we’ve had the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes: Applause, a very effective clearance, giving the ball away tony and the final whistle. The cup issue is settled, a story of one side celebrating and the other distraught and lee memories are being made yeah. Absolutely it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got in the bank. Players will always look back at moments like these these moments. When you pick trophies up and win medals, absolutely brilliant for this group of players yeah, you can see what it means to this tight. Knit team, real solidarity.

Well, it’s these moments, derek when you get your hands on the silverware and that little medal. That goes around your neck might seem small now, but you’ll look back at that! Show your grandkids, absolutely superb memories. These players will have at this game it’s a special moment in the career of any footballer and now for the trophy lift itself. The cup winners, yeah it’s, been a long goal road to get to this point, they’re going to celebrate now and certainly celebrate long into the night. I think there’s always the element of chance in a cup competition, but my goodness they’ve taken the rough with the smooth and now they save up the moment – and this is really special getting to celebrate in front of your own fans – lee well it’s, giving something back. These fans have traveled all over the place following their team. Now they get to join in the celebrations, go into the crowd and give them the cup that’s.

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