Brentford F.C., Swansea City A.F.C., EFL Championship, Playoffs, Premier League The Moment Bournemouth LOST in the Championship Play-Off Semi-Final…

We played brentford over two legs. They’Ve done the double over us this season. This is what happened right so it’s the day of the championship: playoff semi finals, it’s one hour before kickoff or against brentford, and i don’t know what to feel. I don’t have to feel confident. Optimistic i’m just got a bit of a mixture of moment of mixture of emotions. I don’t i can’t even speak, but all i know is i’m nervous, um and uh yeah fingers crossed. We can get some kind of result. How are you, how are you feeling um? Just sort of resigned, i suppose already whatever happens, really i’m glad it’s finally happening i’m fed up waiting for it. One minute i think i’m, confident one minute i’m, not confident, then i’m optimistic then i’m, like i don’t, know what to film. Just very, very, i think, i’m nervous. I don’t know about you but i’m, very, very nervous. Also. Can we have a score prediction? Please? Ah one hour i’m gon na go for one more as well. I hope i’m wrong it’s like a three one or something that’ll be nice, but yeah let’s get into the game. Oh here we go here we go just the worst scam ever royal mail. Your package has a 299 unpainted shipping for you, as if that would be from an 07 number that was in the box that could have easily been a penalty. You know, in fact i think that might have been given as a penalty for the field goes.

Scooching in field now finds billy and then jupiter left downside for lloyd kelly to cross, puts it into what’s going on. Oh god see what i mean if you can put passes together, there will be chances good work. Music, nice come on come on, come on Music going off. Oh no, that doesn’t look good at all. Mecca you’ve got a big big job. To do here. Mate. We don’t mess was good enough. He just just hasn’t shown it this season. Confidence is shocked. Thank you, someone’s getting booked pricked half time. I desperately need a piss, a pretty decent first half when we had the better chances um but unfortunately ended quite terribly, with captain cook being dragged off i’m. Guided about that. I hope it doesn’t have a massive influence on the game. I’Ve got a horrible feeling, it’s going yeah. So do i it’s just it’s such a nerve, wracking game it’s on a knife edge at the moment, it’s it’s it’s, a game of fine margins and it’s. Hopefully it goes our way to space. Oh my god. What a bit, of course, it’s, going to be dan schumer, of course, it’s going to be danjuma come on come on, my hands are so clammy there’s, still 20 minutes to go and we’ve been playing for two hours already that’s right, that’s. What i say to you: oh that’s, such a big letter, please anything jeremy rebound anything! Oh yeah. I suppose this is going to be the longest five minutes of my life by the whistle blow.

The whistle right like the whistle man. Yes, i’ll, take that come on. So there we go, we won come on. That was really hard work. There’S. Some great performances in those awesome scenes brooks works back kelly kelly was huge, pearson was awesome and danjuma. I love him. I love you man. I love that team great there’s, a lot of great performances in that was good, bring on the second leg right, so it is the night before it is exactly half past 11 and early kickoff tomorrow for the cherries i’m predicting a neil nill. I don’t know why. I feel like it’s, going to be a pretty action, packed game and somehow i had nil nail they’re going to hit the post we’re going to have a penalty appeal that doesn’t go away. Something like that. But i can’t lie i’m, really really nervous, because this game is so important so important to our for our club for the next. You know, however, many years because we could be stuck in the championship if we don’t. If we don’t win these games so fingers crossed for tomorrow up the cherries, let’s get a win. It is the next morning, sorry about the hair and uh. I feel sick. I feel incredibly nervous i’ve been i’ve, been dreaming about. I couldn’t sleep, properly, thoughts just hope. The boys show up and it’s their best performance and then whatever happens happens. We’Ve got to get the first goal, that’s important.

If we get, they get the first goal with the home fans behind them, i’m worried then fingers crossed come on. I should also point out that i’m making a chili uh during the first half as well she’s. Now i want to make it nearly finished actually come on. Here we go and lloyd. Kelly was in the box with a shelf, but a chance for on up Applause. Oh my god. They have no one defending. Oh, i got ta see this you’re a breakthrough fan you’re fuming tony heads. It back in kelly heads it away. He just hop no one’s ever what is no wrong back for them. He’S even got he’s got a few seconds to control it before he even sets off on his run. Glovely finish the one man we wanted to tell oh yeah to finish it. I trust him. He can ask my kids to get out of my fence ctv’s. Just clearing it is Applause, it’s, just because they’ve gone running at the lines of position and where else i don’t think that’s is with no fans personally, but you could argue that makes up for the one that should have been given in the first round. Yeah. Ah he’s gon na score any of course he’s not missing he’ll approach it now right, footed, oh it’s, definitely what’s. The biggest doing my players are losing their heads already what’s on the red card in this match yeah. I said that i’ve said that at the start, no, no, no god! If it’s going to be all about the rest, i’m going to really hate it.

I don’t think it’s time waiting at this stage, mate with 23 minutes gone time, wasting 25 minutes an hour an hour with ten men. I think that’s it personally yeah that’s the end championship football next season, then that’s about. Oh my words, that’s the easiest chance. You can imagine for tony there the most informed striker inside the six yard box, unchallenged Applause that’s the same you prick that’s exactly the same. How can you not give that i mean that’s, not a penalty and ours isn’t a penalty or they’re. Both penalties? Oh, come on, first half is done, um it’s all gone a bit wrong. What are your thoughts? What do you think? I think we have to find some way to score again. I don’t really know how it feels like there’s, two major incidents minimum in their second half, and it just depends what they are. I think we’ve got to get lucky in the second half and we’ve got to defend really really well. We can’t change everything now, but it would have been nice if we could have got another one on our stadium. Oh my god, oh my god, it’s a fluke. Oh, is this. This is not it’s, not it’s, not with it it’s a total Music, though really at this point absolutely it’s a good finish in all fairness, you know, there’s a major mistake: there it’s just it’s the balls coming into your box that often eventually something like that’s gon Na happen, shane long is we’re bringing on shane long.

All right, you’ve done absolutely nothing for the club since you’ve joined you contributed basically, nothing if you can score now. I’Ll, forgive all of you go along, come on, come on four minutes to get a goal. Shane long, the fact that we’re we’re so just accepting that this is going to be the result that it’s even gone past the point of just anger, it’s just disappointment. You know just got it honestly and just Applause, okay, good Applause, full time it’s. Not only are we losing uh players who are losing stuff if eddie gets appointed, yeah purchase sort of chaos total reinvention again, i don’t know what’s gon na happen next season, but thank you for your services, dan juma, because you know that would be leaving not going To be watching this video anyway, but there we go another season. The championship is so that, unfortunately, concludes bournemouth playoff journey and congratulations to brentford. You were patient with your play despite us getting a red card and you scored some nice goals in the end. Good luck! In the playoff final, and what does that mean for bournemouth who knows uh who’s gon na stay at the club who’s gon na join the club is woodgate gon na remain bournemouth manager, who knows but one thing’s for certain, and that is that bournemouth will be a Championship club next season and yeah, what can i say really? Hopefully we can get promoted next season, but i just want to ultimately be able to go back to the stadium, go back to dean court and show my support and whether that’s in the championship, premier league league, one or league two for me it doesn’t matter.

I want to see my club play and football is nothing without fans. Hopefully next season is the season.

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