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This weekend, manchester city, taking on chelsea they’ve, already faced off three times this season, manchester city winning their first game, but that was with frank lampard in charge. Since tommy tucker took over it’s two games and two wins for chelsea limp porto ahead of the game. For us is uh gemma saleh gemma. I want to focus on the fact that normally champions league weak in these cities, the atmosphere is fantastic everywhere. You look there’s a reminder that there is a big game around the corner. I imagine slightly different in porto this year. Hello, then what are g? Yes, it is slightly different, but it’s better that what we had last year in lisbon with absolutely no public any supporter in the stands. We will be having about 18 000 funds – 6 000 of each team, man, city and chelsea. So it will be something similar to a final, the 33 percent of the capacity uh. They are not here yet the most of the supporters. This is because they need a pcr uh 72 hours ahead of the game, so they will leave landing in portugal virtual around friday saturday to enjoy this game, but the city is ready. The city has this giant sculpture of the champions league trophy and lots of pictures of the champions. The stadium we’ve been there this uh afternoon and it’s ready. Everything is uh settled to to have this uh final uh. We we need to take it into account as well, that it’s been a last minute decision.

This final, it has to be played in turkey and three weeks ago they decided to move it here now, of course, the reason portugal has been chosen in particular is: it is one of the green lights countries that the uk has named over the last few weeks. So i’m wondering: are we going to see a lot of fans? Maybe who don’t have tickets come over or is there protocol in place to make sure this doesn’t happen? No, i don’t think so, and i tell you why um manchester city, they had 6 000 tickets. They sold them all, but this has a reason is because the owner of man city decided to pay the flights and the hotel for the fans who buy the ticket. Chelsea has returned 800 of these 6 000 tickets because for some fans, it’s too expensive to buy the flight, the hotels here is not a big city are really expensive and plus you have to do at least, and maybe two pcrs, which is about 100. So i don’t think we will be having a lot of english tourists coming here without a ticket because there will be no fun fest. There will be no big screen to follow the the game, so maybe some englishmen, some supporters who live in portugal will drive here, but we will not be seeing that picture. We see in all the finals of thousands of thousands of supporters with no ticket but coming uh to support to to support their teams.

General it’s, the first time we’ve had you on since the spanish national team was announced. I just wanted to get your opinion on it, of course, a lot of surprises, in particular no sergio ramos, in fact no real madrid players at all in the 23 man squad that lewis enrique announced, i was just wondering how was that received in spain? Well, all the headlines were about ramos, i think it’s quite logical, because he hasn’t been fit. He hasn’t been playing well in his team. Real madrid hasn’t been able to win anything, so i think it’s a little bit of logic that one of the biggest teams doesn’t have any player. As louis enrique coach said, it’s circumstantial is because if ramos was fit, he will be there if nacho was fit. He will be there for sure there’s. Something curious is that the team who brings more players is precisely a manchester city, so it’s uh it’s strange that uh. I think it reflects that the nowadays, the big the spanish giants are not in their best moment in history. Barcelona and real madrid is it interesting. You mentioned manchester city, one player in particular. Of course, for the first time being called up is laporte because of before that he was for the french national team. They’Ve turned their back on him. He is obviously now dedicating south to spain. How has that been received? Well, it’s been received good because spanish, spain, spanish supporters, know that they had a problem in the backline in the defendants, with sergio ramos not being freed with problems with other defendants, with gerard pique who left the the national team couple of years ago.

So it’s all right, there’s not like hard feelings like okay, he played with france, no it’s it’s. Nothing like that it’s, a player which is important and also coach, luz, enrique said that, probably even if sergio ramos was fit, he would probably call him that there was a negotiations like uh during more than a year.

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UEFA Champions League, Manchester City F.C., Chelsea F.C., FC Porto, Portugal & Chelsea Fans Celebrate Being In Porto For The Champions League Final

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