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Obviously, it was in your first season as well of management game all the way to the final winning it with barcelona. I was lucky enough to be there. Your team was absolutely wonderful. I just wonder, though, because it was your first season. Did it in any way fool you into thinking that this competition was more straightforward than it then it perhaps has been since, and i just wonder how your view of winning the champions league has changed over the perhaps the last 12 years. You know i i’m, i was i’m fortunate. I was fortunate with, alongside with many many people when you have in your career as a manager was one time arriving, the last stages or the challenge to win the the champions league is is great, so it doesn’t mean that you have to win the champions league. Every season and and and win everything most of the times you you are not even there for a longer career. If you, i don’t, ask anything else that i live so far in my career and i’m, pretty sure i will not. I will not ask anything anything more, so we just it just to work to try to arrive in the last stages. This year was we made a fantastic champions league tournament and we are in the final and we have four or five days to prepare the final that’s all so and when i started imagine i never thought for one instant to to to get or to live what We live with many people what we live in this 12 13 years as a manager, never ever impossible.

So what cut? What could uh ask? More of that? No, i wouldn’t do it and do you have your team in mind for this week yet and if not, is there anything that the players can do this week between now and the final to work their way into your starting lineup? No, no, they are ready. I know how good they are, all of them and i’m not going to change for one or two training sessions. Uh they’re going to convince me, so i know them most of them for many many years. So no, i have an idea, but still the the the starter start 11 still is not is not done not yet. Next we go to rob dawson um all the way back at the start of the season. You said you had a special feeling about this: season’s champions league um, obviously you’ve been proved right, because you’ve got all the way to the final. I just wondered what what was it all the way back at the start of the season that made? You feel that this season’s competition was or could be special. No, i never thought rob in the beginning decision that this was the season to let the final champions league. I never approached his competition in the beginning, since i started in barcelona. Um, do it because the listen? We are quite similar teams, as they were in the past when we were out the margins as little details, and this this year was in, you know, fell down in our site and when the many years or a few years ago was the opposite.

So no change much so now it’s. We were yeah quite quite satisfied to get the final but uh. We know that uh. If you don’t have a huge desire to win it, a huge desire to know exactly what you have to do, the best of us or would not be possible to to to win the game or win the champions league. Thank you rob. Next, we go to andy hamson, but since um they reached the final. In the last few weeks, chelsea seemed to have gone off the boil a bit. They’Ve lost three of the last four games. Do you think that’s significant at all? Congratulations for chelsea! Well, that form wouldn’t seem to be great going into this game. Um. Do you think that’s something that’s to your advantage, different competitions, congratulations, new game, we’re, going to see what happened! Andy! Thank you! Uh we’ll next go to guillen valley, hi, it’s, well known that you’ve got a close friendship with uh with juho um, the first time you met. I think it was about six years ago in in munich and and from what i hear. Your resistance was saying. Why are you telling him so much stuff, because every time you play against him, they were getting closer and closer to you um. Could you give us a little bit of an insight of those conversations i mean there was plenty of learning from you as well uh. There was plenty of good wine what was going on there.

No uh thomas rescue was in that moment Music working by munich and he organized a dinner, a dinner together in munich in a nice restaurant schumann’s bar with peter herman in that moment was a system coach from you. Hence, and i we talked football football football and football that’s all. So we talk about this about that and you know what the their feelings our loves about in that moment: the good players, but players and football. You know with football with uh interesting people, because i learned a lot and uh and a good foot and a good wine always is a nice moment to to share so good good memories. So since then you know we grew up and and of course, and both of us, we have a good relation. I respect him, but he knows i know so we want to win. Thank you dom dietrich hi pep, okay um. I just wanted to ask you about. Phil foden and i guess the the phil phone you first met when you you first garage at the club compared to the phil. You know today. What sort of journey has he been on as a as a footballer and as a man and uh? How important is he to this team going into the final? Well, we cannot expect one player to start with 17 years old training with us. He will be the same player with 20 years old you’ve been the 20 year, plus the it would be the same player with 20 years old.

He would have not played the minutes that he played this season, so he grew up his ambition and uh yeah he’s ready, so he’s misplaying, good decision and we’re going to see he has his uh his chance to play the final. Thank you dom. Next, we go to gideon, brooks um let’s. Do recent defeats to chelsea um i’ve, not given you uh problems to solve and ideas to work on or something to worry about. The chat secret problems, all the teams who have to do how many problems we create them. Difficult to stop them for the quality they have for the setup is the team is white white in the sides and depth and they are so close. The distances the players in between they are so closer and uh, and they play really good in the pockets. They make incredible good in behinds, so great problems, all the teams, not just us, so what you have to do to create uh creative. I said like before you call it congratulations the two games. They beat us so it’s, another competition, the final and we will see what happened. Thank you, gideon, dominic, farrell um. When you were a player at barcelona, you won for the first time barcelona’s first european cup, but they’d lost european finals previously, and then you managed barcelona when they had played more finals once i’m awesome. Is there a different feeling and a mood around city as a club who’ve never been to this stage before compared to the barcelona you played for and managed, but when we won the 92 in barcelona, football player persona lost before two or three times.

Some people are lucky, some of them, so unlucky and uh yeah. Sometimes you need time, but uh is it. The important is the way we are going to approach the final. What you have to do to to win the game so and we are going to play to win the game and then, after the consequences on the results on sunday, we analyze and on monday, as well and just only i’m concerned i’m. Not thinking. Sometimes clubs needs more finals to win the first one in other clubs and it’s, just one shot to be the champion. So hopefully it will be the case uh that’s, for sure that if this clap is new for many things, if if for many reasons, we are new for many things, it’s this club, so we are in this period we live, we make back to back for the First time we we we break a lot of records for first time and play the final arrive. The semi final for the second time ride the final for the first time. So as a club as organization, we are not old in this case, but in terms of how excited we are and how the light and and satisfied the many things nobody can beat us on that. Nobody. Thank you don um! Next, we go to arthur quizada. Yes, uh hello pop. Are you listening to me yeah perfectly, all right, peppa, we went to saint peter to do some interviews about you and tracking your your profile and over there we spoke to a friend of you agustin, and he told us a story that, once in a football game At school you broke your arm and you kept playing because you didn’t want to lose.

Do you do you remember this story and does it show how competitive you still are in this sport? I don’t remember. I remember we won the game that’s for sure, but i don’t remember we break the the you know the arm and i could not play yeah. You know in that period also, you are young in that period, in in my little town, when i was born, there is one one option it’s just play on in on the street, so we don’t have mobile phones, machines and uh. You know these kind of things and everybody use. We were lucky we’re, fortunate, so all the time we’re in the street and i’m pretty sure we play football, not just football basketball and all the games there so that’s. Why? Maybe it happened, but i don’t remember i don’t, remember: okay, thank you arthur and jack gordon. You talk about the um small margins in the these big european games. Obviously the appointment of the referee caught quite a lot of attention when they got announced by uefa. Given the history, have you have you spoken to him since that liverpool match? Have you been in contact? No, is it the sort of thing that you you just can’t, allow yourself to worry about before the game, and you just got ta hope that there’s no drama? No one, second, i could i could not care less, but you’ve got confidence. You’Ve got confidence that i’m, so confident, i’m.

So confident in my team, you cannot imagine how confident i am in my team and what you have to do jack. Thank you. Kieran kenny hi pat you’ve been able to use the squads quite a bit since winning the league a couple of weeks ago, and that was similar to your two previous finals at barcelona, where you won the league with a few weeks to spare and give more time To prepare for the final of the chelsea, by contrast, they’ve had to keep fighting until the the final day. Is that an advantage in terms of your preparation for the final that, if we win, will be disadvantaged if we lose so, i don’t know kirin right now. So it happened, so we are fortunate to win the premier league three fours three games ago before yen and uh, and the real real preparation for the the champions league will be tomorrow and no day after wednesday and thursday. These two days we’re going to prepare the final so the last days we prepare the games, celebrate the premier league all the time. Good mood, no stress, keep focusing okay, newcastle and brighton and the other ones, and and improve now for the last three games, the good things about things we have done, and, and now when is the third they are going to prepare. Specifically the final. Thank you kevin simon evans, but just in terms of the defensive side of the game you mentioned uh, the chelsea play very close together and just just from your defensive side.

Is it that area there, where they’re playing sometimes positive mount in that sort of inside channels pockets? There is? Is that going to be the crucial area in terms of nullifying chelsea or is there somewhere else that you see is the biggest threat? No, i said. Maybe i would just i explain not not well, i said: would they have the ball it’s difficult to control them for the fact that they are so close, the distances between the players in the middle? They are so close related to them. The two hold image field as they move perfectly between each other and in the same time they have. They made the the pitch white with the win box and so deep, with uh, with the movements for the burner so that’s. Why it’s difficult to control? Because, with that movement, they move perfectly with the pulley switch and mount in the pockets, and once they get the ball, they are so direct. They are not the players for the pass, the ball. They are the the moment, so so clever that’s. Why? I saw this morning the gate. Yesterday they played gaston villa and the first time they were losing 1 0, but they played good in terms of they control the game. They know exactly what they have to do: the process, the mythology, all the you know, the process. They do they. Do it really well so that’s, why it’s a it’s a file? You know it’s a final champions league, so i could not expect you know less tough, but no opening, and so we know it and and okay, we are going to to face them.

Knowing what you have to do to win to beat them so i’m more concerned what they have to do with the ball, so it’s, a team created to do idea to the ball in our strategy without the ball is run as much as possible in our strategy. As a team from the day, one when we arrive is what we do with the ball, and this is what i’m going to work. The last two two three days before the final before the final saturday, okay, last question, we’ll, take please from alexis hon tag. You you’re on mute, alexis, yeah hi, pat uh, following the previous question. Do you do you expect a very defensive game in portal and the winner being the team who strikes first, the first goal and the high pressing is defensive in uh deep in many many, you know many things. So you know just one point: we’ll define the final. Okay, thank you. Everyone! Thank you.

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