UEFA Champions League, Manchester City F.C., Chelsea F.C., Pep Guardiola, Premier League Who Is Going To Win The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL? Chelsea vs Manchester City!

The biggest game in football is tonight. The champions league final, in fact, it’s the kickoffs in eight hours, so this video might be a little bit late and you know what this isn’t a chelsea video. Of course i do that on football therapy, but this is the biggest game in club football. Therefore, this being a football channel, surely surely i have to talk about it, um from both perspectives, manchester city, as well as chelsea football club, an all english champions league final city, looking like the benchmark in world football at the moment, certainly, since they’re you know, they’ve Won the premier league in pep guardiola kind of like turned around their campaign with like um, a kind of bit of impressive innovation, because yeah just the way they absolutely went on a run when people were earlier in the season talking about perhaps them fighting for top. Four and you know not being not being in the title race, so they’ve had an exceptional season. Chelsea’S season um has been chaotic uh. You know, frank lampard got canned mid season after a good, debut season, with chelsea loads of new attackers that failed to gel um. A new good tactical coach, coming in only four months into the job chelsea finishing, with their top goal, scorer on seven goals of georginio and it all being a little bit like they were built on the foundation of defense under thomas two call. But that has been pretty poor.

Recently they’ve lost three out of their four last games and and yeah they’re, not looking too stable, whereas man city, you know they, they walked the league a while ago and they finished the season with a bang scoring five goals against carlo ancelotti’s everton. So manchester city are heavy favorites. The premier league champions going into this game, but i think the pressure is on them. Man city, despite how chill the demeanor of pep guardiola is in pre match, presses the onus and the pressure should be on city because they’re favorites. Now they are a better team than chelsea um in the sense of they’ve, been years developing under pep guardiola uh. Having you know, pretty darn heavy investment, not not wasteful investment, but heavy investment and he’s a settle coach, five or six years. However long um into his project – and they know his ideas and he’s – got his players and obviously you compare that to thomas doogle who’s been at chelsea for four months. He’S learning about the chaotic nature of chelsea football club and um he’s got a lot of talent. He’S got a great squad, but they’re they’re, not they’re, not sort of gelling he’s got all these like wicked sort of. I don’t know how what analogy or to make, but he he’s. So he’s got all these good players, but they’re, not necessarily the players that he would have bought for his design. For his, you know, philosophical idea of how to be successful in english football and this champions league final, even though it’s the way for champions league final european it’s, english football, it’s man, city versus chelsea, so it’s it’s, me it’s.

Actually i just realized. I forgot to be a youtuber here. I want to urge you guys to subscribe to this channel football yannick if you’re new um, if you’ve been watching the videos and you’ve enjoyed it, obviously it’s much more casual nature than my other content a little bit more. Like a podcast, a sort of informal conversation with you guys, so if you dig that thank you and consider subscribing hitting the bell notifications, uh commenting liking all that jazz right admin and housekeeping out the way yeah so the game. So i think the onus is on man city, of course, they’ve never won a champions league as well. Chelsea have um. I think this is the first final they’ve reached as well, so it’s a big big game. They go into it favorites though, fortunately for them. Yes, they’ve never won champions league but fortunately they’re, probably the best team um and a lot of people are making them heavy favorites. I think the bookmakers are making them heavy heavy favorites i’m, while i’m live here. Talking to you, i’m, going to check uh the odds of a a betting website – i’m, not gon na tell you, which i don’t know what the legalities of that is. Yeah. Okay, champions league final man. City are better than odds on to win better than odds on twin and chelsea are seven to two so worse than three to one. Basically so what’s that, like 29 chance of winning or something or something like that, so you know they so yeah man city are heavy heavy favorites um, but chelsea will back themselves because of course they have beaten pep guardiola’s man, city, thomas two courts.

Chelsea has been pep guardiola’s man city twice recently in the premier league, at the etihad um. Although you know it was probably a deserved win, but it was a last minute second, winner and in the semi final of the fa cup. Both teams heavily rotated there’s. This sort of recent concept that only pep played his b team and chelsea was like full strength, which is completely untrue. I think chelsea made um pep made like nine changes and chelsea made five, so chelsea was still heavily rotated. You know kepper and goal their teenage billy gillam all running the midfield, so it’s a little bit of a um myth that chelsea didn’t uh heavily rotate in that game as well um, so yeah, it’s gon na be it’s gon na be massive. I don’t think pep’s gon na do his classic make loads of incredible weird changes in the champions league. I think he’s probably going to go for his for free free uh. We won’t see benjamin mendy starting left back um because you know rhys james, roasted him in the semi final. It will probably be zinchenko over cancello uh, because in chango has probably been the former pullback for city um john stones. Ruben diash sent it back partnership in front of um, uh, edison and uh yeah carl walker right back, and then you have the midfield. I heard some people talking about this it’s, really just a toss up between roger and fernandinho.

I fancy fernandinho to start in this game, although he can be a little bit hot headed, although he’s never seems to get sent off he you know he always puts thousands. He gets that yellow card and he walks this. Like amazing line of never being sent off and putting in all these fouls, which you know you got ta, say it it’s, a part of the game, so pep would love. You know that he does that. I said jose mourinho and absolutely love his player. To do that so it’s part of the modern game um, so him and midfield, obviously kdp, but you you don’t, think aguero or jesus will start this. It will be a front three of like oh yeah, sorry, people like gundawan in the midfield as well, but i think it’ll be a front free of foden, possibly or maybe phone will come off the bench mahrez you feel would definitely start because he’s been excellent for Man city at the end of the season, uh on the right wing cutting in on to his left boot um kdb, is a false nine. Maybe that sort of happened and then more of a functional midfield um. You could also see barnardo’s silver feature: they’ve got loads of players, man they’ve got loads of players um, but i think it’ll be a 433 because that’s like the most harmonious man city site. You know i mean so that’ll be interesting when it comes to chelsea, um.

Freeback system obviously uh, i think maybe a slight different approach. Thomas does like to um tinker tinkering or thomas toucal. I don’t know i think, obviously mandy and girl. I’Ve um i’ve done a preview on football therapy about this. I do think it will be the senior back three of us be like thiago, silva and rudiger really, and i think the midfield would be kante and georginio, because kovachich has been poor of late. Fullbacks would be chill well and probably reach james because of how man city play it suits reese james, a little bit more and then really the the forwards for chelsea is a really difficult one to call because he’s chopping and changing like you know, ziesh has had Awful games for chelsea of late in the premier league, but he’s risen to the occasion in the big games against big opposition. I think in the two games recently under touhou against city, he scored an assisted, so could be, you know. Mason mounts got a start, so it could be ziesh and werner. I think vern is going to start as well. So really it’s, just you know, is it zs? Is it pull a sick or is it havertz again loads of quality, but none of these guys are settled goal scorers in this chelsea side, so it’s incredible, really it’s massive um in terms of how the game will go. I think it will be. One team will probably try and take control and keep the ball and there’ll be like a sort of role playing like you’re, going to be the possession side we’re going to defend and man city can do that as well.

They can dig in and defend and then hit you in transition and then then, and then they themselves have a spell in possession go right. We’Re gon na take control and both teams will probably concede to the ebb and flow. I think, ultimately, man, city, being the better team, will probably have more possession, but chelsea can put it on them and they’ve done it before they’ve beaten them twice recently, but not the full strength. Man, city and it could be a game of tactics. I think it will be very, very tight. I think both teams understand like pep guardiola this season more than ever understands that playing tight’s, absolutely fine. You know just getting the w two calls. Chelsea absolutely know that i think they’ve had two games and they’ve scored a few goals. Generally they win by one or two. You know this could be, could be a nil nil all the way or it could be a one one. You know or the fragility of this chelsea team they are capable of collapsing. They are capable of collapsing um, which means a chelsea fan. Don’T want to see it, but i think, in terms of, if there’s a sort of mental collapse from one side, uh um, you know i’m anxious to admit that’s – probably more likely to be chelsea. But chelsea can just have a really good performance really good day and they can beat manchesie. I i think it’s gon na be a score draw and i think it’s gon na be settled in extra time or penalties.

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