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With me, coach ryan d, isles win isles win, we didn’t call that we called pittsburgh, but to be fair, we also didn’t realize that jarry would end up being junk and i’m saying we to protect. My fragile ego, because it’s i i didn’t realize jari – was going to be this junk islanders. Prove it wrong nothing taken away from the islanders. They played a fantastic series from top to bottom. They have one of the best, probably the best coach in the nhl right now. So now we have the islanders and the bruins and baby. I am here to give you 12 reasons. You should be fired up and excited for this series, as well as my prediction, for who i think is going to win this, and i don’t know what that means, because we called one of them wrong, but we also called boston to the cup they might be In trouble, though, stick around to the end of the video to find out roll the intro, these american series, especially the eastern division, have just been fire. I have been spending a lot of time with my head buried in the sand in the northern division and, frankly, even though my jets won been kind of boring, don’t tell canada that, though new york and boston should be pure fire, both series before it were fire Washington and boston, the series of the islanders and penguins were fire and the islanders crowd was hot, maybe hot hot hot, so without further ado.

Here are the top 12 reasons that you should be excited and watching this series number 12. low goals against for both teams. This is actually, i think, a very exciting reason to watch this series, unlike most series where frankly, zero zero games and one zero games, i don’t personally find the most exciting, even as a hockey aficionado, if you will, but i think this one will be exciting. These are two extremely fast teams that play really really tight in the neutral zone. They’Re both really well coached, but you know we’ll talk about that a little later, so i actually think the low goals against is going to make the series a real nail. Biter number 11.: the islanders won the series 5 3, but the true series record was three three and two and two of those wins ended up coming in overtime, which is three on three and we know that’s not coming in the playoffs. But i think a lot of experts are going to have boston as the clear favorite going into here, but we do have to look at the records so it’s. A great reason to watch number ten. The bruins won their three games in that five to three series against the islanders at the end of the season when it matters leading up to the playoffs number, nine, the bruins outscored, the islanders 10 3. In those last three games leading up to the playoffs number. Eight, the bruins acquired taylor hall at the trade deadline, which led to those three wins interesting number seven, but the islanders did pick up paul mary and zajac from the new jersey devils.

They didn’t even have to move their living quarters just what arena they are carrying their bag. To and paul mary has been quite the player for the islanders in the playoffs. Fantastic, fantastic player against the penguins and zajac got into the lineup tonight brings a veteran presence. Has been to a stanley cup final, very defensive, responsible, locker room leader number six, the islanders have the best coach trots is the best coach. If you don’t, think he’s the best coach. Your vote better be for coach q, who isn’t in this series so irrelevant. Trotts gets the nod and that’s a big deal in the playoffs number. Five, the bruins have better special teams. Their power play and penalty kill is miles above almost well. Anyone else in the league. I believe the perfection line with mcavoy is a deadly deadly first unit to come out and boston’s dedication to their kill all year have actually put them in second in the nhl. So, even though the islanders have a phenomenal phenomenal penalty, kill 83 that’s good enough. For sixth boston has 86 that’s good enough for two, and we all know that special teams makes all the difference in the playoffs. It really does number four. The bruins have better forward line depth go down the top twelve. It is very hard to argue, even if you’re an islanders fan that right now the bruins have the better line depth. I know i know islanders fans are gon na, say a lot of their players are young, they’re, underrated and when they win the stanley cup they are absolutely going to be fairly rated and you’re right.

But right now, objectively, looking at both teams and i’m a biased jets fan, look behind me. I got to give this nod to the bruins marshawn pasternack bergeron, the perfection line hall creachy smith, very, very nice line too. Thank you for that trade deadline. Acquisition, richie, coyle and debrusk are doing exactly what you need out of a third line in the playoffs, adding secondary scoring and being defensively responsible, and their fourth line is like fine. Lazar is pretty good. I guess comparing that to the islanders combination of barzel, who is an unheralded superstar. He really is. Barzell – is good. Jordan, eberle and komarov not a bad line, one but i’m. Given the nod to the perfection line, then you have bavoulier nelson and bailey. Bailey was excellent against the penguins. Nelson is always a very responsible two way center. I mean this is a. This is a nice line, but holland creachy. I got ta give it to that line, sorry aisles and then you have paul mary and pajo pajo, again really nice third line center. The islanders have a very underrated top three centerman. Their depth at center is fantastic, but again coiled, brusque and richie i’m going coil, debrusk and richie, and i didn’t include wallstrom because he’s, like kind of injured kind of not and zajac muddles in somewhere there. So there’s really two set positions on that line. I do, though, give the edge to the islander’s fourth line. I think this is zika’s line with martin.

I like that, and i still like cal clutterbuck, even though he has an absolutely ridiculous name like who names their kid cow. When his last name’s clutterbuck, like your parents, were either drunk or really funny number three, the islanders top parrying, defenseman and likely defensive core is better than boston’s yup i’m gon na give it to them. Pelic and pollock have been fantastic. These guys are shut down. Specialists, adam pellick, i’m, really enjoying watching him. I didn’t realize what i was missing before the penguins islander series: this is a really nice top pairing, decor, letty and mayfield. Nice depth is three and four nick letty has always been solid and green and dobson are also serviceable. They are let’s, take a look at the bruins. Sadly, since the loss of char – and i know he was a little older and tori krug leaving town the bruins back – end feels so so, but their commitment to team defense is very high, so they do make it work, plus a pretty good goaltender, grizzlik and mcavoy Mcavoy is elite, there’s no question about it, but i don’t like these too much as much as i like, pelican pollock in terms of shutting down other teams. Both are very good, though i mean they’re, both top pairing defensemen. It makes perfect sense but i’m, giving the edge to the islanders, riley and carlo again slight edge to the islanders, not huge slight and tinordy and clifton fine that’s.

All i got ta say fine number, two duke or ask he’s hot right now he is, but this could also be in favor of the islanders, depending on what tuca rask we get you get to karask from the last three games in the series against washington. Man is fire when he is on he is on, but if you get the two carast that led in three crappy weak goals in the first two games against washington it’s, the only reason it wasn’t the sweep, sorry caps fans but ras costs. You one game. If you get that two car ass that lets in three out of six as weak goals well, the islanders can absolutely expose you they’re faster than the washington capitals. They play a better team game than the capitals and they’re better coached than the capitals. The capitals have some veteran presence and tough guys, but the islanders are definitely going to be a much tougher matchup for the bruins and for tucaras, but if you get the rask that plays the way rask can play in the last three games, series is over. Rask will absolutely steal it. Sorokin is fine, he’s, okay, but i mean watching the penguins play against the islanders. You notice that well there’s a lot of goals going in on both ends of the ice, the bruins a little bit stingier. So the game opens up against the penguins. The game will close down against the bruins, but we’ve already noted that the bruins forward depth and that perfection line and that power play unit is a problem and will likely be a problem for sorokin in this playoff series.

So we’ll see which goalie we get from the islanders, but right now the number two reason to watch. This is tucarask. If ras stands on his head bruins all day, if ras lets in weak goals, the islanders can absolutely take this in five or six number one. The crowds, boston and new york that crowd was fire against pittsburgh. I was cheering for pittsburgh when this series started i’m. A massive crosby fan. Congratulations: new york islanders. I ended up cheering for you two games ago, unbelievable how the crowd just flips everything around and i’m. Like these guys are nuts in the best possible way, i’m in completely in young team, fast trots barzel’s through the roof, you have a song for josh bailey. What you have a song love it well, boston fans are well just as nuts. They love their sports. Cydia champions for a reason, right, boston fans, so these crowds are going to be hot, anytime, boston and new york get together to clash in any sport. It is absolute fire. That is probably the number one reason to watch this, because i’ve been watching teams in the north play with no fans and it’s. Just oh there’s, like no energy, i’m, i’m, not saying either way there should or shouldn’t be fans i’m. Just saying watching on tv. It just feels so much more exciting. Listening to the crazy new york and boston fans go wild. So those are your 12 reasons to watch this series.

What is our prediction? Well, if rask falls apart and you know let’s in some weak goals – yeah i’m gon na get chirp down below in the comments, send me all the ras stats. You want man, but the only stat i care about is that he’s been to two stanley cup finals and unable to close it. So i’ve said it before i’ll say it again: curtis joseph best regular season, goalie couldn’t, get it done in the playoffs. Rask is vying for that crown could turn it around this year, though. If ralph stands on his head, though, which i am going to predict, the money is down i’m predicting it. I say boston gets through in seven seven games against the islanders and these will be tight games contested by one goal or an empty net goal to spread that by two that’s. My gut feeling six is an easy cop out. Five is a tough one to pick because i don’t think the islanders, i think, it’s doing the islanders dirty by saying they’re gon na be out in five boston. Has this weird ability to let teams hang around even if they’re, better than them so boston ends up outclassing the islanders? For some reason – and i mean they – they can absolutely do it they’re gon na. Let them hang around till seven. I mean the bruins are really one of the only teams that gave up a three nothing lead to philadelphia, and some of these guys are still left that remember that they were on the team.

So there’s no reason to think that, even if boston goes up three, nothing, they couldn’t lose this series and bruins fans don’t get mad at me. You know i’m right, unlike the leafs. Well, just like the leafs, you have a little bit of ptsd, but like less than the leafs, because you’ve caused most of the leaf’s ptsd, i always got to get the leafs in there right. So those are my 12 reasons. My prediction is boston in seven. I still have boston all the way to the stanley cup. I do let the hate fall down below as it will. This has been coach ryan d. Looking forward to this series, bruins islanders, i think i’m, cheering for the bruins. I really like the bruins i’ve been a bruins guy for quite some time. Well, after the jets, i mean, if the bruins play the jets, get the get back out of here, but, like the islanders are winning me over here, this is exciting hockey.

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Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, National Hockey League vs New York Islanders Series Preview