Arizona Wildcats baseball, Pacific-12 Conference, Dixie State University, NCAA Division I, National Collegiate Athletic Association Former UA standout Ayton and Suns lose game 3 to Lakers

That also has a former standout deandre eaton. He has been averaging a double double in the series heading into tonight’s game: three showdown, even steven all right early on deandre ayton gets into the mix into the second quarter. The suns lead and chris paul will throw it up to eight let’s check it out again. In slow motion throwing it up for a knockout dunk mohammed aliyup style, phoenix cuts, the lead to 38 35, but in the third quarter, lebron comes on strong down the lane and how you like them. Now the lakers lead 45 40 and jumped out to a double digit lead heading into the fourth quarter. La survives after the victory and now leads two games to one: hey, coach, j, johnson and the arizona wildcat baseball team are taking a break from conference play as they host dixie state for a three game series tonight, friday and saturday. No matter what happens, arizona at least has a share of the pac 12 title. Remember. If oregon can sweep california, the ducks can tie the wildcats for first place. Oregon did win their game tonight, 11, 5, so the ducks they are still alive and at high corbett. Tonight, chandler murphy on the mound for the wildcats trying to get out of a jam after dixie state put up two runs in the top of the second inning and that’ll be a double play. What do you say? Arizona gets out of a rut and a bit later, donte williams, with the grounder he’s fast, but hey.

This helps bathroom. The ball gets past. The first baseman for dixie state and williams will hustle his way into scoring position. And after that kobe kato is saying. Thank you very much. The base hit will allow dante williams to score arizona will still trail 2. 1 at that point in the second inning, but they take the lead into the sixth inning. The wildcats come out on top four to two arizona: hosts dixie state again at 6 p.m. Tomorrow, at high corbett field, plenty of tickets are still available, full capacity allowed now too, and no matter what, though, back to the sweet feeling of winning a pac 12 title? What a come from behind win for the wildcats, it was awesome. I mean our flight. We woke up at like 4 30 a.m, but i think that’s, the happiest we’ve all been waking up. That early, you know, obviously, is a lot of hard work went into it. So we were just we were just pumped up that we could, you know, come back to tucson, knowing that we at least clinched a share uh. You know we don’t really have to. You know hope for another team to do anything. You know it was in our hands and we took advantage of it, see the coaches and, like all the staff, members kind of like super excited and happy about it, because the amount of work that has been put in here to it i mean, if you think, About it, it’s been a two year like journey, and it was just an all out grind for two years, because cobit last year we didn’t really get to finish this thing and for it to end like this way at the end of this year, like the regular Season i mean it’s, pretty special, hey.

We are 100 days away from kickoff of the 2021 football season and coach jed, fish’s first game and now it’s been announced the kickoff times for the wildcats first three games. Here we go on september, 4th versus byu it’ll be at 7, 30 p.m, that game’s in las vegas and it’ll, be on espn and on september 11th, at 7 p.m. Back at home, arizona will take on san diego state that one starts at 7 p.m. Also on the pac 12 network end, then, the next week after that september, 18th, 7 pm start arizona takes on nau. That, of course, will also be on the pac 12 network. We have the complete schedule on and a congrats is in order to ben mccartney. The 19 year old made the jump from the tucson roadrunners to the arizona coyotes. He has just signed a three year: entry level contract in his four games. This season, with the tucson roadrunners mcdonald, was the team’s leading scorer and quickly. The number 11 ranked arizona softball team has touched down in scc country as the wildcats get set to duke it out with number six arkansas in the super regional. The winner advances to the college world series game time is set for 4 p.m. Tucson time on espnu, we have more with the cats on we’ll, be right.

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