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That’S got some carry and that’s gone baby, hey eugenio suarez a spark at the start, as he goes oppo again his 11, not a true double header that one way down and in clip frozen at first stevenson, hardly schwarver. You saw stevenson juan soto makes his first start on his latest go round with the big club as the nets hung on and yong gomes and challenges it whenever possible, but that night swinging a miss that’s, a nasty pitch. His first k, 2 1 chop to second. They get the flip for the game only 10th best in the national league, turner, soto and bell schwarber hard to believe with all the good games that sonny gray has seen the numbers for turner fourth highest after payoff to turner. Blandino at foul ground makes the catch. You know the more go long, john and more against gray into center. Shell akiyama, the start and center naquin over home run is the lead off hitter. Kyle farmer has gone deep on the series late pinch, hitter and tyler two that pop by turner that made the shift is on 2. 1 makes the catch feels like a bit of breathing room. I know it’s only one run now. Runner goes and that’s strike. Three gray strands a man p of the 2019 world series. He was right to right. Soto had broken back bends in line sharply all the way to the wall turn it first to the right field.

Wall, sunny gray hit list through that gym day grounded shrock breaks, turner gathers and hit eighth and gray gets a ground ball that advances. Strasbourg makes the third one nothing reds difference early bare hand play 3 2 defensive swing, dribbled gray, two guys look. What they’ve come against swinging? A miss that’s, a nasty breaking ball that rotations as being better than knocked in his winker sends that one to left sliding glove. The pitching savior, which he just dusted. It right obvious that’s, that’s, pretty good swinging a mess; Applause chips; it’s a shallow outfield you’re, going to get a chance to hear that. I think sonny gray on the corner actually be a huge step, but because i mean you’re with by far the youngest person, Applause crowded rips through the bag – and he is a two out of yourself on base driving a run in scoring – is a track start to. Second grounded easy play field hit in this inning one, nothing still Music, and if you got red’s gear on you couldn’t, even you could barely emit things at you. There, like snowballs swing at a miss tough breaking ball. Let’S play great armor talks about that debut. On the podcast, as shock makes the out oh nice, play by gray. He is on tonight. Sonny gray is just nothing from winds. There was a more of a proving off the mound. Sonny gray swing of the miss joss misses low in his first 3′.

Well takes a weird skip into center field, a whip around third gray scores suarez over to third bay and, to his credit, the way gets thinning. The reds lead three to nothing center caught on the run, a three nothing in its fourth best in the national league. If he gets the two stroke, calm field away with it most of the time, oh swaying it a miss. I guess it took a good hop. What pay off strike three. We saw suero two nights ago, both sides and that one up the middle turner’s got it. Applause o2, swaying it a miss fastball flight shows max schrock finds a hole. Two out runner. I think schrock had a field soto, perfectly positioned to the bump twirling a two hitter spinning, only 75 pitches on the warning, the other ones that are down the middle. They usually get hit, oh, and he makes the stab the better down. I don’t know i’m gon na find out with you, farmer’s, throw and now soto’s on with a four pitch one, oh, throw that blandino just barely brings in go. I lied guys. I lied. I i do the reds and nats wrapping up their second game of the day, granted each right back and off of gray, where he’s retired ten of eleven three nothing through six, clear, roofing, pregame show reds live, starts at 1, 30 p.m. Is the red and the new pitcher for the nationals, kyle mcgowan, deep breath, you can see the shoulders rise and fall pumps.

It was a very lengthy session and deeply personal. The past has been to get to this moment, be so sweet, so special, rounded to third bobbled castro’s got to have a bobble even momentarily, like that. If you’re not running having himself a series, good pitch could be doing different now, i’m, not so sure, he’s going to be able to kind of my point swing it. A miss landino held on a little bloop out goes. Turner makes him during his plate. Appearance ball up his fist kind of pounding. From about to it bat, i mean right now, it’s obvious, when you jesse winker it’s, like the answer that jesse winker gave to john dubon, why are you hitting so well into the left field corner against the wall? Has now robbed winker twice tonight that wouldn’t have been whoever has defensively you play enough out there you get enough repetitions, dandy strike, one gray is retired 10 of 11.. He is allowed into left. Will the reds pitcher come from the dugout or the bullpen six scoreless? The baton handed to lucas simpson, a couple of saves to his credit 26 strikeouts in seventh bounce to the pitcher squares to bunt, yanks, it back and i’m, assuming got at least close to hot. You never know how england feliz was throwing as the reds rallied and scored three information about hitters and perspective hitters of if a guy’s warming up who they might fake, you know, have no access right now.

Fastball strike looking and the reds are two ounce away. Besides fastball, because this looked like it was a hittable pitch and he is struck first pitch strike the red through the 12th bounced back to sims. All the pitchers have been fielding tonight for the red it’s almost like he knows, he’s coming on camera. You see that little smirk luis got ta, see ya, sharp breaking ball training, arizona, the nationals don’t a very quick bat. 1. 2. The sprint Applause makes the nationals in dc and the red in dc since 2015 and wrong effort from suarez in the lead off spot.

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