Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, MLB HAD SNO GOOD SNOWBALLS & EXTRA INNINGS BRAVES BASEBALL! | Birthday Celebration Vlog! | YBC ENT.

I don’t know when you get in this video, but you already know what time of the year it is you feel me today is. May 20th i don’t know if y’all know, but on may 20th of 1993 a king was born that’s one thing: that’s, 28 years, all right, i’m, gon na i mean this real, quick, big city, big atlanta, big old city, a whole lot of atlanta. You feel me, like, i said last time, may 20th a king a star the best youtuber to ever come on this platform. Okay period was born. You feel me 1993. I mean i’m 28 years old today, guys it’s my birthday hold on. I need some light it’s. My birthday today is my birthday. Y’All already know yesterday was who oh you out here, brushing your hair j, lee’s birthday it’s my birthday, you should be! May 19th may 20th. We out here, bruh, today’s, gon na be real lit. You feel me it it anytime. I pick up the camera to actually vlog because i’ve been enjoying myself for the past couple days. I didn’t vlog much from jada lee’s birthday because i was enjoying the hell out of myself, so you got to really wait and hopefully see if she have some on her channel to look back at that. I know we just was in the moment it was lit, but i’m telling you it was lit so so anytime. I pull out the camera. That means it’s an important day so y’all about to go with me the whole day for the birthday man y’all, show love.

In the comments comment down below happy birthday. Jay we got some fun things coming today: yeah yeah, it’s gon na be lit, so y’all stay tuned press subscribe because it’s more than a million on the way – and you should just subscribe today because it’s my birthday that rhymes birthday present or cash at him – cash Out yeah put on the screen: yeah catch up. You don’t see where it’s at you gon na, see where it says: go ahead, spread some holiday well, it’s, not a holla it’s. My holiday spread some celebration cheer. I don’t know going over here. You shoot me! Oh, you don’t put my cash up too i’m. Just playing yeah cynthia leaves money too we’re gon na go ahead and get about this thing for right now, y’all gon na see us in the next clip think we’re about to go. You know what y’all see hold on so hey man like y’all know. If y’all are true, oh geez to this channel bro, then you know i’m, a little country. You know i got family mississippi from atlanta um, but today and what i haven’t had about. It’S been at least about a year and a half it’s, a good southern, mississippi or new orleans, and i say new orleans new orleans style snowball. So you know i had to find a snowball stand here in atlanta. The uh snow, good, snowballs it’s on instagram definitely go check them out. I’Ll leave their information down below they um.

They have like actual style snowballs, so we’re gon na go ahead and get one get one of them. For my birthday and i’m gon na see how it is, got ta test it to see if it’s, that true authentic stuff, just like that italian ice, this is a snowball it’s, a difference all the flavors yo, all of them, my and i’m telling y’all. This is a true hat. My favorite snowball is the tiger blood and that blue bubblegum. You cannot go wrong. You cannot go wrong. Y’All see definitely come support. Snow glitter, snowballs, oh yeah, strawberry, kiwi. Oh, you got the oh you real fancy. That’S one thing i said i ain’t familiar with the gummies in it where’s the light there’s a light. Yeah i’m, not familiar with the gummies, so yeah we’re gon na we’re gon na see how you feel about it. But i got that good old humdinger that’s, where you got the ice on the top ice cream on the bottom, so y’all say too man it’s lit Applause, oh god this is, i don’t think y’all saw. Oh. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. So much. Thank you all right, you take it easy purple. You feel me you’re supposed to create the red with the blue with the purple that look good. I got a boomerang in this ring. Oh my goodness, y’all all right, oh the juice already leaking. You see that juice over there that’s juicing that’s, the type of juice that’ll die any type of clothes.

You got on that’s that authentic flavor. That thing here is one thing you can’t do is fake, that, oh, my god, if there’s one thing look at your juice. Oh slurp it right there i got it. I got ta slurp it yo mm. Hmm mm! Hmm! Thank you see. I went calm my first time around, but he know what how to do. If there’s one thing, you know it’s that authentic flavor and that’s real snow snow, what is it snow, good, snow balls, no good, it’s, no good! Shout out the oil shout out: Music, hey man! We here quick, wardrobe change, quick little chat, location change, y’all, see what’s behind me, that’s the stadium we’re here at truest park for the braves game, if y’all, if y’all this is like a true og vlog to you because, like if y’all are true, oh jesus channel, You know this is what three years ago my 25th birthday, i came to the game on my birthday. Y’All stay tuned all right. This is about to hit. It now see. Y’All my mommy, my brother, hey y’all, hey y’all, hey y’all, hey y’all! We here we here. Okay, y’all just gon na stand and look what’s up, y’all happy birthday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’Re gon na hug, your brother it’s, my birthday, i don’t know exactly where gary is um hey. We are here. You know what’s going on we’re here, yeah yeah. Oh y’all haven’t been here before ain’t no name for me for me, shout out to hate gary r.

i.p man, our ip man, all right, peter, hey, shout out to hey man every time i come around this area. I just feel like greatness. You feel me, i feel, greatness. Every time we come around this area, yeah man we here got the tickets checked in and everything so y’all stay tuned, it’s about to be a literation. I ain’t saying it doesn’t matter. Literature situation see you in a minute, so the shade already starts what you just say. What you just asked me how’s, my back your back your knees, arthritis. When he first asked me how’s my back, i started thinking i’m like dang. Did i hurt myself did? I did i hurt myself or something, but they just talking about my age. Getting old, hey, it happens. It is what it is my fingers in the way it is what it is at this point man we here, though, it’s lit, you got your mask um. You are covered protected all right so so who okay, the braves on the field it’s the top of the first um we’re playing the pirates, yeah uh huh um he’s about to pitch the ball. Hopefully the guy doesn’t hit it strike. He struck him out. He struck him out. He did what he was supposed to do. He struck him out. Oh, oh, we get. We get fireworks when we get a strikeout okay. Yes, sir Applause let’s go i’ll cool you up, oh yeah, he was out.

He was out Applause Applause, the dugout yeah. He already know what’s up what yeah what they they got: real close yo like they oh they’re talking. Oh no. I think that was a respect for me yeah, because y’all see who y’all see who here man we all here i queen is up the back, so let’s check that out homer right here. No, okay, not that time got the freeze. Oh it’s, over with beat the freeze. Oh oh, oh! Oh, oh Applause! Oh Applause, Applause, hey man, hey it’s, the bottom of the night. The last walk that i did this in. We won so y’all stay tuned because we can still win it’s. The bottom of the night Applause let’s go. Oh you wanted that one. I felt it he wanted that one. I want it. He wanted that one. I felt that he wanted that one yeah yo Applause, ah Music. I feel you ronald. I feel you running. I feel you ronaldo, that was supposed to be it bro. The game was supposed to be over. The game was going to be overrun. Music it’s, my birthday. I want to go. Take care of the rest of my birthday. I don’t know you trying to stay uh. You trying to stay you trying to stay yeah man, so i don’t know man. I don’t know we like.

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