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, the east will lead off cesar hernandez and the pitch is swung on hit high hit deep to left back is grossman, and this ball Is gone over the bullpen and into the seats and left and cesar hernandez with his sixth home run, as he leads off tonight’s game blasting. The second pitch of the game into the seats in left field here’s, the 3 2 swung on him missed first out – is a strikeout for terrex scuba. Another 2 2 swung out and missed back to back punch outs for scuba here in the first little extra for him didn’t. He now the 1 1 to center field, but due got a late jump, but he catches up to it. Well aaron savage! He is making his 10th start seven times. He has pitched uh. Excuse me five times out of the nine starts. He has pitched seven innings. He is six and one three thirty. This is the third time he’s matched up against tariq skubal this year. There it is. He started that off the plate. That thing ended up right in the heart of the dish and i think grossman sort of gave up on it. Yeah looked away and you didn’t realize it came right over the middle yeah and it’s swung on lifted high in the air to center. Drifting back is luplow, but that’s death valley out there he’ll make the grab. Candelario is out number two castro still at first indians.

Still up one, nothing that would seem to be an easy one to get right. Savali works the scoreless first one, nothing cleveland after an inning, then you see him a couple times and try and make it tougher on him. 2. 2. He struck him out already. A third strikeout for tarik skubal, the 2 2 swung on and missed another punch out for tarik skubal, make it four and two in a row here in the second. Now the one two struck him out. He strikes out the side. One two smashed into the ground for jim candelario went away. You see this young man ramirez swing late on the fastball. You know it’s good, the o2 fastball 96 above the strike zone, the 2 2 second time that he struck out lukewarm tonight in on his hands popped it up. Is it playable? Yes, sir one away jose ramirez has that jake rogers with a liner and it’s caught by a med rosario or did he short hop short hop, either way: it’s two outs and that’s caught by owen miller to retire the side, three complete from motown one, nothing cleveland Music that’s a thing of beauty right down. The chalk kicks off the sidewall, though, and that’ll keep eddie from scoring, but the indians have the beginnings of a rally. Second and third, nobody out with an rabi opportunity for owen miller, got the fastball he’ll get his first big league run battered in it’s two to nothing cleveland.

Another 2, 2 inning over strikes out hedges for his seventh strikeout of the night. 3 2 pitch strike three gold that’s the same pitch. He got strike two on him. They swung at it and strikes out so he swung at the first one off the dish he swung at the last one off the dish on the 3 2 count popped up on the infield back in the second inning left field, eddie inning over four complete the Payoff he struck him out nasty that’s, the slider gibb. He was calling for the 2 2. He sits him down, strikes out luplo for the third time so once again, he’s out there doing his thing got in on him just enough to keep that one in the yard one down willie castro, jammed. He rolls over on one and that’s what you love. I think he’s had about three outs, if not four, on one pitch or less oh baby, four k’s for savali, he retires the side. In order aaron savala has blanked the tigers on three hits. He has struck out. Four hasn’t walked a matter deep center loop blow. Plenty of room – oh that’s, made for that park, use that center field area through the fastball by a little cut piece. Five strikeouts for savali aaron somali working on a four hit shout out reach for it, taps it to bowers and we’ve got one away: Music. 1. 0, slam to center that’s deep luplow tracking it and that ball is off the wall.

But news got speed to burn on his way to third he’s in there with a head first slide that man can motor and his pitch is swung on hit in the air to left and routine caught by rosario and somali gets out of it. Seven in the books on the ground nice play by cabrera and they get the lead rudder. Well done. He can still pick it luplow, who has struck out three times tonight: deep center badou bye, bye. How about that luplow with a two run homer here in the eighth and that erases those three strikeouts earlier and it builds the indians a four nothing lead. He came back with another breaking ball and he left it up a little bit and luplow just saw one. He swung through it, but he didn’t do it on this one. He hits it out to left center field and for loop load will be his seventh homer it’s, really been a clinic today on pitching and how to mix pitches up, move it in and out and keep hitters off balance god. I am looking with that fastball that two seamer that starts off the plate. The pitch swung on this is hit pretty well toward right center, but right there to grab the liner is harold ramirez out number two that pitch swung on a one. Hop smash to second miller will throw him out and aaron savali is going to get a shot at his first complete game.

Major league shutout, just a little low ball. Four tigers get the first time in the board here in the ninth right by him at 98. Miles an hour he didn’t mess around with any off speed pitches right. There i’m glad to see that, because he went right at him. The one two jonathan scope, sharply hit and out of the reach to the shortstop ahmed rosario candelario will be waved home, he’ll score and jonathan scope comes through with an rbi single here in the ninth and the indians. Now leading it four to one here in the night bases loaded, eric haas had a chance.

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