Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Triston McKenzie y Francona wins his 700th game as Cleveland Indians manager

You know and and he’s a tough kid man i mean he really is that that couldn’t have felt good. I got all three fingers. Um but the but the pointer finger had a, i think it was just pointed. Had an index finger had a had a really big blood bliss, so they popped that and they covered it. But now they’re gon na get him checked out just to make sure he’s. Okay, he’d had a pretty good day up until that point uh, you know swinging the bat uh just coming through with some big hits too. I agree and i even thought the other one worked. They gave the third baseman there, but because he got down the line so well, if he doesn’t do that that kid doesn’t throw that ball like that that’s, he harold plays the game the right way. He brings some energy to us, that’s really really important. What did you like from bieber today? You know what the best i think, what won the scoreboard was good, but i mean other. He looked back to being bieber crisp. You know he just he. He was throwing his coming out of the boat panties through his cutter. Really well shoot the you know how many times we say it’s when a guy’s pitching that well let’s spread it out where if he makes a mistake, it doesn’t cost you a game and that’s what happened when eddie hit the home run. I think he threw scopes.

Seven sliders in a row – and this last one you know, was kind of middle middle and he hit it for the home run, but because we had gotten a couple, more runs. It wasn’t the end of the world what’s um ahmed rosario dealing with was that from when he got hit by the pitch the other night. He was much improved today. He thought he could play, but the last thing was he went down the cage to hit and he just wasn’t just wasn’t quite able to do it. So i give the kid credit man he got here early and he tried you know he knew we’re up against it. A little bit um, hopefully he’ll be okay. Tomorrow he made a lot of improvement today. Um wasn’t really planning on even asking him to play, but then you know we were a little banged up coming into the game, so he gave it a shot. I give him credit for that. You know this. Was your 700th win as an indian’s manager. I believe um, what what is that i know i know what does that mean to you? It means, as it means as much that i didn’t know you know what hoynsey i mean. I love it here. I don’t need a certain amount of wins to to verify how i feel here. Um i enjoy the i enjoy the people, the you know the that’s. What that’s what i care about um is is going through stuff with the people.

I really care about that’s that’s the most meaningful to me. By far, i think you’re, one of you’re, one of three indians managers that have reached 700 wins with the franchise, hargrove and lou boudreau are the others. Well, i mean that’s good company, i mean i i’m honored by that company uh. You know what don’t tell grover that because then he’ll i don’t want him Laughter. No, i mean i that that’s, you know again that i i i feel like i like. I told you before that’s the important thing to me. I think, as you get older, sometimes things numbers kind of start cropping up some that you don’t want and some are. Okay, could you could you see bieber, you know, maybe a start like this. Coming a little bit – or i know he kind of struggled the last two times out yeah, i think he felt like he was on this trajectory um talking to him – and i know talking to carl coming out of his bullpen today before the game he felt like He was crisp and it was just nice. You know you, never you never can guarantee that somebody’s not going to give up runs because things can happen in a game, but to see him have the crisp to those pitches is really important. Eddie rosario um, i mean he came in. He started like he had kind of a like a modest six game hitting streak and uh tonight you see he started to drive the ball again yeah.

That was, i mean again with with fran mill out.

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