Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, Alex Cora, MLB Dave Roberts Reacts to Light Delay in Astros vs. Dodgers: "Interesting Enough During Their At Bat"

What allowed him to be so effective and efficient tonight. I think he was just a combo clayton. You know by nature he’s a strike: thrower uh it’s, an aggressive offensive club, and so when you’re throwing strides quality strikes, uh puts the ball, they put the ball in play and uh. We had guys uh when they put in play. I think he had six punch. No walk uh, but he was cruising, you know and even the homer from uh bregman. It was just a breaking ball that probably doesn’t get out anywhere outside of here in fenway, so he just had just such a really good outing. You know he and austin were locked up all night long and justin shared that a few of the guys were saying it felt like a real baseball game with all of the fans and being in a stadium at full capacity, but as a manager. How was the experience for you, you know um? I knew it was going to be full capacity. Obviously you know the opponent and uh. It was really uh energetic tonight. I think that having pantone 294 represented the dodgers and uh that was fantastic um. You heard them all night long, but certainly the astro fans, and it was just really good energy, so um, just to kind of have that kind of on both sides. I think that both teams were really uh jacked up tonight. Thanks dave yeah next questions from heart.

God see you go ahead, i did what’s that conversation like with clayton during that top of the eighth, when it’s going so long with the injury, delay and uh when it takes when it takes the mountain there. What are you thinking? Well um. It was one of those uh yeah. I mean because i think that there was another inning before that it was a long inning and then that one was especially long so it’s, just more of just understanding where he’s at what my or my mind is at game score and understanding that um having them Take the uh the mound in that seventh made a lot of sense, uh, but uh was the eighth and eighth inning um, but to have somebody behind him, i just felt that it made sense and it wasn’t. Obviously the pitch count was low, but just kind of the uh, the long innings i was just really mindful of and just knowing he’s going to go on sunday in a day game. So it just couldn’t work out any better. Do you get any more satisfaction, seeing clayton do that here, um Music? I i just always like seeing him pitch well, all of our guys, but uh. You know, obviously the last time he took them out here. We don’t need to recap that so for him to come out here and throw the baseball the way he did really happy for him. Next, questions from bill plunkett go ahead, i’m, good one, any other questions for dave.

Next questions from fabian our diet go ahead: hey dave, uh! I guess i know we talked about a little bit over when you guys were in san francisco about how you sort of feel like justin, turner’s gon na turn it around a little bit. I mean how encouraging is it to sort of see that start coming to fruition tonight, um yeah, it’s always good to see you know, justin get hits and you know get big hits and all hitters go through little funks um, like i said the other day, it Happens to him every year, for you know, week to ten day stretch and figure, some things out, and you know, even in the last game in san francisco. I thought he swung about really well a lot of hard contact, found some barrels and today that first at bat, just mr homer and followed up with the home of the same area, so um really good, but justin’s always going to give you good ambassador thanks, dave Yeah next question for american steven go ahead, dave what was going on and what were the conversations about that light, delay yeah. It was one of those things there where the rule clearly states that home team doesn’t turn on the lights until the top half of the inning. So you know we we take our top half evening and just interesting enough that the lights turn on at their time. At bat, but whatever we just wanted to clay to pitch and uh, you know not keep him on hold those guys turn the lights off, got one more from jorge.

Go ahead. Dave is that gamesmanship what’s going on there uh. You know i i don’t know um. I don’t, if, if it was intentional, i certainly don’t think that’s gaysmanship but uh yeah, i don’t really know and um. How did mookie look? Mookie looked better um, you know i thought uh the walk. I thought the change up uh. I think it was the second of that wrote it out lined out to uh the left fielder. I thought he took good advance who’s your dh tomorrow, uh dh is going to be justin cool.

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