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It’S, not raining very heavy, so they’ll be able to get this game started. We’Ll have to see how long it remains light and go from there well for perez he’s coming off a couple of really good starts one against la one against the philadelphia phillies. Last time i got the win in the last two games: he’s gone six innings in both of those games, the longest he’s gone all season and had a season high, seven strikeouts last time out against philadelphia, another 3 2 and he struck him out. Perez gets out of a bind in the top of the first doing. One to alfaro is hit in the air and hit well to deep right field way back and into the bullpen a two run homer for jorge alfaro. It is a long way out there to right at fenway two, nothing, miami well pardon me, mr alfaro, you say an incredible display of power. I mean one of the toughest right fields in the american league as far as distance, and you know getting a ball out. Alfaro goes the opposite way for a long two run home run to right. Perez got a strikeout of cooper to end the first trying to put away birdie here in the second 2 2 strike. Three called a backwards k to end. The second and rafi is first pitch swinging with his cousin, jose playing short he’s in the shift right now for the marlins separated by three years, both out of the dominican, jose devos, said this week.

They’Ve never played against each other, but he was excited for this and he goes down swinging on 95 again from poteet. Who is fan three and just basically stayed with the fastball that time when he got ahead of devins and put him away with the strikeout fastball up and away that’s? How a lot of pitchers try to pitch devas when they get ahead of him. High fast balls away from and if he makes contact well, sometimes he’ll pop it up or sometimes he’ll hit it hot off the wall. So the cousin wins that first battle fast ball in 2 2 and he got him 93, and that is paint from perez good job by perez. You know shows him something outside and right back inside with the fastball to pick up the strikeout couldn’t do much with that. If he had swung at him, didn’t expect it in there was looking away leaning out over the plate. 50 pitches in for martine in his 10th start of the season strike three calls three straight k’s now for perez yeah, it looks like you know: cb buckman, behind the plate is calling him inside and outside tonight, and not up and down that ball appeared to be Inside but strike three call by cb buckner and surprising aguila, but it might have been a little makeup from the one that he probably missed earlier. Yeah on the change up sounded like aguilar on his way back was asking if it if it hit the corner yeah.

So it’s up to jd martinez here in the third, with the red sox down a pair another 02 to him, and he pulls this one to left center field back toward the wall and that’ll drive in two renfro scores from second hernandez from first and jd. Martinez ties the ball game. Oh did he ever do a nice job, staying back on a change up that time and put a charge in it off that left field wall there’s the off speed pitch to change up. It stays right about knee high and martinez. Absolutely crutches this ball in the gap it’s a big two out base hit here, a double. I should say for martinez, to tie this one up at two rbis number, 38 and ‘ for him on the season exit velo 108. That was stung by jd two down for christian vasquez. Vasquez drives this one deep to right with cooper back spinning around and he hangs on to it and they get a big smile because they get the baseball a couple of man hugs right there, wow they’re not getting cheated out no i’m. The baseball baseball to abort. Here for verdugo with one away in the fifth and he pulls one to right, sending cooper back and that ball’s gone it’s a three run, shot for alex ferdugo and the red sox lead in the fifth. Oh, he didn’t wait for that very long. He got a breaking ball on the first pitch and launched it curveball and that ball screamed out of here up over the bullpen area.

First, roll out of the bullpen that’s a shot, doogie fired up and taken the ride, and that is three straight walks to load them up for the marlins. But avino’s gon na get doesn’t seem too pleased that this thing’s still going and that he’s got to pitch through this cooper is dodging puddles, as he leads off. Third dickerson and alfaro on as well in the 01, is caught on and miss nothing in two one. More they yell on avino 02.. He got him swinging a strikeout for adevino to leave him low. They got to bring the top out now. They’Ve got to this field. Right now is unplayable.

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