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But this is a little more significant brown draw for the team lead with 17.. This is smash. The center field gonzalez on the run looks up, and this is a home run for lucas dunn, oh he’s, smashed it to center field and the cards are on the board. It’S a two run crank for the ton of the first Applause that’s. How you get off to a good start? Sixth hormone of the season for lucas dunn, it was no cheapy grant herder tried to go down, but the breaking ball didn’t, get it down enough. Oh my right to the wheelhouse live drive. Rbi is number 30 and 31.. The celebration – and i mean the people driving their cars on that street, better, be on alert. Not this time. Around will height, makes the play on the run in school. History served in the left field and sinking in front of masterman gonzalez, headed to second good hustle. It’S almost a sure spot at the ncaa tournament. It actually works for an approach too trying to stay was in the lineup yesterday on tuesday, rather single the left field, metzinger right off the mean of the bet he drives in the run as bowman comes in three. Nothing louisville talking about him getting an opportunity on tuesday. Does it again today out of the plate and lines it to left field, rbi number, nine, a big two out: rbi removal, defensive swing and a strikeout for herder to get out of a small jam and they leave a couple on, but a run is in marina.

You don’t know, but this is the center field on the run. It’S luke brown shields his eyes to the wall. It’S over his head drew compton in the second base and he’ll stop there puts on the brakes. That was a long run for luke brown. He was fighting the sun, the baseball, the wall and the warning track that he lost on all four kinds to 88.: walk to deleon Applause. Running back is brown lost, the cab fights the sun on the track and he makes the catch. How about the effort from luke rosales in the first inning? This is the left field for davis. Oh, he knew it that one up near the scoreboard, henry davis, deep drive to left field. This ball is crushed. You get a fastball! You, like you, put your a swing on it and that’s what it looks like the best part about this love the celebration, and i love the fact that he has his shirt buttoned today. Look at that. No batting gloves got the wristbands but 15 homers 47 rbis for henry davis torch. I think there’s, some uh protective. We have some very talented people to handle that sort of thing that glanced off the pitcher dunn is hustling and he beats it out. Ground ball, waddell heaves it across the diamond for the play up. The middle diving attempt by bowman can’t, get there that’s a one out single for piranha one for two of the game to rest their guys.

The right way play them the right way and get the results. High fly ball right field, leonard, going back to the wall jumps and it is gone. Andrew jenkins, with the home run for george attack and the jackets are on the board, with the two run, homer from jenkins georgia, tech needed to answer back andrew jenkins with a home run last night. Does it again here today really good swing? Fastball up in the zone stays the other way right to that home run fortune right just enough to get over the wall home run number seven for jenkins, rbi, 29 and 30. he’s up the middle diving attempt from napchick, and he can’t get to that one atlanta. This is the left field from compton mastermind to the track and the ballpark is going to hold it so that’ll do it for georgia, tech, but angel’s, great Applause, Music. They got the force at second, and that was guadalupe. Looked at the wheel, height it’s a tough play because his momentum was taken towards right field, ground ball to his left. Can’T get there waddell he’s got to score at least one to hold. The runner or davis leads the hustle back first base unoccupied. Here comes the runner now and the rundown brown tags out at the plate. Well, that escalated got him a little over anxious off the third base. They said well to center field. Deleo gives it a ride and no chance for brown out there.

Deleo’S gon na get all the way to. Third, as he beats, the throw and brown never saw it in the air median depth left field is a deep enough. It’S known as the runner sliding in safely to leo Applause del sac fly to left, get a reliever up there for georgia. Tech we’ll check on that in a second, as done rips this one to left field. How about done three for three that’s it? What a stop at morata that is ball four, but still that’s skidding along the ground. Waddell looking for the fourth place, not in time so dunn comes in from third on the fielder’s choice to the shortstop by mastermind. The base is loaded to center field hit well, but right at gonzales, who backs up and makes the play so louisville leaves them loaded. They do get one and it’s six to three through the hole on the right side, a walk, a triple and now a single to lead off the sixth jake deleo Applause, Music, Applause, loaded, georgia, ground ball with a tech stop and they’ll get the force out. The middle of the diamond from the bottom of the sixth Applause in left on it down base malloy, oh wow, wow. What a well executed bun, the outing from maxwell. He got him swinging Applause, striker Applause on the full count; Applause. This is into the gap at left field that one is gone. Kevin perrotta with a three run crank, and this ball game is tied, Music that’s, the pitch.

He was waiting for they’re trying to go fastball in the pitch before he takes it. This time they try to do it again, a little bit lower in the zone and that ball did not come back check. It out, drop the head on it and absolute rocket to left field. Georgia tech’s been waiting on that big hit. That was that big hit home run number seven and rbi is 35 36 and 37.. Her base that ball hits andrew jenkins numbers out there after certain innings. It just is goes by the way: Applause, Music Applause bouncing around and retrieved by usher back down to the infield, but not before a stand up. Double kevin and home runs to lead the team. This season, this into right field usher. Has it this to right field and deep forget about it wow way out of the park alex spinellis, we just mentioned how quiet he had been two walks, two strikeouts on the day over three. He got exactly what he wanted in this that bad you got to put the football helmet on him. You got to be excited a spinning slider right into the wheelhouse. That ball is destroyed, home run number 19 rbi number 63, and that was a big one. Music did well to center field short hopped gonzales tried to get to it, struck him out. Looking for jenkins into the field passed the glove of lucas done at a single to lead off the 11th drew compton this to center field.

Brown is going back chasing this one to the wall off the top of the wall. Here comes grinkovsky, he hustled around and scores, and georgia tech has tied the game on a double to center field by drew thompson to left field leonard catches it on the run at the wall. Just the left field hit pretty well deleo’s. Going back to the wall looks up and it’s gone ben metzinger solo shot in the 12th 8 7 louisville have a tournament. Wow put your football helmet on enjoy the moment. Applause messinger gets the ball up in the zone. He had a good feeling, it was gone and you see this and held high third home run of the year for him, 10th rbi. Second rbi of the day, i’ve been saying this all day. Every time he comes up late in this ball game he’s had a chance to be the hero. Oh, my goodness, he throws just like his dad face it up. The middle henry davis dawson’s dad kevin it’s, a spinner Applause, gonzalez Applause, Applause, andrew jenkins, over the shortstop gonzalez. The ball got away here. Here comes the throw not in time georgia. Tech wins, oh, my goodness. Applause be the hero.

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