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Bios remorse is definitely a thing, although in our case its probably more switchers remorse. After distro hopping 20 times and realizing that your first distro was actually the right one for you anyway, this time we have hp announcing a new laptop running pop os out of the box. Instead of windows, we have budgie listing all their goals and the future features that are coming to the desktop environment, and we have the first beta for kde plasma 5.25, which im currently running on my laptop and its great. And, of course, we have the traditional new wine release, we have the steam deck getting better and better. We have updates to gnome and kde, and we have duckduckgo being embroiled in a controversy. What will never be controversial, though, is the way i handle these segways to todays sponsor, which is going to give you a hundred dollars of free credit to start your own linux or gaming. Server thanks to linux, for sponsoring this video linode is the best choice to deploy your own linux or gaming. Server getting started is extremely easy. Thanks to their app marketplace, you can just pick from one of the many many apps they offer select a few configuration options and just one click deploy that server its super simple. It works for a development environment, but also for a minecraft or valheim server. Among the most notable apps, linode has moodle to create your own learning management system and teach and sell courses in minutes, but they also have stuffs like buy hole to block ads.

But please dont block mine, because i need money to buy more games for the steam deck from focal board. A trello alternative to rocket chat, which is the equivalent to slack or teams. Lenode has everything you would want. Click the link in the description to get your 100 credits and get started so hp is now getting in the linux game. With a new laptop called the hp, dev 1., its meant for developers, it looks very sleek and it runs pop os out of the box. Yes, pop os made by system 76 a direct competitor, although a lot smaller than hp, the new laptop has a super key with a more neutral label instead of a windows key. It starts at 1099 us dollars and it comes with an eight core amd ryzen 7. Pro processor 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, one terabyte of ssd, a 14 inch 1080p display and integrated radeon graphics. There is no exact date for when it will be available, but its pretty nice to see devices from big manufacturers. Shipping with linux, pre installed, hp joins lenovo and dell on that front, and i love it, although this specific laptop seems to be us only for now, unfortunately, and its still, aimed specifically for developers, which is definitely not going to help linuxs image. That is mainly made for developers which its not not anymore, at least the linux kernel version 5.18 was released. The main change is the integration of intels software defined silicon driver, which limits access to certain cpu features if an intel certificate isnt present.

This addition is definitely controversial. It seems because it means that while your cpu is able physically to do certain things, it wont do them, because you didnt pay for a license that lets you use these features its basically like having dlc on the disk for a game. Its there, but you cant, use it unless you pay. Apart from that, we also have support for the raspberry pi zero 2w, as well as for the razer blackwidow keyboards, and we have better support for apple magic, keyboards and acpi power profile. Support on amd powered thinkpads. There are also improvements to amd virtualization freesync is enabled by default on the amd gpu driver and better fs has faster sync. This intel thing seems to open the door to basically renting your cpu instead of outright owning it, and i do not want to pay to have the right to use my course its. Not that not yet, but it might be so now lets just hope. No one from intel watches this and gets any stupid ideas. Gnome developers shared their progress on apps and libraries just like every week. This time around gnome software works better with different font sizes and better formats file sizes warp. The app i talked about last week that lets you send files device to device is now part of gnome circle. The unofficial but approved gnome apps list pcap. Backup 0.4 is now out with lib advaita support, scheduled backups rule based removal of older archives and a new user interface.

We also now have crosswords a game to well do crossword puzzles telegram. The gnome telegram client now has better support for the protocol as a whole, including message event, types, user, action reports, more authentication methods, ability to pin chats and to open specific chats by clicking on a notification. Geopart, the gemini client and amber all the music player also received a few tweaks and ui improvements. I personally use deja dub for backups, but pika backup looks like an interesting solution. I might try it as well is backup app hopping a thing. Caddy developers also like to talk about what they do, and so we have more weekly news here. This week they focused on fixing bugs, since they just released plasma 5.25 beta. They sold 5 15 minute bugs, including for the lock screen and auto hiding panels, and you can now display two different calendars inside of the main date and time widget pop up, which means you can, for example, track the occidental and the chinese calendar. At the same time, dolphin gains a tooltip when hovering over the remaining disk space to get more info. The kickoff menu now works better for chinese, japanese or korean users. Gnome apps using client side decoration so basically most of gnome apps, now have a more kde look and feel with the correct border radius, menu shadows and highlights other small ui tweaks include the search page in the system settings a nicer user, switcher widget using your profile.

Pic and a bunch more all of this will land in kde plasma 5.25 next month, which is awesome and im also going to give keddie a little bit more love before the end of the month. So stay tuned for that, speaking of which that 5.25 beta has now been released. It includes a ton of new features, like accent color title bars on the breeze theme, a screen shake when entering an incorrect password, the ability to apply an accent color from the wallpaper or to tint the whole color scheme, using your accent, color global themes. Now will let you pick which parts of the theme you actually want to apply? You can control when tablet mode is enabled you have floating panels. If you want to enable that, for the view, icons are now saved on a per resolution basis, so moving from multiple display configurations to another shouldnt move your icons around. There are new touchpad gestures to open the overview. New screen edge gestures on wayland discover now displays permissions for apps. The app pages are also revamped in there and theres a lot more stuff that i will cover in my dedicated video. I cant spoil everything here. Can i, but i already replaced fedora on my laptop with kd neon unstable, so im already using the beta and its awesome dont forget to subscribe to the channel to see my video on the final release. You know youre coming back every week for these news videos.

Anyway, so why not get everything in your feed? Just subscribe? Microsoft issued a warning about xor ddos, a malware specifically targeting linux devices. They observed a 254 percent increase in activity from that trojan which causes denial of service on linux servers and endpoints. Microsoft provides a very detailed explanation of how that malware works, how it propagates and also how to defend against it. Of course, they also use the opportunity to plug their microsoft defender anti malware and anti virus solution, which i guess isnt completely stupid in that case, but they also pushed microsoft edge because it supports integration with microsoft, defender as well. To that credit, they also listed a few things that are not microsoft related and that can help. You can always count on the redmond company to push their services to people and even linux users. These days it seems except the services that people actually want to have like microsoft office. The framework laptop known for its complete upgradability and ease of repair can now be upgraded to 12th gen intel cpus. This requires a new motherboard, but since you can replace the old one with a new one, you can keep your current device and everything else and just change the heart of the laptop, which is the thing i really really like. You can also pre order. The new framework laptops from their website with any of three cpu choices, one variant of an i5 or two variants of the i7.

You can, of course, also pre order, just the motherboard, which is good, since the previous motherboard can also be used as a separate pc. If you want to, you could slap it into an enclosure and use it as a small desktop. If you wanted, oh and linux runs perfectly on these devices, so thats pretty cool as well. I would love to get my hands on one of these amazing devices, but i also wish they offered them with ryzen cpus instead of intels joshua strobel. The lead developer for the budgie desktop environment wrote a very detailed article about the state and the future of budgie. It goes over literally everything from the workshops, the team conducted to define the core values, the organization, the goals for bird g10 and budgie 11 and the minimum viable platform that they want to ship. So what do we know? Well? Budget 10 will eventually be replaced by budgie 11, but in the meantime, its still getting improvements like a brand new app menu, app indexing back end, more spec compliant system, tray, applets and more as per budgie 11. The goal is to move as much back end stuff as possible in a daemon, so the various parts of the desktop will be much simpler to work on. They want to add an app overview like the mac os expose or the gnome overview, a new control center. Better desktop icons, a guided tour well on support and, more all, while keeping feature parody with budgie 10.

, its a long read. But if you like budgie its definitely worth a look, i always liked budgie, but it always seemed to me like it lacked a flagship distro since solas doesnt ship budgie as the developers intended they apply tweaks and configurations to it. So i think its really good that they have a plan for the future and i think its really good that its getting implemented into other distros like fedora, for example, if youre using ubuntu and firefox, then youre, probably using the snap version and youve probably noticed it – Opens very slowly after rebooting, your computer. The good news is that canonical is working on that they published a blog post, explaining what theyre doing to try and make firefox faster when using the snap there and some benchmarks, which are pretty appalling in terms of how fast the browser opens and theyve identified a Bunch of areas where they could improve things, the first one is the fact that the snap package is compressed and needs to be uncompressed at first start, which creates a bottleneck on less powerful systems. The firefox snap also seems to fail to detect the correct, gpu and so uses software rendering, instead, which taxes the cpu more extensions, are also not handled in the best way possible. Nor are icon themes and fonts. Now lets hope that all these improvements can be applied in bulk to all the snap packages, because if they cant, then snap will probably still be left behind by other packaging formats.

When it comes to performance, do you use plex? Do you wish you had a desktop app to play your video or audio files from your plex server? Well now you have an app for linux. This new official plex app is currently only available as a snap package, but it brings a few cool things. First, you can get either the desktop interface or what they call the htpc interface, which is basically the one you can get on your tv, both of these benefit from a powerful playback engine that should make things nice and smooth during playback. It has gamepad or remote support, refresh rate, switching multi channel audio and a lot more. A flat pack version that will be on flat hub is also planned and should come soon, but there are no plans to release the app as an app image or a regular package. And i would expect this trend to continue and to extend to other companies. Because why bother creating tens of packages for tens of different distros when you can just support everything with one snap and one flat pack bad news about privacy, though, as it seems that duckduckgo isnt, as private as it might have seemed they have a search agreement with Microsoft to source results from bing to supplement their own search results, and this agreement seems to prevent them from blocking microsoft, trackers in their browser and their mobile app, and i would guess also their browser extension whats.

Worse is that this was only disclosed after a security researcher found out about it, which isnt a good look. Duckduckgo is pretty clear about the microsoft ads that are running in their search results, but not at all regarding how the data gathered from microsoft. Trackers is used since it seems they have a confidentiality agreement about this theyre apparently trying to improve on this deal and they expect to add more protection against microsoft, trackers in future updates. But this is still a letdown thats. Quite a shock to me, as ive, been using duckduckgo for a long while and ill probably be taking my searchers elsewhere. While we wait for clarification on how are going to fix the issue, the steam deck has now reached 3 000 games that are officially playable thats. A huge milestone for a few months of existence and do keep in mind that these are just the games. That valve has reviewed a ton. More will work perfectly, even though they havent been officially vetted. We now have 1 535 verified games, 1493 playable games and a big number of unsupported titles as well 1322. This means that out of all the games valve looked at 30 percent are unsupported on the deck either because they dont work on linux at all or because they are not suited for the steam decks hardware, performance, wise or controls wise newcomers. This time include serious sam 4 beyond the steel sky or far loan sales.

I mean 30 of games being unsupported, isnt huge, but its still a sizable chunk of the steam library. So i hope they can improve that in the future, but im still very, very satisfied that we get to place 70 of the titles on steam that have been reviewed anyways. We didnt get a wine release last week, so the last news video was pretty sad, but now we do with wine 7.9. This one is starting the work on converting mac os drivers to the pe executable format. There are fixes for a number of test failures on windows and 35 bug fixes this time they regard lego rock raiders, the stellaris launcher and edit pad light 7. Among other bug, fixes that will affect various apps and games more generally, not an eventful release but ill. Take a new wine version over no wine at all, just like ill take this segue to todays, sponsor tuxedo. These guys make great laptops and desktops that are running linux. Out of the box, you actually order them with a choice of distro. Although you can install anything you want on them, because if they support linux distros, they probably support like every linux distro. They have a huge range of devices from the smaller ultrabooks and nox to the biggest gaming, pcs or workstation laptops, and they just let you configure. Basically, everything you can even add your little logo on the back, its laser engraved. It looks really cool and you have a huge range of keyboard layouts as well.

They recently refreshed their stellaris 15, which is their high end. Workstation laptop gaming laptop with 12th gen intel, cpus, rtx, 3080s and basically every amount of ram or storage that you might need to run on such a laptop. Its got a 3k panel. That is amazing. Its got the best keyboard i ever used on the laptop period and im gon na get a review unit very very soon. I already had reviewed the previous model, which i really loved, but this one seems even more powerful and i might even buy it for my own on the go. Video editing needs. So if you need a new device – and you want something that youre sure will run with linux – well just click on the link below and check out tuxedos devices, theyre really good. Now, thanks everyone for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, dont hesitate to like to subscribe to turn on notifications, to write a comment and if you didnt, like the video im, always fine with you disliking it and telling me why, in the comments as well, but dont dislike without telling me why thats just Rude and if all my studies in economics served me well, inflation means more money right, no well, even if it doesnt, but you have too much of it. You can click on the super thanks button or on my link for paypal donations in the description or you can join my patreon subscribers and youtube members both get access to a weekly patreon cast and the right to vote on the next topics ill cover.

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