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You were able to not only take the top spot in the 10 000, but you’re able to break a championship meet record. How did you feel in that race and what did it mean to be able to be a three time champion in that event, um? I actually felt pretty good during that race. We kind of knew what was going to happen. Um we scanned the competition. We knew. We might be by ourselves and it made it a lot easier. You know trading leads with alec the entire time, and that was probably the easiest sub 30 i’ve ever run in my life. If i just think about the fact that um two years ago, i was running that time all out and right now, you know all the training it just feels really easy, and the goal was really just to preserve our strength and energy for the 5k, because that Was a big deal with all the guys in it, so um yeah friday was just really really nice, um and yeah breaking the record was just you know a little side note. I know i knew what where the record was standing at um from two years ago, because um that’s, when i last ran it, and i really i really knew i could run the new record without really uh killing myself too much. So then you do go on to the 5000. You were able to take second um, but that was a tough race.

Like you just said, you know what did it mean to be able to stand on the podium again and and earn another set of points for the team? You know i would have loved to be at first again, but the 5k is just a whole different animal. The competition was much tougher because pretty much everyone came back to run the 5k it’s. The last meet of the season for a lot of people, and i knew it was. It was going to be a lot tougher and um. I have to say the guy who wanted was just on a different level: he’s uh, just killing it this season, and the fact that i could stay this close to him the entire time and that it ended up being a two man race. I can’t really complain about that. That means i have to be on a similar level and that’s really good for me, you’re in the top spot, for the ten thousand you know. Does that put any perspective for you and going into next week, or are you like you know? How are you feeling heading in the next week definitely creates a little bit of pressure because i’ve never really been in that spot um. I feel like the past two. Three years i was, i was like kind of the you know, underdog um and i i kind of defeated the odds uh. But this time, like being in that number one spot is just something new: i’m not used to like i’m.

Getting all the attention right now and of course i have the expectation to to advance to um the finals being in the number one spot, but we really have to see what happens because then again, the stuff is it’s. Only paper like people have run those times on a given day this year, but it doesn’t mean they’re gon na. Do it again, so the challenge will be to be fit on that very day and um do something similar again and i i’m, but i’m really confident. I can make it to oregon that’s my big dream. I always want to run that stadium and i think that would be a bitter sweet ending for me for the bearcats. If i get to race one last team at oregon, that would be amazing. For me, you know you recently, just in recently in just a few months ago, did go to the ncaa finals for indoor. What are you going to take from that experience to kind of help prepare you? I don’t know it’s it’s. That was pretty much the first time. In a long time i had the chance to race for the best in the country. It’S been a long time. The last time was, as a matter of fact, was in 2018 when i was a whole different athlete on a whole different level, and i just know that i pretty much know nothing right now because, like you can anything can happen on that day, people that are Ranked the highest can have a bad day.

People that usually are a little slower can have a great day and just pop off um.

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