National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Southeastern Conference, College baseball Ole Miss wins 2021 NCAA women's golf championship | Final putt

Fiero has played brilliantly so now the sophomore biomedical engineering, major from sweden, andrea lignell, has a par pot. Here at 17, which will deliver ole, miss their first ever national championship in any women’s sport, Music and there it is ole. Miss has won the national championship. Applause Music let’s go Music hold on that was smelly, saunderby playing in the last match racing to catch. Your teammates played so well. Congratulations: okay, Music Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, yes, Music, ole miss has captured its first ever women’s ncaa division, one championship they do it in golf; let’s, send it down to aaron oberholzer. Thank you bob here with julia johnson julia, the first national championship in women’s history for ole miss. What are you feeling right now i can’t even describe it. I don’t know i mean no one ever thought that we could do this. No one ever really believed in us, and i knew i just knew when i committed here that we could do this and i just believed in us from the start and it’s just really special i’m. Just really thankful. For this moment, all right let’s get into the golf because you played fantastic today you had her on the ropes the whole day and you never let her up. What was the game plan coming into the round? I just wanted to play. Well, i don’t know i we we played smart, we made some putts, we stuck to a game plan, i never pressed.

I never did something crazy or that i hadn’t been doing all week. I just played good golf made some putts and just really fun. What did coach corey hank us walking with you into you today? She hasn’t left my side all week, so the one time she did leave me. I hid it in the bunker, so i am just i love having her she’s been with me from the very beginning and walked every hole with me, my freshman year and it’s just really special to share this with her. Congratulations go enjoy it! No to you. Thanks: aaron, andrea that final par putt that you made to clinch the national championship for your team. What was your thoughts going through your head? As you stood over that putt um, i was nervous, but also kind of excited about having the like deciding putt. So it’s really fun. Well, as you guys prepared for this season and everybody’s trying to have their eyes on the national championship. Did you ever think this was possible for your team? I mean yes, i did think it was possible. It was going to be hard but we’re a hard working team, so yeah. I definitely believed in it. Well, congratulations on a well played week over the uk thanks! Madam kennedy, again i mean the team leader out there you’re now national champions did you ever think that was going to be possible yeah? I did um, i mean when i came into this program a couple years ago.

We were nowhere close, but we worked our tails off to get to the point that we’re at now, and i think it’s great, that we’ve finally proven that we belong here i mean we’ve, just won a national championship. Ole miss is a good team that is here to stay, and that will be around for a long time. You created school history, the first women’s national championship in any sport. What does that mean for you to be part of that team? I mean, i think, it’s great, because it’s just all about leaving our legacy, you know we’ve talked about that as a team. We want to be remembered, well, um, and i mean we have several alumni’s that are now on the lpga tour that have played really well – and i think it’s just great because we’re a part of that team and we get to leave our legacy. I believe uh, you just snuck out a little secret that you might have a great special uh celebration, popping up, possibly i’m, not gon na say what but there’s two things that might happen so just stay tuned. Oh you didn’t! Give it away thanks. So much go! Celebrate your team, many congratulations. You heard greg robertson, the head coach of oklahoma state talked to his team and great sportsmanship, as his team went over now, to congratulate ole, miss great job. Congratulations: julia johnson, her goals in 2017., when the sec freshman of the year team championship player of the year first team, all american and a national championship, julia johnson that’s.

Why you set goals an inspiration for anybody watching Music? Let the celebration begin in scottsdale all the way to oxford, mississippi, Music, a big hotty toddy to the ole miss lady rebels; Music. They are the 2021.

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