Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves Mike Soroka Out For the Season, How Will the Atlanta Braves Respond?

Let’S go talk about it, okay, so here’s. The story mike soroka is out for the season a tough blow for mike soroka tough blow for the atlanta braves uh mike soroka last year tore his achilles in a start and since then he’s been rehabbing, it was looking like he was going to be coming back In june maybe july, the latest, but he did have a setback. He was experiencing some discomfort still with that with the achilles and it they decided that he was going to be undergoing exploratory surgery and it’s. Looking like well, they probably found something, or they found at least that he’s going to have to continue to rehab, not sure if there’s going to be any other surgeries involved or whatever, but either way. This is a tough blow, especially for a pitching staff, a starting pitching staff that really could use the an addition of a mike soroka, considering the fact that the atlanta braves rank 22nd in starting pitching this year. If we do go, look at the brave starting, pitching it’s, actually it’s, not as bad as it might seem. However, it’s just not very deep um that 22nd ranking is getting a little bit a little bit inflated by some of these other guys numbers, but the three main guys you got guys like ian anderson, charlie morton max freed, who have been pitching well this year max Fried has been pitching a lot better as of late, however, wasker noah that was another one that got injured just recently after punching a dugout bench and breaking his hand.

Uh i mean who knows how long he’s gon na be out that he could be out for a few months at least um. So that was bad and then you know – and if you’re not even looking at the the pitching right now they’re losing marcelo zuna as well um he’s going to be missing at least six weeks uh. I i believe he dislocated a couple of fingers. So the braves are just not getting very lucky right now with injuries. The braves have not been playing as good as people thought they were going to be playing um but losing a mike soroka. This was a guy where, back in 2019, this guy really burst onto the scene finished rookie of the second in rookie of the year. Voting sixth and sai young voting was 13 4 that year a 2.6 a era i mean this guy was really good in his rookie season and last year, just a tough blow with the achilles tendon and then and and again another tough blow for mike soroka it’s. Just you just hate to see it if we go take a look at the standings currently right now the braves see them uh, where we see the braves at 24 and 25 they’re, two they’re two and a half back in the national league east it’s. A very tight national league east, the mets they’ve, been playing a little better as of late. The braves have kind of just been hanging around as like this 500 team, lately um, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what the braves end up doing again.

This is kind of what they have to work with. You know i mean, for the most part, their top three guys ian anderson, charlie morton, max freed. These guys have been able to kind of hold the ship together. For the most part, losing a noah was definitely not a good thing, but they’re gon na have to have some other guys step up. You know drew smiley. This is a guy who hasn’t really had the success that he had last year. He’S gon na have to try and figure out a way to step it up a little bit. The bullpen is gon na have to you, know, kind of take on more of the load. I would imagine but i’m also wondering if the braves or maybe maybe they go out and look for a starting picture. Um. You know it’s funny, one guy. That instantly comes to mind, and this is not going to happen, but it’s, just you know, kind of fun to think about. Could maybe the braves give the washington nationals a phone call for maybe a guy like a max scherzer. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I would probably put a zero percent chance of that happening, but if the nationals continue to fall out of this race, they’re four back it’s, not like they’re completely out of it but 21 and 25 max scherzer is in his walk year. You got to think man would the nationals maybe consider trading max scherzer to the braves? Could that be a possibility? I think that could be really fun.

Could you imagine max scherzer in a braves uniform? I think that could be pretty fun, but i would imagine the braves definitely could be uh, maybe looking for maybe to bring in a starting picture. We’Ll have to see what they end up doing, uh, but again tough blow for mike soroka. The braves they’re gon na need to figure this out. Tell me what you think down below in the comments.

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