Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves MLB Pick – Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves Prediction, 5/31/21, Free Betting Tips and Odds

com. Can i come monday, as we get this video true around this time every day have your free pick winner in just a second today today, we’re gon na have your free picture uh today on washington and atlanta in baseball, and that game goes off at. I think this evening, around seven o’clock or maybe it’s the nine o’clock game. Let me double check here, uh, no, sorry that game goes off at five o’clock today, uh in just a second, also give you a lean on the mets in arizona. Uh. Also talk to you today about the jazz in memphis and the pirates and the royals as well so we’re gon na talk to you about all those games in just a second. I just want to say take a moment to say thank you to um happy memorial day weekend, thanks to all those uh who serve and who continue to serve and obviously the families of those who not only serve and who serve. But they also sacrifice a lot as well and um. Obviously, if it wasn’t for those who have fallen, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate sports like we do today. So i’m certainly thankful for those in the military, and you know i have family in the military as well, so certainly thankful for those folks that do that most of my family is in the medical field in the military with in the va. My grandfather was a va doctor in alabama as well, and so most of my family’s on the medicine side of things, but certainly thank you to all those who have have served so all right, all right so for your free play today.

Um your premium is between st louis and the dodgers and and philly and washington. I do want to take a moment here. The last few days have not been great for us uh at all and uh, but you know we just haven’t been on point lately, but i do know that we’ll, like always we’ll, get in a groove and we’ll start to reel off a couple of winners here And you know: we’ve had success in the past, obviously four straight weird years: winning gears in the nba four straight winning gears and baseball it. Just hasn’t worked out this year as much but obviously hannie chell has worked out on korean baseball. We continue to do pretty. Well there and uh ufc. I think we’re gon na do really really well there um, but yeah i mean it’s a long summer. I think we’re gon na be okay. I think we’ll do really well, and i know we’re gon na go on a run. Um yeah. I can promise you we’re gon na go on a run, so all right as far as it your free pick is concerned. Um, i like the over between washington atlanta, not a lot of faith in the over here. A lot of folks think it might go under, but i think it goes over here. I like the over eight and a half today, i think that’s um. You know i think both ross and morton have a decent shot at getting hit today.

So, for that reason alone, it’s worth taking the over here remember atlanta’s two games below 500 now and atlanta swept this team on may 4th 5th and 6th. So washington should be a pretty good. Active dog coming in washington scored three runs in the last four games. Not good right, including three in their entire series against milwaukee as they faced woodruff in their last game and they come off a zero to three loss. I think they will be able to get some hits today against morton atlanta is uh. You know they just lost two and two to thirteen five to nine in their last two games. I think they’re going to be upset and put up their fair share of runs. Uh ross has had two bad games, one against st louis and the other against arizona, but other than that he’s been pretty good. Remember two runs in five innings against atlanta, the last time as well. So atlanta has seen him. I think they’ll be able to hit him a little bit better. Today, he comes off of a four runs in zero four innings and giving up no runs against cincinnati morton, just helped atlanta beat uh boston and the mints. Um and morton got a little bit lucky. I think boston actually hit him pretty well, they just hit it to the wrong guys. They hit it right at certain guys. There were some rockets that directly went to certain players. Morton has over six era against the nationals lifetime as well.

Nationals, bullpen is also beat up a little bit too, and i think eight and a half is fine here. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes over the postal total today, i think arizona gets to morton. I think the braves will still score their fair share of runs today being a decent favorite, but i think washington, being the active dog, not scoring any runs in the last game. I think that’ll make the difference here like the over eight and a half between washington and atlanta. I also think that – and this is what’s nearly the free play. I also think that the mets arizona game likely goes over the post to total, and this was nearly free play here on the mets arizona over. I probably should do the over there, but i don’t want to be a homer on that, though, but i do like the over in that game, but it sounds crazy, but why is the total so high for a degrom game because i think they’re both getting? I think arizona’s going to hit negron today, but again i don’t want to be a homer today, um i’ll go with what the numbers say as far as the washington atlanta game, but the mets took three games from arizona last time around in may. You know, but arizona just comes off a huge win against st louis i’m, telling you their offense is turning around and maybe by the end of this analysis, i might even make that the free pick, but the mets have won three straight now, including a 13 2 Beatdown of atlanta, luis rojas, has done a great job.

Managing this team, to be honest, arizona, has just stopped uh their 11 plus game losing streak. Um degrom gave up one run in five innings. Last time we faced arizona, i think arizona gets to the ground. A little bit today, the only thing is he’s trying for a fantastic cy. Young and he’s got a 0.80 era, so you have to respect that and at the same time, meryl kelly might step up to pitch well against him too um. You know keep in mind that he only gave up two runs to san francisco. He had 12 strikeouts against the dodgers and actually only gave him three hits and five innings and a loss against the mets this year. So he’s had at least six strikeouts in four of his top six starts as well. I know it’s odd, but i do like the over here just because it’s, a good public fade and i think arizona will get to new york and at some point new york will get to the arizona bullpen put it together like the over there. As far as the jazz and memphis are concerned, if you’re looking for something in that game, i like memphis here. The funny thing is the jazz covered, the five and a half last line last time it continues to be a five and a half line. This game too i’m kind of like the hawks game, but we took the knicks and that was a loss, but members of 121 to 111 and 141 to 129 are the two margins that you see.

You know utah beating this team down and after having lost back to back games um by the way, the last seven of eight in this series have gone over and vegas refuses to jack this total up into the 230s. Despite the fact, the games are going above. 230, they took it from 217 to 220 and 225 and they all went over and typically we like public faith than to take the under it. Hasn’T worked out this nba series um mitchell. You know the one game that the memphis won was 112 to 109, but that was a game where memphis, didn’t or mitchell didn’t play and uh. You know the difference here has been clearly. The jazz bench has been better than the utah bench: uh. I’M. Sorry, the jazz bench has been better than the memphis bench. I think five jazz players scored in double digits for us off the bench. Only two from memphis did brooks went one for seven from three point lane last game. I think he’ll play much better. I think this team understands they simply cannot lose this camera they’ll go down one to three um as well, and one thing i’ll tell you about memphis is they have out rebounded utah consistently? They outrebounded them. Last game too. I don’t think they shoot us poorly. This time around – and i like memphis here, plus the points. Finally, the pirates and royals – i like the under there kansas city, just won this game.

Nine to six pittsburgh just lost three to four, but has generally had trouble scoring um, where the royals are not that bad right now, they’re, 25 and 26. kuhn comes off an injury where you have a pitcher here that went to aaa that’s back now that you Know only gave up two runs, i think, or no gave up no runs in seven innings in triple a or six and a half innings um. He had really struggled a lot game 13 walks in three games, but he was injured um, but i think he comes back and he pitches well. He was the opening day starter for pittsburgh, so he’s, obviously quite competent, so i’d expect him to pitch. Well. Miner gave up four runs and four winnings against these pirates last time, but he didn’t end up winning that game nine to six um, interesting that the total is so low. Here i think, at the end of the day, you have cool that will pitch well today for pittsburgh and you also have buyer that will continue to to pitch well for the royals uh, helping his team trying to get to that 500 mark. So i wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes under um. You know the line sits at around eight eight and a half right now, but i do like the under in this game as well. I would say my two favorite um, you know they’re all pretty pretty about the same, but yeah watching atlanta is your free play.

Uh pirates royals under is a lean uh mets arizona over is a lean, and the memphis grizzlies are also lead that’s. What we have for you guys, i hope you guys are doing please take a moment to like subscribe. We’Ll, see you back here tomorrow.

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Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves MLB Picks Today 5/31/21