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Now we started a new course absolutely free on most important part for youtube, which is nothing but search engine, optimization broadly known as seo. So lets start. But before going to start, i want to request you to subscribe. Our channel to support us and please press thumbs up your support, will motivate us to upload this type of video regularly so without wasting time. Lets start hello and welcome back. This is video number four and were going to talk about the ring, which is the strategy. So in the previous video we discussed why having different social media properties interlinked together, can help google see you as a brand who is sharing your content to your audience? In other words, these arent just random backlinks, but links from big sites that are branded towards your company, and this is why this is super targeted and is much more powerful than a simple backlink makes sense. So now lets take a look at what this looks like in real life. So lets head on over to our nifty mind, mapping software im going to map things out so that youre going to be able to visually see how it all works. Okay, so, to better understand how this works were going to map things out now before we map things out, i want to start with some basics and lets just pull this out here. Music. So essentially, the concept here is as youre building your brand youre gon na have many different social properties and lets say, for example, this is the facebook fan page so that thats your fan, page and weve got the youtube channel over here, because that is our end Goal is to have our youtube channel get ranked higher.

So essentially, what were doing is were getting a backlink from this to here, and this could be facebook, it could be twitter, it could be instagram, it could be any other social media platform and it, but it has to be branded towards you. It cant just be somebody elses fan page unless it is actually related, but if its related and if its branded as yours and its linking to your youtube channel, that essentially is a vote of confidence, but also it shows youtube that youre interlinking so thats. Basically, the concept here now, if we dig a little deeper basically, what we want to set up is every time we upload a youtube video and it gets posted. Maybe it gets posted publicly. What ends up happening is we push that youtube video and get it embedded onto the facebook fan page, the twitter page, the wordpress page and all of that Music so well put twitter and well do wordpress. So, as you can imagine you got the center piece here. Youve got different social media platforms that are posted now there isnt necessarily a set rule where you have to post it to x, amount of social media properties. It can be five, it can be 10, it could be 20, it could be different social media platforms, but in order to execute this and get it correctly, you will need to make sure that the platform that we use to automate this process actually supports that specific Social media platform, so essentially, this is what works, and this is basically what it is.

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