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If that happens, then pressure can quickly be applied via the counter attack and you can be exposed defensively, so compactness can’t be compromised and you need talkers in this team. You need leaders and people that are willing to organize things very quickly, as you can see. We’Ve already started here: what do you see, making a difference here? Yeah arturo vidal he’s, always a massive asset, because everyone, teammates and opponents alike, no he’ll, never stop running. There are very few who are better at breaking up opposition attacks and his aggressive, determined personality can give this team a very strong boost now, especially when they’re up against it. Quite no argument for me on that one plays it out to the wing Applause messi. Well, the crowd clearly liked what they just saw: some real, no nonsense: defending messi, just brushed off the ball there foul and a free kick in a very dangerous area: Applause! Well, the referee has made it pretty clear now that this is his last chance yeah and he has to change his ways or this referee could soon change his status argentina, seeking to max about as smooth as it gets well, that is a bit special Applause. Argentina ahead, one goal to the good questions were asked and he’s. Given the answers, Applause and it’s issa Applause themselves, an equalizer. His position was perfect. The invitation was there for him and his response absolutely clinical. Well, the penalty box usually is the place where you get least time on the ball, and yet they were able to exchange passes before an unchecked finish and to be honest with you that should open up an inquest and that has added a whole new complexion to The game, oh, i think the coach will really be annoyed with that.

The players were still thinking about their goal. It just got caught napping pinged loose, oh daddy’s, asking for trouble; Applause – oh that is rather wayward all you’d be thinking is please round swallow me up. Applause Applause di maria he goes along, chooses to go back danger averted for now. The defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again. Has he found his man? Oh good, interception out to the left? It goes a real chance to break in towards the center goalkeeper’s ball and it’s paid forward. Italia, fico and here’s dybala it’s got going for goals, argentina into the lead once more, oh beautifully dispatched. There was no reaching that well, i think two keepers would have had a hard time, keeping that one out never mind one. There was real venom in the strike and clear composure from the placement. Well, this is what we’ve been waiting for. Surprise, surprise. He just keeps on delivering and listen. We all expect that he’s making whistles going that’s a foul Applause, messi tries to stroke it through the defense can get it clear. Paredes he’s managed to get that all wrong playing in with accuracy. He’S made sure that that won’t get through and it’s messy messy nice touch messy. Oh that’s, a terrific save from the keeper messy sparked a tremendous, please Music Applause, we’ve seen so far. Both sides have provided ample evidence that they can add more goals and i’m sure their respective managers have reminded them that the next one will be pretty crucial.

So it’s going to be interesting to see how the teams come out for the next period. Well, it’s still anyone’s game, as both sides have shown they have goals in them. As for the next one, should it arrive that may have a bigger bearing as to who emerges victorious argentina, leading by one in a finely poised game that is intriguing to watch and could easily go either way. We’Re, probably into the second 45 minutes. Messi thinks one in and that’s been leave it clear, that’s offside, yes, it is gets it up. Field plays it out to the flank, hoist it forward, there’s a pop, a real chance and a real let off well peter. I would say it was worth a try. Applause Applause, 60 minutes play and here’s aguero Music sanchez gets into a dateless position. Oh now, some movement on the bench and we are going to see a change. Chile are playing with a pleating width here, especially that front line. Is it working for you um it’s? Not advanced and the balls come out lead attempts that’s the wrong outcome, that’s a little unfortunate. He had a lot of people worried then maria plays it long without doing any harm. Vidal goes looking. That is as far as they’re going to go martinez now, it’s aguero. Over to the left di maria tries to get it clear, there’s a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed, but will they great strength too strong for his opponent and here’s aguero aguero pins it out wide fences got rid of that it’s dybala Time to deliver real chance and it’s hoisted clear, i think it’s time for them to concentrate on closing this one out.

Oh great ball, and he just whacks it away. Dybala that’ll go straight through to the keeper so that’s it it is all over argentina and out on top hard fought impossible to predict.

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Argentina national football team, Chile national football team, Lionel Messi, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – CONMEBOL, CONMEBOL vs BeIarus 8−0 – Extеndеd Hіghlіghts & All Gоals 2021 HD

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